2014 Audi A3 Sedan 1.8 TFSI Petrol | Exclusive India Drive Review | Autocar India

Audi’s stunning new A3 will be India’s most affordable luxury sedan when it is launched this month, and Audi is hoping it will have more of a draw than the generously specified luxury hatchbacks like the Mercedes-Benz A-class or BMW 1-series. We drove the A3 with the 1.8 TFSI Petrol Engine for a comprehensive review

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  1. is there manual gear option .. hate auto

  2. Booooooo….this car sucks!

  3. y wud sumone buy a petrol which gives mileage of 8-9

  4. Wow

  5. FAIL

  6. i want to purchase this car  surely, so tell me  ex show room prize in mumbai

  7. its better and its cost is starts from 22 Lakhs

  8. Everyone forgot about the horn? Is there a hand free horn system so that they can honk it constantly?

  9. Is this the same engine of different tuning that’s on the 1.8 TSI version of the Octavia?

  10. I think you must tell the ex show room price of every car you review.. That will help us a lot

  11. No Low Profile Tyres?

  12. nice car

  13. the 10 spoke alloy looks ugly…. After all those beautiful alloys on global brochures, this is what we get?

  14. Is this a Good car for college needs ?

  15. its better to invest in a octavia VRS 2014.. than this

  16. Approx 28lakhs

  17. Amazing car just waiting for the official launch as i am planning to buy one

  18. *****ATTENTION******
    I want to know how much it cost for maintaince of AUDI A3. I it a burden?

  19. I think the stress on back-seat discomfort was not enough. The back seat is very uncomfortable, no under-thigh support, no head-room, no leg-room, just enough foot-room. It is really for kids and short people.

    One of the other issues I’ve noticed is the noise levels. The noise control on this car is not as good as the A4. It became difficult to listen to your passengers after 80 kmph.

    Everything else is just really really good.

  20. Very cool

  21. super car💖

  22. super car💖

  23. super car

  24. Better Buy a VW Passat then this Vento Body with Audi’s Symbols on it !

  25. Its really a cool and agile car that Audi brought in this segment!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice review!!!!!!!!!!!, Smile @3:39 just express everything about the car Just Fun & Fun!!!!!

  26. Starts from 22 lakhs

  27. people in India should just stick to driving marutis. these cars are not supposed to be driven on the shitty indian roads

  28. hey autocar team… wat will be the actual price of a3.. any guess..??? 🙂

  29. The new punto is out ……. how about a review?……it’s now aggressive..

  30. Bought a 2015 Audi A3 a little over a month ago.  Great car, but having problems with the navigation MMI already.  Tells me that the car is somewhere I am not, and doesn’t catch the speed traps which all other Audi’s do here in Korea.  Took it to AUDI KOREA service center twice and they can’t figure it out.  Basically told me I am out of luck.  This is of course AFTER taking my car our for a 44 km joy ride and unplugging the black box so there would be no evidence (expect for my empty gas tank).  I just hope Audi Headquarters finds a solution to fix the MMI because the AUDI KOREA dealership and service center are incompetent and horrible.  Please hire employees that know how to fix their own products they represent.  Audi’s brand is being tainted and definitely will not be having repeat customers.  Will NEVER recommend an Audi to anyone in Korea.  Just horrible customer experience and there are long blogs with complaints from Audi owners.  Should have read the blogs before buying. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND REGRETFUL AUDI OWNER!!!

  31. its very fantastic

  32. awsome car ….iam gonna buy it

  33. The car seems to be good for some enthusiastic driving…But have they screwed the driving pleasure with a fwd engine🤔As we are already fed up of the stupid fwd cars in india!!!

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