‘ 2014 / 2015 Porsche 911 GT3 (991) ‘ Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

I finally review the new 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 (991). Can it match the driving experience of the old 997 GT3 and does it still feel like a proper GT3 ? Here are my indebth impressions…

If you need more informations about the Porsche 991, be sure to check out my reviews of the Carrera S, Carrera 4, Turbo S and Carrera :

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  1. Wo hast du dein gutes Englisch gelernt? Echt super ich würde niemals so selbstsicher mit einer fremden Sprache zurechtkommen. Mach weiter so!

  2. To brate moj. Daj gaz

  3. I wanna wrap my 991 s cab, what color should I get, so struggle…

  4. really good resume Getawayer!! How would you compare the 997gt3 chassis to this one? I was a passanger in the 997.2 gt3 in 2011with a pro driver and to me it felt nothing could ever beat the stability of that car

  5. GT3 Porsche Rocks… love it…

  6. Awesome review! Nearly 1 million views! The viewers have spoken! Incredible!!

  7. Hi, what color is that? Guards red?

  8. Excellent video review!!

  9. Didn’t know pulling both pedals at the same time did that. Impressive.

  10. beast of a car! is this rear wheel?

  11. Porsche there is no substitute

  12. Call me crazy but I’ll take this over the Huracan any day of the week

  13. Mr Getawayer ….. what about doing a review on a 991 GT3 RS…….Anychance? …..I love your vids but this gt3 vid is very good!

  14. What is the interior noise level like at cruise? Wondering if this is tolerable as a cruiser that sees the occasional trackday or if it’s best to get a GTS that hasn’t had all the sound deadening ripped out.

  15. Hi there. what do you think of the sport bucket seats? i am ordering 991.2 GT3 and really can’t make my mind about seats! Hight adjustable full bucket seats or folding sport bucket seats? the 18 way seats are obviously more comfortable but i don’t think they suit a GT3. THANKS A LOT

  16. hey, one suggestion: have a front facing camera next time

  17. Hello Guido,

    My name is Stefan Widrascu, and i have my order in for a GT3 991.2

    My current car is a 996 C4S Cabrio which i have had for 12yrs..
    (only 8000 mls on the clock!) , so this will be quite a "Quantum Leap" for me.

    I would sure like some unbiased opinions from a true 911enthusiast to help with the specs for this car?!

    Yes, of course it is all a matter of personal preference. However, I would really value your opinion on this?!….hope you can help

  18. 100 km/h speed limit sucks but that’s what ours is here in Canada. If we get caught doing 50 km/h over the speed limit the driver gets a $10,000 fine and the car is impounded. That speeding fine works and has slowed down our drivers. Most people outside the country I inform about that speed fine don’t believe me, however, it does exist here in Ontario, Canada. Keep up the great work Guido.

  19. Hey Guido , this is my favorite of all your channel video, no doubt 🙂

  20. That sound is such an experience.

  21. Great review; great voice, also.

  22. Following you from the USA, thank you for making these short films, you have a wonderful perspective on these cars. Really enjoy watching.

  23. Awsome

  24. This or Aventador?

  25. Excellent video and excellent commentary. Thank you.

  26. This motorcar is absolutely beautiful

  27. please drive the limited production 2013
    JCW GP 2 on your favorite back roads ( weights 1100 kilos,has a 6 pods Brembo, manual 6speed and semi slick tires from factory..

  28. That hard mechanical noise … hardcore!

  29. amo pocher é uma maravilha

  30. I always wonder if pressing both paddles one can decouple the PDK gearbox, why not Porsche install a third pedal performing the same function. I’m wrong? Maybe would be a little more "fun"… I just say.

  31. bien camilla me paso en la careterÑ

  32. How the hell you drive paddle shifters, when do you know to shift up or down.

  33. 130k need to earn more help me god

  34. put the subtitles on and check the zone when Porsche flies by hahaha!

  35. Very nice German reviewer!!!

  36. wheels size?

  37. Its just so f awsome

  38. Is it the best 911? I think it is. It’s very powerful, light, track-oriented but still useable as a daily driver. And it’s better than the Turbo/Turbo S because it can drift.

  39. One of the best reviews. Thank u for this…..

  40. Could you please comment on how difficult it is to live with the GT3 as a daily drivers car? compared to the Turbo S?

  41. Hey. I am very keen to see you spec. Can’t find it though!
    you are not tempted to do guards red with all the red highlights like the marker on the steering wheel and red stitching interior? even red trim on the wheel!

  42. is this faster then the turbo s ?

  43. This GT3 with a PDK is like an amazing filet mignon covered with ketchup (the PDK). The PDK is nice but a stick would make this the ultimate car. I’ll take a GT4 instead.

  44. "than ever some drive drunk when I might that not every day really have nothing." Hmmmmmm lmao

  45. I had a chance to drive one of these on a track today along with a 458 and a huracan. I have to say that out of the 3 this car was the one that has single handedly ruined driving for me. This car is an absolute BEAST and nothing else I’ve driven even comes close to it.

  46. Sweet Videos man, I will have an an 2017 M3 Video getting uploaded soon. Its on its way on a truck right now from across the country so I’m trying to stay patient. Are you using a suction cup on the dashboard?

  47. Enjoyed your clip but would have enjoyed a split screen view of your talking about car & the view you had of driving in unlimited section of autobahn also?

  48. Love the wing on the 991 GT3.

  49. The subtitles hilariously misunderstand this guys voice

  50. You are very very farsighted I see judging from your glasses. No contact lenses?

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