2013 Porsche Panamera GTS 0-60 MPH Mile High Review

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS is an all-wheel-drive monster of a four seater sports car that’s filled to the brim with go fast technology including launch control, air suspension with multiple sports settings, and perhaps most importantly a 4.8 Liter V8 that produces 430 horsepower and an exhaust note that’s auditory viagra. In this video review Roman and Nathan not only find out how fast the Porsche Panamera GTS will go from 0-60 MPG @ a mile above sea level but also how it drives, handles and performs in the mountain canyons of Colorado.

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  1. Can u pls review cayenne GTS

  2. VERY UNIQUE RIDE. great job guys!

  3. Thanks for the kind comment. Nice to have you in our neighborhood.

  4. It’s a mile over sea-level.

  5. says the man in the daewoo shirt…

  6. um 5.85? thats slow af

  7. This car is better looking in person

  8. Nathan ought to do 0-60’s on Porsches more often if they put that kind of look on his face. Ha!

  9. Honestly in my opinion I’d take this vehicle over an S-class AMG

  10. Hingestellt u Guys have nö Clou

  11. Looks like launch control is easy to use on this car. That launch at the very beginning sounded perfect.

  12. ok well yeah i agree that would be pretty awesome 🙂

  13. "A proper sports car without a manual, don’t like it" First of all, it’s a four door luxury sports saloon, second, when was the last time you saw a BMW 6 gran coupe or 7 series, mercedes CLS or S class, Audi S7 or S8, maserati quattroporte, Aston martin rapide or … (you can guess where this is going) with a manual transmission?!

  14. It should be able to do 4.2 seconds to 60 at sea level.

  15. Cayenne GTS is not the same as a Panamera GTS. Even more stupid comment.

  16. The Panamera does look good in real life but so does the Cayenne. I’ve seen both.

  17. My uncle took me and my other 2 cousins for a ride in it and he went 0-60 in 5 seconds in the panamera 4 trim at sea level. This car is properly fast but I don’t get why you wouldn’t get the s7, 650i, cls550, or even the m5 over this. It’s overpriced but somehow worth it.

  18. Oh sorry mister I take things too literally!

  19. Just saw 4 reviews from TFLcar and all of them I must say, were great! Very accurate and right to the point, no bs.. Keep it up guys

  20. What a fabulous car. I love it its awesome

  21. You probably think your Camry looks better! Haha! 😀

  22. 5.8??? holy shit something wrong. even with 2 guys in the car.

  23. Porche makes the ugliest cars. I have never understood the attraction

  24. This car will be way faster in California. These guy’s 0-60 times are notoriously low, but that’s expected due to their elevation.

  25. 40k more than S7 which is a sub4 sec car "car and driver" and has all the same features and looks 10 x better IMOA. Sorry Porsche love ya but you missed this one huge. I love my S7

  26. I wonder how this car would compare to a CTS-V coupe in a straight line…

  27. They missed the Mercedes CLS. The car that trendsetted 4 door coupes. Americans…

  28. The launch control reaction cracked me up hahah priceless. Cars got some balls

  29. Please allow me to explain the 9 windshield washing "squirters".  These cars are designed to be driven at higher speeds than what is legal in North American roads.  Where you are driving at any speed above 110 mph, the force of the wind/air is so great that having only 2 squirters while trying to wipe your windows is pointless, since the liquid doesn’t properly disperse over the area of the windshield even with brand new wipers.  When I’m on the autobahn and have to wipe my windows, I have to slow down to about 120 km/h (approx. 75 mph) to get the job done.  Surprising for my Mercedes E to only have 2 "squirters", but it is what it is.  Now, if I had the 9 squirters available on the Panamera, while driving at 130 mph, I would be able to properly wash my windshields without having to slow down.  Hope this helps; simple air dynamics and physics explanation.

  30. First time seeing you guys, good review

  31. We need more car reviews like the ones you too put out! You guys are GREAT! I watch all the time! If you ever need a "3rd wheel", let me know. Would love to do one with you!

  32. I wouldn’t call it a supercar, but it is fast. I like to see how it matches up against other similar models.

  33. loved this video!

  34. agree panamera i think to be honest looks good in real life , and suv is not attractive plus cayenne gts is much slower and more like a wifes car

  35. Bad review because of that comment? -___-

  36. LOL But Turtles Don’t Get pregnant…

  37. 0:59 doesn’t look like a kitchen

  38. What does a Camry have to do with a Porsche being ugly?

  39. kick the guy on the kerb


  41. Thats a sexy pregnant turtle .

  42. Misinterpret my comment. :/

  43. You have an S7? Very cool car, it’s one of the sexiest Audi’s on the road imo.

  44. 5.85 seconds from 0-60? Im not buying it…

  45. you forgot to take off the traction all control for the launch control
    it definitely wasn’t working well

  46. the only difference between the current version and a coupe version would change from 4 to 2 side doors,preserving the real four seats.

  47. fuck it, motor trend can get that car to 60 in 4.3 seconds! and the panamera turbo in 3.5 sec! and the turbo S in 3.3 sec!!!!

  48. the PDK double clutch automatic was the best idea for this car for the best 0-60 time. It’s a heavy car.

  49. How is this a rival of the 7 series? The 7 series is a full size luxury sedan, the 6 series gran coupe is the natural rival of the panamera.
    Bad review

  50. Haha, if Nathan thinks this car is overpriced, I would hate to know what he thinks about the 991 911!

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