2014 Audi R8 – Review and Road Test

From the first instant behind its wheel we knew the Audi R8 was an amazing car…with just a couple of flaws. For 2014 Audi has addressed those issues and the result is an even more remarkable halo vehicle. In this video KBB’s Micah Muzio shares his impression of the refreshed R8.

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  1. "Shows video of trunk being opened"
    "Doesn’t show us what it’s like inside"
    Who the fuck was filming this?

  2. can we bring the European model the USA

  3. True we always got those huge chrome bumpers

  4. "WOO, MAGIC" **giddylaughter**  Tell us how you really feel, Micah ^_^

  5. The Audi paddle shifters are flawed, they should never move with the steering wheel in my personal opinion. Not like anyone is going to be doing huge sharp turns while racing on the street but still, it limits a lot of things if this were to happen.

  6. Can somebody tell me?
    Is that Matt Blue color?

  7. Not sure why you would search for an Audi R8 review to say that. You seem a bit weird. Are you OK?

  8. maybe it’s just the US then

  9. Someday………..

  10. Why do the US turn signals are just blinking brake lights?

  11. Honestly, these car makers need to do something about the DOT. Now all the Audi and Mercedes tail lights look cheap with the brake/signal bulb being the same bulb. I don’t want to look like I’m driving a Ford.

  12. Thanks for the kind words! I’ll happily accept my "close second" status.


  13. Department Of Transportation. A little more attention to acoustics and less on aesthetics.

  14. 2:18  Who in the world bought the R-tronic clunky automatic that was slower, got worse fuel economy, had clunky shifts, and cost a lot more than the awesome gated manual?  I’m with him that the awesome gated manual is still the way to go because it’s so much more fun and fitting in a car like this than driving a boring automatic.  

  15. he audi r8 2014 is my favorite

  16. maybe the car has been imported?

  17. DOT has always been harder on imports. Remember the bumpers Mercedes had on them during the late 70s and early 80s?

  18. I can’t wait for 2015 r8 gt

  19. R 8 is sure great

  20. I loved the 1st gen R8 it was aggressive and beautiful. The second gen well how do I put this lightly it’s gotten…soft

  21. Can these bastards drive in small snowfalls?  it is AWD after all.

  22. Thanks DOT!

  23. "Why not buy two" Best quote ever.

  24. Why is the camera on this guy so much? Show the car

  25. I would take this car over any other car in the world

  26. whats dot???

  27. "we need to do a review of R8"
    "Great, let’s borrow half a dozen of these, each in different colours"

  28. Ok gta5 destroyed my thought of the R8 but now im in love with it I don’t see them much I only see porches but I have a new mine of it

  29. First gen looked the best, it’s gotten too slick for my liking

  30. It would look better if it were a bit more extreme on the outside…..exterior looks are too tame.

  31. The interior of the r8 is absolutely beautiful

  32. The most sexy car ever.

  33. or you could buy a gti and tune it up for around 50000

  34. I hope this car gets the new 4.0 twin turbo from the RS7.  The reduction of weight and much higher torque will make this car much faster and quicker to 60 and 1/4 mile

  35. this is the reason why I am motivated to write good grades at school

  36. Lamborghini sourced V10…..Dude do your research its is an audi engine.

  37. Sounds just like me…"playful yet civilized."

  38. could i marry this car 

  39. Audi R8 V8 isn’t a great super car

  40. Do a review of the Audi R8 ppi razor gt that car is just bad ass

  41. F*cking North America messing up the amazing signal light sequences…

  42. But you would still be in a GTI……

  43. i will own one 1 day

  44. so what aobut working

  45. If a car can make you smile and laugh for any reason, it must be a great car.

  46. Hi Micah, just a short message to say that I think your KBB reviews are brilliant.. they’re well made and you present them in a way that is interesting, engaging and with integrity.. great work.

  47. The difference is the LED lights, they currently don’t meet a silly DOT rules that says all lights have to meet criterion for two different settings – not the fact that they’re sequential.

  48. I’d go for the V8, put a blower on it if desired, and come out WAY ahead cost-wise and WAY ahead power-wise.

  49. I would die for one of these

  50. I’d still take a Mercedes Benz 2014 S550 S-Class Sedan

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