2014 Nissan GT-R Track Pack vs 2014 Audi R8 V-10 Plus! – Head 2 Head Episode 33

On this episode of Head 2 Head, Motor Trend’s Carlos Lago pits the 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Pack against the 2014 Audi R8 V-10 Plus. Performance wise, both these all-wheel drive monsters represent the cream of the crop from their respective manufacturers. Nissan’s GT-R comes out of the gate swinging with it’s track pack, but the R8 packs a twin-clutch transmission as well as more power than previous R8’s. In between some dynamic testing & canyon carving, Randy Pobst weighs in with his two cents as he joins Carlos at the Streets of Willow racetrack. Does Audi’s V-10 goliath have what it takes to topple the legendary “Godzilla”?

Read the full story here: http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/coupes/1307_2014_audi_r8_v10_plus_vs_nissan_gt_r_track_pack/

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  1. GTR is a AWD! And R8 RWD

  2. This is both stock from the factory, but what if they both have they same tires

  3. after seeing the new r8 the old one just looks ugly

  4. R8 is my dream car

  5. R8 has no turbos

  6. I got to say, as an Audi fan, it is impressive that the GTR can accelerate that quick with the engine in the front compared to the R8 that has "theoretically" a faster launch speed since the engine weighs on the back of the car (Massive acceleration bonus for the r8)

  7. I would choose a GT-R. It’s a great car.

  8. GT-R all day long😆

  9. gyr wins in sales numbers though much more peolle love the gtr than r8

  10. r8 is life, gtr is hell

  11. I really can’t choose. THe GT-R and the R8 are both fast and sexy cars.

  12. rain vs adapt:)

  13. Couldn’t agree more with the whole vid lol!!

  14. Am I the only one who thinks the gt-r looks way better??

  15. GTR is a culture .Not every body understands it and not supposed to be .

  16. I think many of us can say we want both but I would take the GTR any day.

  17. Love both cars but would take GTR

    1 Cheaper
    2 more seats
    3 Faster

  18. gtr

  19. IMO I think Audi are really sexy if I had a shit ton of money I would buy the Audi

  20. did he just say that the R8 wins?

  21. Faze adapts GTR > faze rains r8

    Sorry Nord but the I got to go with the Gtr

  22. nissan GTR

  23. Kern Von und zu Kollestan und wieder zurück

    Pff car loosers get a bike

  24. I hate the gtr….Idk why i just despise all thee youtube fucks who worship it.

  25. Audi!

  26. I feel like most people here are r8 fans and want to see how it compares to the overhyped, overrated GTR

    I prefer the R8 as well

  27. the nissan gtr is not a super car is just a sports car

  28. There’s nobody alive that is thinking about buying one of these that is going to say to themselves, "Damn, I was going to buy that R8, but dumbass6373 on YouTube, who drives their mother’s minivan, said it sucked, so I guess I’ll get that GTR instead".

    Just appreciate both for the nice cars that they are. Any car that can do 0-60 in 3 seconds is an engineering success. One doesn’t have to suck for the other to be appreciated, and these cars aren’t even geared towards the same market. There are very few people out there trying to decide between the two.

  29. gtr 0-60 faster 4 seats big trunk space for a bigass subwoofer awd

    audi- volkswagon pos 2 seats and still cant beat the gtr wow!!!! thats luxury

  30. here from tanner braungardt

  31. R8 is the rich kids car. GTR is for the racers and true driving enthusiasts.

  32. Nürburgring record = gtr
    crap of the week = Golf r8 v10 –

  33. Gtr is the king here

  34. the amount of people who sick GTR dick amazes me, great car? well of course yes, but the v10 + looks like a monstrous beast of mayham, such a sexy look and performance

  35. no one is going 190mph on the NJ turnpike. Its all on how the car looks. there were times i was behind a gtr and it looked like a chevy cobalt. I’ll take the R8 100% of the time. no mistaking that car.

  36. Adapt’s GTR vs Rain’s R8

  37. GTR for me .. the r8 tends to want to stick it’s back end out on bends at high speeds plus the r8’s gearbox is just not reliable enough..

  38. These GTR and Audi fanboys are so cancerous, sorry I have to say it that way. Why can’t they just appreciate what amazing machines both of these cars are.

  39. Faze Rain vs. Faze Adapt

  40. you should put audi r8 track edition

  41. If we are talking about BOTH performance and looks, the Audi R8 u plebs. If we are talking about performance and ‘affordable’ Price, then the GTR.

  42. the Audi r8 v10 plus looks much in blue

  43. Look wise Audi
    Performance wise Gtr

  44. I would take both cars but the audis game Is what turns me twards the R8

  45. This gen R8 in misano red just looks perfect


  47. its basicly lance stewart r8 vs. roman atwoods gtr, both of theyre dads have corvettes, dats wierd

  48. By seeing the price of cars i would say gtr is the best car in the world without any doubt those who compare nissan gtr with bughatti lambo audi koenigsegg or any other car they should include the hell of a money factor in it as well snm

  49. l know the GTR IS AWESOME BUT I WANT THE AUDI R8 OVERALL ,JUST seems to be right place to be on a back road through the hills etc

  50. fuck Audi r8.. controls sucks.. breaking sucks Acceleration sucks… GTR! WINS

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