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  1. this is a sexy machine…

  2. 50 000€ good price (y)

  3. Wow, are Porsches really that good? Maybe I should redirect my attention.

  4. Its simpile porsches are the best cat ever created by man

  5. With every new generation of 911, the weight distribution gets better and better. The engine is hanging off the back, but with the PDK AWD transmission, gas tank, spare (or limp home can of tire puncture filler kit), and battery up front, the weight is creeping forward with every generation. The polar moment of inertia issues that come with the engine hanging off the back will still be there in terms of rapid direction changes, but mid corner-wise, the weight is creeping forward for better balance. And I can understand the whole Mustang power not translating into "go" and the lower power of the Carrera translating into more go than expected. It’s all in the gearing and final drive. It’s why my son’s M Roadster being able to accelerate as quickly as models with almost 100 hp more. It’s got a close ratio ZF box and higher final drive, allowing the hp it does have to translate into the same 0-60 times, which in turn translates into as quick or quicker corner exits during track days. I got into cars in a major way after my youngest went to school, then ended up landing an awesome job, and lives in downtown San Diego in a condo he shares with 2 co-workers, so anyway, I got into cars and driving so we would have more to talk about during phone conversations and on the rare occasions he visits our empty nest in the suburbs (prior to that, my car knowledge was limited to what I learned from my husband and I’s lowriding days, and me being a de facto F1 fan because my youngest used to watch every GP and we both witnessed Senna die that tragic day at Imola). So anyway, I got into driving in a big way because I was hooked the first time I did autocross. And last year my youngest took his M Roadster to MFest in Vegas and did the track day on the track next to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and over the course of the day went from 2:50s down to 2:29 and was moved up to the non-signaled pass group, and found it easy to keep up with the S54 powered M3s and Z4 M Roadsters and coupes because the gearing in the S52 powered cars like his allowed him to get great corner exit launches and up through the close ratio box on the straights, so by the end of the day he was making clean passes on the outside and late braking, diving passes on the inside. It’s all in the gearing and heel and toe downshifting to keep the car stable under braking with those cars.

    Anyway, went off on a bit of a tangent there, but long story short, thumbs up on the new 911s. 400 hp with the Carrera S? Nice. Plenty of naturally-aspirated fun to be had. But again, it’s a shame Porsche wants to keep the 911 the flagship and holds the Cayman back. They should at least make special editions that are propelled by 911 Carrera engines or turbo engines. But they probably won’t unless they are very low volume special editions, otherwise Porsche fans will buy nothing but the mid-engined Carrera or Turbo engined Caymans. Shame. The Cayman is Porsche’s perfect platform. Basically the 918 platform. But I don’t see why Porsche cannot have 2 flagship models. A higher powered and priced Cayman (or redesign the exterior and make it a whole new model) and the higher priced 911 for the Porsche purists who car-wise live and breathe by the 911 and it’s handling characteristics. Hopefully one day soon there will be a change at the head of the Porsche Group and the new management will unleash the Cayman. Here’s hoping.

  6. my name is Carrera

  7. As a recent owner of one very similar 911, I have to say Matt is absolutely right. Everything, I do mean everything, feels just sloppy. 

  8. Pleaze tell me what’s the name of the soundtrack in this video ???

  9. Remember when Matt Farah was actually blacklisted by Porsche for simply criticizing the color on a factory show car?  Ahh the good old days.  Now Matt drives automatic transmission 911’s and calls them awesome.  Good boy, Matt.

  10. I rather get zo6 or a gtr for that price with more money to play with! 400hp?

    nice car but I’ll pass

  11. gotta be better overall score 

  12. Nice Rolex

  13. I’m 6’3 could I fit in the car lol

  14. Might have to trade my darling Exige in on one of these beauties, preferably in matte black.

  15. I love the graphs and user feedback percentages. It really helps to envelop the vehicle’s entity as a sports car. I’ve never driven one but from my research I have gathered exactly what you described.

  16. 145k?  Why not opt up to the GT3?

  17. love the color 

  18. I have to admit the background music is good . 

  19. beautiful car

  20. saw you at streets of willow last weekend. If is would have seen this video beforehand I would have offered you test the gt3 on the track. 

  21. "Because it’s a 911….. it doesn’t feel like the car’s gonna get away from you."

    How many 911’s have you driven?

  22. Totally agree… still the best sports car

  23. At the end, you sound so enthusiastic about buying one, but you only gave it a 79 rating… why?

  24. awesome car,awesome track,awesome soundtrack and and love the camera angles for shooting the video the only thing i didn’t like that ugly rear wiper on the car.

  25. I just want to know what the BGM is

  26. The Porsche people better take note of the new Corvettes. I just saw a German test where they compared a 911 Carrera S with a Corvette C06. The Porsche won but it was a fotofinish. And given the cost of a Porsche I think more and more Europeans wil go for the much cheaper Corvette because the Porsche is only a little bit better.

  27. Looked it up, Farah is a Muslim name.

  28. tell me now please. whats better 2013 or 2014 carrera or other models please respond I’m ready to buy lol

  29. "…it wants to dance with you."
    His point about the Cayman is well-taken. I’d definitely be in the market for one if I could only fit in the cockpit. A 911 has significantly more leg room than the Cayman.

  30. Double the price in Australia because of Luxury Car Tax (LCT). Wtf!!!!

  31. i’m 6’5 i can’t fit in a cayman.  i can fit comfortably in a 911.

  32. I think most people who’ll buy 911’s will still buy 911’s even if the Cayman had the good engine lol

  33. You told it like it is. Period!

  34. Only thing I don’t like the rear wiper but everything else is spectacular

  35. Porsche is NOW installing the big 911 engine in the Cayman GT4.  Yes!

  36. My future car <3

  37. Matt + 991 = [everything else got pwned] x lol

  38. Only Germans know how to build cars…… this basically sums up the whole history and the future of motoring……

  39. Soundtrack?

  40. I don’t regret paying 4 bucks a month when you guys are churning out more and more quality content like this. 

  41. Nice review – "it wants to dance with you" – 

  42. Where can i buy glasses like these one ? it’s just amazing !

  43. This car is my favorite porsche of all. Nice vid! And what is the name of the song? Its amazing.

  44. What the hell type of name is Farah? Some arab name?

  45. 6:32 lololol thank you for saying that

  46. You should have tested the 7 speed stick shift. 79% on handling I think 90% would have been better.

  47. Nice Sub you are wearing.

  48. "If they put the GT3 engine in the cayman you will have the best car ever made" ……cayman GT4

  49. This is my favorite car in the world right here. As you see in the video, the wing doesn’t actually stay up when your not moving the car unless u want it to. When u go fast in the car like over 60 or 70 MPH the wing will start moving up automatically. Cool, right?

  50. I love the test/Drive playlist. All the videos are unique based upon the reviewer, the production quality is insane and the music is always so damn good.

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