2014 Audi A4 – Redline: Review

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Now approaching its 6th model year, the 2014 Audi A4 still offers luxury buyers an enticing blend of technology, luxury, and sportiness. But with some many fresh choices in an ever crowded market, has Audi made enough updates to keep this model high on your shopping list?

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  1. I was so against this car until I drove one as a rental through Silvercar. Since I had one as a rental for a roadtrip weekend, I was more than shocked at the way it drove and the quality of the interior. I recommend everyone who is looking at the entry level luxury sports sedan to test drive one!!

  2. This or Acura tlx which is better?

  3. so you decided to use a completely different version for the thumbnail and instead did a video on a much more boring version

  4. so fucking gay

  5. Very impressed with your reviews! Came across this while watching your other videos for interest. I had a 2013 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro with the 8speed ZF-sourced transmission and you hit the nail on the head with every point in your video. Conservative styling, almost forgettable, but still pretty fun to drive if you want to, and Quattro makes it much more enjoyable in the winter.

  6. Everyone on here that owns an a4, why are you watching a review on the car if you already own one? Isnt this for people who are thinking about getting one, lol doesnt make any sense

  7. Like a Chevy for the German car snobs, lol

  8. I am a 13 year old watching this, if there is anyone who is close to that age please comment, and before u laugh at me I know everything that he is saying. I even know what is a crankshaft, drivetrain, differential etc.
    So don’t hate.
    A really good and detailed review sofyan.

  9. Best car reviewer on you tube

  10. Rather have a 328i

  11. I would greatly appreciate you making a review with the 2015 Audi A4…

    Do you feel as though the BMW is a better car in its class?

  12. German navs suck my jeeps is 1000x better

  13. wow, you was driving in my old neighborhood!!! Small world.

  14. I don’t think it is Darude.

  15. What’s the name of the song in the beginning?

  16. It looks. I Like Lt. entertain zip What do you think, guysD 11

  17. Are you gonna be reviewing the S4?

  18. I think Audi is falling behind aesthetically. The refresh looks great but it really does look like an very upscale Jetta.

  19. Do a review of the 2015 C300 I only see the 400 on your page

  20. Great review really helped my buying decision!

  21. I know it’s a 2014 model but the interior looks really outdated compared to other sedans, even some of the non luxury cars have better interiors, I’m looking to get a used luxury car & this one will definitely won’t be it :/

  22. show the car nerd

  23. So if I am looking at a used or brand new Mazda 6 GT or a Ford Fusion Titanium, could you pick up a used 1-3 year old A4 or A3 and pay ABOUT the same (31-33 grand) ?

  24. "this steering wheel reminds me of a fat baby" i lol’d

  25. Cool so u can have a douchebag friend in the passenger side turn the volume up and down

  26. The direction of the scroll button that you complained about is just as counter-intuitive in right-hand drive models. Three months later, I’m still making the same mistakes.

  27. I just came from the Houston Auto show, and the interior of the Audi, BMW, and Jaguar are sub par for the price. Mercedes and Infiniti had the best interiors. I dont know what he’s talking about Japanese cars needing to copy the Germans.

  28. You talk too fast

  29. witch brand is more costly to maintain service

  30. Audi = Car built for the working poor.

  31. I don’t know if I could say the price difference is just a few thousand at least for this year. I am a huge BMW fan and have owned them in the past but I just picked up a new 2016 audi A4 because the pricing was just right.

    I got the premium plus, nav, smart key, blind spot, MMI, etc for $38.5K with a sticker of 44620. The BMW 328 with similar options including nav, blind spot, 3 spoke wheel, etc was 56K MSRP ~45K after discounts and negotiations. Quite a difference.

  32. What r the 0-60 numbers?

  33. Is the 8speed auto transmission on this a4 a torque converter or dual clutch?

  34. it’s not weird, you turn the radio the same way you use blinkers. Like if you agree.

  35. I used an A4 like this as one of my company cars for a bit and it seems like everything in the interior is fragile and I cannot believe it doesn’t have a USB port for my phone (which I’m pretty sure the last Nissan Versa that I rented had).

    And holy crap that "fat baby" comment was hilarious! I personally think it resembles Gengar from Pokemon..

  36. why did you buy this car if you are constantly talking shit about it?????

  37. Clockwise up is intuitive. You’re weird, not the car. 😉

  38. Seems. You’re The Greatest. lunch versed 1!

  39. now….now….now….now….now….

  40. am i the only one who liked more the 2009-2012 design?

  41. Still would rather have an S4. ARP makes enough upgrades for it though that I can do what I want to it and kind of make it more tuner.

  42. TLX doesnt compare with this car. TLX feels and looks too cheap

  43. Darude – Sandstorm

  44. I like this design.

    Does this car have good fuel efficiency?

  45. Love how you weavin in and out of traffic bahahaha! Great review, looking at allroad so wanted to see pulling power.

  46. This wasn’t an s line tho #awks

  47. Wow

  48. Man awesome shit

  49. Even this generation of the A4 has been out for a while I still love the way it looks and I would want to buy this

  50. I just turned 16 and I really wanted a Jeep Wrangler unlimited, but my dad pulled up with a 2013 a4 supercharge and I was very happy this car is so awesome audis last so long, they’re comfortable, and just a good car in general you will not be disappointed if you buy this!!

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