2014 Audi R8 V10 Plus vs. 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo

A Spring fling with two of the world’s finest all-weather sports cars



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  1. R8 is cooler !

  2. Honestly, id get the Porsche. Why? Because I don’t give a fuck about what people think of me. I love Porsches, and driving them makes me happy. I don’t want to get a stupid lambo or audi to turn heads. That’s what people with no self confidence do, they worry about what other people think of them. Also fuck the tuning bullshit, I’m sick of hearing," get a corvette, it’s cheaper and you tune it". Fuck that, that’s not what these cars are meant for.

  3. Hmmm.. Are this testing on winter tires? Seems like a waste of time to me..

  4. Would definitely like to see them revisit this comparison with summer tires on a hot summer day and see if any options have changed.

  5. Porsche looks like as it’s designed for women… anyways the R8 is no competition lel.

  6. Can’t this guy Mike move his mouth vertically or what? Every time he says Audi he says Eudi, even with other words like behave, he beheve, like wtf?!

  7. That’s right don’t get the Turbo S because it will spank the shit out of the R8.

  8. I don’t mean to discriminate but audi is better.

  9. I’m a militant AUDI fan, but when it comes down to Porsche, got to respect the Big Brother! 

  10. That 911 rules and that r8 sucks!

  11. come on man u judge a car because it starts by a key instead of remote? and how that a bad thing to have a real key makes no sense…

  12. You guys are acting like those few snow flakes are the end of the world. That’s nothing, and winter tires are not needed for this conditions, haha, wow

  13. Which car is most likely to get pussy

  14. ford gt

  15. 7:58 "Interesting enough, it’s the rear tires getting hotter than the front". Yes, that’s a very surprising fact with a rear engined car. 
    4:49: "Same some more aggressive bolstered sport seats" Costs you 900$ extra for those more aggressive bolstered sport seats, that car just isn’t equiped with them.
    8:10: Steel brakes usually do have better pedal feel.

  16. Nissan gtr are is not the super car the corvette can beat it gtr 600 hp and corvette 650 bish

  17. Prices are lies audi r8 115,000 $ prosche 911 84,000$ are the base prices

  18. R8 is monster,that guy just sucks

  19. That guy in the Audi is so stupid the Audi is better in almost every way

  20. I am thinking about the Porsche but really attracted to the iron man audi

  21. car lovers know a porsche is better in most ways. no car lovers just get a r8 and notice its not that amazing at all just a showoff basicly.

  22. Doesn’t the Porsche start with a key too? The 2014 991 911 GTS I drove did

  23. 9000$ For a manual??????? Manual is standard in all Europe LOL

  24. Porsche 911 will handle way nicer, but it’s so fucking ugly IMO.

  25. Since most of the people will never track the car, the R8 is the winner. Everybody prefer the Turbo because of 0-60 and turning capability but come on, in real life 1 out of 10 will even put a feet on a race track. The R8 is just sexy and brutal. The beetle on steroids is perfect on numbers but lacks of soul, and the designe is just too boring and outdated (some will say it’s heritage, ha!)

  26. So people out there actually think the only reason someone would get an R8 (or some other exotic) is to turn heads? Seriously? Here’s a thought, maybe they just like the R8 better. I find the R8 more exciting personally, that’s why I’d get it. I’d get an exotic because I like them and I DONT care what people think. These are not fashion accessories, they’re supercars! I would love to track my R8, daily drive my R8, and sit in my garage to just look at my R8. I couldn’t get as happy or excited about the 911, it resembles a VW bug too much, sure it drives great though. But seriously, to hell with what people think of your car weather they like it or not, you bought this 6-figure car, you might as well be the one who likes it!

  27. I like the r8 a lot but only 385tq out of a v10 is pitiful.

  28. man i cant wait till we jave everday electric awd cars that make these cars look slow

  29. Its stupid how they always talk about GPS and crap what a piss off!

  30. once I saw u didn’t get the turbo S, I clicked off the vid… waste of time

  31. Turning laps all the way !!

  32. Porsche

  33. Porsche all the way

  34. 3:28…oh the humanity!

  35. and now, take the turbo s! this machine will destroy all audi-bitch-cars! 
    porsche ftw

  36. 100000% pussy report

  37. *TURNING HEADS is way more important than turning laps , we all want pussy and to be recognized , no girl will care if you make laps in shorter time, plus porsche design is old and boring*

  38. if you are buying audi R8 , you are buying the V8 because this is the best car for what it was made (everyday, fast, easy to drive, pretty reilable, cheap car). you can buy the hardcore V10 plus , but you are paying extra money for the sprotiness you dont need . if you want sport car you buy GT3 RS or maybe even ferarri . its not worth buying any of them

  39. R8 > Turbo

  40. my dad has a r8

  41. turning heads xD of course

  42. 911 turbo s baby……real shit

  43. You cant be serious comparing r8 to 911turbo. I am not a big fan of porshe but that fucker blows almost anything when it comes to take offs and all around performance.

  44. porsche there is no substitute

  45. Are these U.S. prices or CAD?

  46. Great review. Unbiased comparison.

  47. Really good !!!!!

  48. Thr R8 has been my favorite car since I was 9.

  49. The porsche is fucking ugly but it is better.

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