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  1. the only thing dated is the size of the screen. 

  2. H&K? I thought it only came with audi symphony, Bose, or B&O.

  3. And obviously "T" stands for Supercharged.

  4. As a A6 owner, I wish these reviews also talk about poor longterm quality of Audi as well. If these reviewer buy any direct injected European car with their own money and drive it for more then a couple of years, theses reviews will be completely different

  5. it’s a perfect car! really great!

  6. Nice Review!

  7. I agree with Zack about the interior, it is too similar compared to the Tiguan.

    And here another problem, the Porsche Macan Turbo S

  8. Will you be doing the North American golf review?

  9. does any body know why sq5 makes more hp then the s4?

  10. would much rather get the new Porsche Macan S base model and maybe get a ECU upgrade down the road

  11. Test drove this couple months ago and I gotta say it’s fantastically fast, and so smooth at the same time… But If I were to get another Q5 I would be more than happy to stick with the base turbo 4. Peppy engine, great gas mileage, and costs almost half of that…

  12. A big thick one to hold on to? sorry dude

  13. Bmw interior is even older. It’s the same interior now as in 1992. I’m serious, look at the layout. Audi is newer, but the mercedes with the c and cla gla class air vents is a real change.

  14. wife wants a big thick one eh?

  15. I need to ask for your opinion. I am in the US and I like Q5 (SQ5 is too expensive for me). First, I wonder would you pick: Q5 with V6-TSFI or Q5 with V6-TDI. Second, I wonder if I should wait until 2016 for the second generation Q5 (if it is going to be released in 2016).

  16. Finally someone honest about Audi dated interiors

  17. The center console is not covered in hard plastic it is a mixture of aluminum and wood

  18. Excellent review, very knowledgeable guy!! SQ5 is a star, I’ve just tested  the 2014 ML350 both bluetech and gas and the interior is boring, dashbord is boring, the gas model is slow like a whale, Audi rules… My humble opinion

  19. I hate to say this, but my 21in. wheels make my Q5 have really bad tire noise! I would like to say just use the 19in wheels, they are so much better if you want to drive it everyday. My car is a 2011 3.2L Q5, so the SQ5 maybe isn’t the same, but I think it is a bit of information people would like to know.

  20. Can you do a review on the porsche panamera 4. You did the 4s, turbo, and even the gts but if u do the panamera 4 i would be happy

  21. Hmmm…noticed steering / cabin vibration at around 5:25

  22. I love my Q5 TDI, isnt quite the SQ5. But feels freaking awesome. 420lbft of torque!

  23. I own the SQ5 and this review is spot on! The interior is average and the seating is not comfortable for long drives. My previous car (Lincoln MKX) was much more comfortable and had better options and ergonomics… Audi get your shit together!

  24. The softer interior plastics strip and peel much faster though…I think it’s a good balance. The 90s Audis/VWs had those issues, they’re obviously using their experience here

  25. Why no HD D:

  26. …. sorry folks… Audi>Everything #Truth   #TruthinEngineering  

  27. In Germany you can only get a SQ5 TDI with a 3 liter biturbocharged V6 diesel engine with 313 horsepower oO never heard of that petrol version

  28. MMI needs more color, it looks depressing!

  29. I bought the SQ5 in November. It rocks. The guy who says the interior is like the VW Tiguan is grossly mistaken. Has he actually driven the SQ5? I think not. And to those who compare it to the Macan, that’s another story. Porsche isn’t Audi. Don’t judge until you actually drive. And when you drive, you’ll want this. The pricing quoted isn’t accurate, though. If you want it loaded, with the Prestige package, you’ll be paying north of $70k by the time you walk out the door.

  30. This is the car I want. SUV space, but not too big & still has a sports car feel. Audi has had the best interiors for a while but it’s definitely time for a redesign. They better not wait too much longer than 2015 if they want to keep this momentum.

  31. T stands for turbo… Innit? 🙂

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