2013 Porsche Panamera GTS – WINDING ROAD POV Test Drive

See the POV Camera we use to film our test drive videos here: http://store.windingroad.com/liquid-image-co-torque-series-1080p-hd-powersports-goggle-cam-no-wifi-p346.aspx

For the best experience, we recommend wearing headphones for the POV test drive.
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  1. fortza Dani Mocanu

  2. thank you thank you. I will look at all your pov vids now!

  3. this engine sound is normal?

  4. Not what you’d think a Porsche would sound like, but awesome nonetheless.

  5. are you from Georgia?


  7. In person it looks much better especially this color the interior exterior color combination is great!

  8. tractor motor

  9. Lot of road noise.

  10. 3:26 now you’re just toying with my poor heart with those revs

  11. What a car should be

  12. buttons are soo damn clicky.. eww 

  13. what a slow-poke!  Show off the car!!

  14. Ricchione!!! Spingila cazzo!!!

  15. My dad has this car….. Very good car to roll around in..

  16. Why didn’t my 4s sound like this 🙁

  17. I love v8 sound 

  18. PERFECT!

  19. 3:08 the beautiful Porsche beep beep beep beep

  20. license plate is crooked. makes me so mad.

  21. The best video of the Panamera i’ve ever seen,

  22. What the hell is that whining/high pitch squealing noise I’m hearing at higher RPM’s? I’ve hear it all the time when watching other Porsche videos!!!

  23. Sounds like a turbo diesel from a Dodge Ram truck.

  24. Wow I just had an eargasm

  25. So many buttons!!! Weeee ;D

  26. Cool 🙂

  27. red ? ;_;

  28. The narrator is too chatty.

  29. Front-engine, four door sedan = a Porsche bastard child

  30. Ricchione!!! Spingila cazzo!!!

  31. Thats the Real car

  32. Just…beautiful

  33. buttons

  34. have you heard of launch control

  35. Give me a Cayman or Boxster S.  This thing’s ass is just way too hyooooge for me. 

  36. Let’s start the actual test drive at 5 mins 44 seconds shall we. Jeez

  37. O like the sound

  38. Performs nicely. Too bad it looks so horrible. Edit: Maybe it isn’t horrible. Styling just not to my liking. 

  39. sex in every way but that color is just awful

  40. But the Turbo s is still the fastest Panamera ?

  41. Sounds like an AMG

  42. I want so much this car. Such amazing engine V8  4.8 l … stunishing

  43. nce

  44. Looks bad in the back 🙁 but very practical and THAT ENGINE is enough to buy it

  45. left side key 🙂

  46. Why are using ur middle finger as ur pointer finger?

  47. panamera is my dreamcar 🙂

  48. 0:53 like a truck

  49. a question. what was the best brand and best car you drove?

  50. Well….

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