‘ 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S (991) ‘ Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

Porsche invited me to drive the all new 2013 / 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S ( 991 ) at the Bilster Berg Driving Resort with a group of other journalists. I was lucky enough to get a car for myself, so I could film this review for you. Just as special as driving the new Turbo was meeting my idol Walter Röhrl, who drove a new track-record with new Turbo S on this track during the event …

I created this video and I own all rights to all content in the video !

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  1. Monster performance in all weather conditions and more of a grand tourer to satisfy older buyers, that’s a turbo.
    I have found the 997s more satisfying than the 997turbo because of this. Less engine noise inside the cabin, and seemed more damped than the 997s. Nonetheless when you hit the gas pedal there’s no mistake in the shove you get in the kidneys in the turbo, I’m not complaining about the sheer performance.
    If I went hardcore I would rather have the gt3, and a softer choice would be a carreraS with powerkit. The turbo got it’s legs cut out with the birth of the gt3, it’s a more pure machine, more rewarding to drive. That’s why it’s becoming more of a gt car, for the older buyers. The problem is that there is a lot of competition in that market.
    The 911 is a great car but the market is getting cramped with great alternatives, and the flatsix is on it’s limit.
    It was long ago when ferraris were horrible to drive and there was pratically no one else to threat the domain of the 911.

  2. in uk, depreciation from new is about £40,000.00 first year!! unless one is a multimillionaire, one would be slightly put off buying new; but amazing car!

  3. Well, TurboS vs GT3, its a difficult choice. In the GT3 I prefer the exterior styling, the sharpness and the sound. In the TurboS you have that insane power and that beautiful interior. But it is, I think the baddest looking 991, they don’t look bad at all but I prefer the exterior styling from the carrera, targa or gt3 ..

  4. if i were rich  i would take a 991 turbo s for everyday driving and the GT3 RS for weekends on the track
    and a Cayenne turbo S or Panamera turbo S for my wife and familly :p

  5. Love that color. Agate Grey?

  6. I was smiling when you said just hold onto the steeringwheel:) Do you think the fourwheeldrive makes it more safe when putting all the power to the ground compared to rearwheeldrive?

  7. So which car do you like best now that you have driven both? GT3 or TT/TTS?

  8. Is this worth buying second hand in 2-3 years ?

  9. thank you for your reply .. 

  10. Thankyou brother !!!
    I just subscribed to your page.
    I love your accent, as I am 1/2
    German, But born in the USA.
    Hard choice between this and the GT3.
    This has always been my FAV car  !!!!
    But I cant imagine an Auto 911 ?

  11. like your reviews! which is more comfortable the GT3 or the turbo S?

  12. "The interior is really just a very beautiful place to spend your time."  Well said.  Absolute nonsense for anyone who says otherwise.  Thanks for posting!

  13. Von wo bekommst du die ganzen Autos

  14. I’ll take two thanks. I’ll garage it with my LFA (two).

  15. another one on my list of must haves#Porsche 911 turbo s

  16. Sehr guter testbericht… Stimmt der Sound von Turbo ist einfach nur geil👌 hast echt ne witzige Art in deinem Englisch und der Akzent ist einfach nur cool👍

  17. 1:39 Shaht ap. hahah

  18. well done,this feels more of a review then advertisement in disguised full of empty bombastic words..

  19. Warum haben die Turbo/Turbo S keinen Sportauspuff Knopf? Haben die keine Klappenanlage? Das gibt es auch gar nicht als Option oder?

  20. Hallo Gatewayer: Einmal mehr ein spannender Testbericht. Klar ist der Turbo S ein super Auto. Allerdings stört mich, angesichts des stolzen Preises das Exterieur etwas. Insbesondere der Heckspoiler, da könnte ruhig etwas mehr Imponanz im Spiel sein. Die Porsche Tuning Schmiede TechArt aus Stuttgart schafft da Abhilfe. Ein Heckspoiler wie beim GT3. Das passt. Der Vorteil zum GT3: strassentauglich.

  21. Great review, I’m American and I can honestly say Porsche makes great cars. They put American cars to shame. The GT2 RS, Turbo S, GT3. Oh my, which to pick? And let us not forget the 918, with McLaren P1 being my only other choice. Porsche just keeps making a better Turbo S with every iteration. The Turbo S all wheel drive make this car great even on the track, if prepared properly. My only problem is coming up with enough $.

  22. Absolutly amazing making so many people think this is a good review.
    How did you do that?

  23. GT3 4 life

  24. Best Porsche reviews in the internet.

  25. Great review. Hope you get your hands on the 2017 Turbo or Turbo S. 🙂 Few 10th’s of a second faster. New body design. I think it looks better. Love the changes Porsche has done to the "new 911’s" (2016-2017) in the rear.

    And maybe the "new" 2016 911 Carrera S with "sport pipes".

  26. One of my favorite Porsches! I even have a 1/43 scale model of the 991 Turbo S in white bought from a Porsche showroom. That was my first buy of this year!

  27. hello – which of the two GT3 or Turbo S would you chose , and why ? ..and type driving or uses you’d favor – 
    also please continue , you started to say something about the sounds system – is it worth the difference – or would you rather prefer to be intoxicated by the sound of the engine .. "GT3 example 

    thanks always very good -useful reviews 

  28. Another great review. First class really. Oh, and your English is perfect.

  29. Oh,yes.. Sorry to bother you 🙂 but what is xour opinion about carrera gts cabrio? I know that coupe is great piece, at least to me.

  30. I think this is easily my favourite sports car.
    Equally fast as the italians in the real world, none of the flashy stance and elegant looks, very good practicality and comfort for this kind of automobile and all weather usability. 

    Thinking man’s supercar.

  31. Normalerweise würde es für mich für keinen 200.000€ Sportwagen geben, der besser wäre. Der 991 Turbo S ist meiner Meinung nach absolut perfekt in jeder Hinsicht. Er ist dezent und gleichzeitig eindrucksvoll, er verbindet unfassbare Beschleunigungswerte, die einem 458 Speciale nahe kommen, mit einer einwandfreien Alltagstauglichkeit und ist einer der zeitlosesten Sportwagen, die man kaufen kann…….. Wäre da nur nicht dieser Sound. Natürlich, wenn dieses Ding vorbei rauscht, denkt man, es wäre ein Flugzeug. Die Turbos rauschen als gäbe es keinen Morgen, wie ich ein mal Samstag Nachts am Kudamm feststellen durfte. Aber wenn man einen SLS AMG, einen Vanquish oder Lamborghini Gallardo LP550/60/70 hört, merkt man schon, dass er sound-technisch absolut keine Chance hat. Kann man natürlich auch positiv sehen – stilvoll und nicht protzig. Aber wenn ich ein so unfassbar schnelles Auto fahre, möchte ich doch eigentlich auch, dass das Fahrerlebnis durch einen beeindruckenden Sound untermalt wird.. Wobei, wenn man so viel Geld hat, dann kann man sich nebenbei auch noch eine Corvette C1 als Cabrio kaufen & darin den Sound genießen. 🙂

  32. Hey, Gudio 😀 What do you think about turbo S cabrio ? Or 991 cabrios in general ?

    And also about "only" turbo (without S 😀 )

  33. How is the room in this? Do you think there is enough headroom and space for someone 6’7 or 6’8?

  34. Hallo Getawayer, I just enjoyed watching your video of the 991, 911 Turbo S. This is truly an amazing car. I currently have a twin turbo C5 Corvette Z06. After renting a 991, 911 Turbo S I know now what some people have been telling me for years. The Vette is a Great car but the 991 turbo s is phenomenal. I want this car bad. I only wish I could have owned one when I was stationed in Germany near Nurnburg or closer to Amberg. This car would have been a joy blazing down A6. I have a question for you Sir. I am really wanting to buy this car here in Los Angeles. I am however very curious as to two things maybe you can help me with. No.1, Have you seen any reading material of long term expert and customers reviews of this car? You know kind of a long term wrap up of problem and maintenance after having the car a while. 6 months to a year. No.2, Do you have any idea as to why I see so many of used 991 Turbo S for sale? With low miles/kph too. Too much money to trade so soon. Danke, Donald.

  35. exhaust, intake, chip tune and you have 800 hp and leave anything behind you. Can still drive it everyday. Perfect car imo.

  36. 8 minutes? Pah not with the Getawayer! Let’s do 12 MINUTES! In your face!!

  37. strong, but controlable, not a too much brute. fast and smooth. good job Porsche!

  38. Turbo S or GT3 , it depends whether porsche would let me have it just the way I want

  39. All your videos are very interesting! I had a question I was hoping you could help me with. My parents own a 2014 911 Carrera 4S Automatic, and it’s a great car, but the question is, how does it compare to the Turbo/Turbo S and the GT3?

  40. Man your full of passion and I respect your reviews a lot. Thumbs up to the max

  41. Great review, have you done a review on the new 2013 boxter?

  42. Turbo S or GT3? My head hurts. You ended with a most wise comment tho – why not have a manual Carrera 4S? Most of the performance for 95% of the time that you’re driving. Yes please.

  43. Really enjoy your reviews!  Another great one here.

  44. Awesome car

  45. Dieser dünne Sound ist einfach lächerlich für solch ein Auto, da klingt ja sogar der Cayman GTS kerniger…wäre für mich nie eine Alternative zum SLS AMG, auch wenn dieser auf der Rennstrecke schneller ist…der SLS ist einfach viel exklusiver/edler und hat einen kraftvollen überzeugenden Klang….

  46. I own a 2015.5 GT3. Had the car 10 months and only put 2500 miles on it because it is so demanding to drive–even getting out of my garages and driveway have to use the front lift botton. I’m swapping the GT3 out for a Turbo (not S), because I want a more useable daily driver. The GT3 is so quick it hits 125 mph on simple public roads, with no comfort. Gone is the racer boy, back is the daily driver.

    The turbo is so functional as a daily driver. You can hold a hot beverage in one h and and drive with the other.

  47. I liked how your review touches on the overall feeling and the real world usability.After driving all 911 variants post 2003 with exception of the 2014 GT3 and the 50th anniversary, the 2014  911 Turbo S is a crowning achievement in its ability to blend  supercar  performance and luxury   with stability, usability  and safety .Any decent driver can drive and safely  enjoy the fruits of this car if they are lucky enough to have the opportunity.They would be able to push their limits way before the  turboS car reaches its limit.I would not recommend the same if it was any GT2 or prior model GT3

  48. Review the new Viper ! Please 🙂

    I recently bought one, and really like your reviews. I just wonder what you think about the Viper.

  49. The only question about this car is, what colour do I get?!?!

  50. I love the way Germans say Porsche – it sounds almost sexual.

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