2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S battles R35 GTR’s on the street

We had a brand new 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S come out and play with some of the GTR’s. Unfortunately we don’t have a factory stock GTR that this Porsche could race, however, he wanted to go at it anyway! If you guys liked the wrap job on the blue Billet Design GTR, please go check out our friends at http://sullysdetailingsupply.com/ for excellent quality and service for your next wrap job!!

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  1. Love that gtr interior but I’d have the Porsche!!!

  2. This is why GTR #1

  3. stoke vs stoke ,,, porsche anice car

  4. Why the porsche so slow off the line. He must not be using the launch control because those 991 911 turbos are nasty off the line an will hand a GTR its ass. Although GTRs got work, porsche man could do better

  5. Nissan gt-r pick up fast white extra power

  6. Wow, lot of GT-R haters. Not surprised because there’s a Porsche in the title. Sad part is, the Turbo S still cost more than these upgraded GTR’s by a long shot. People can’t accept that a Nissan, that goes through the same assembly line as an Altima spanks cars from the most prestigious car makes the world has to offer. Not saying Turbo S isn’t a beast, I’m just saying, realize the price difference and the stereotypical "ego" expected from each car brands. All of the people that dislike the GT-R have to realize the new breed of super car it offers the world and for all of the haters to even mention the Nissan in their comments prove that Godzilla is a real force to be reckoned with.

  7. well we know what the stock outcome will be

  8. The great pleasure to drive a Porsche is incredible…there is no comparison with a Japanise plastic car…Porsche is a Porsche, that’s it.

  9. Seeing how it performs factory spec, That 911 will do extremely well when they start playing with it

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  11. well whatever man. There’s 2 vids I posted of both cars. I can’t say no more here regarding my initial statement . Stay classy

  12. Again. when you drag you need to switch drivers so it’s not about the driver’s skill but the CARS!! 🙂 

  13. Why do fools shut down when the other cars coming up their azz? So they can still say they won. . Obviously the other cars faster. Guess its an ego thing

  14. What was the point of making fake races? You can clearly see that the Porsche is not being reved up…

  15. anytime that pathetic gtr wins,its definitely a modded to the teeth version.


  17. porsche was sleeping after the frist race.. first race was an even start for both cars, porsche won.

  18. Je vois pas l’intérêt de mettre une porsche turbo s de base contre une gtr modifier. À part montrer que la gtr est périmé maintenant..

  19. brand new 911 s is detuned to 500hp from the factory for the first 1500 miles….gtr is a joke ….Porsche is the king of street …all the people bitching gonna be people that cant afford it…stick to your serial box toy gtr ahahhahahaha German performance 4 ever

  20. lol its stupid porsche stock  vs gtr tunned   stock vs stock porsche win

  21. Poor Porsche. .

  22. Gtr still wins

  23. with the gtrs bolt ons it had better win against a stock 911 and a guy that falls asleep at the launch. No this wasn’t a biased race…pssh… FAIL..and one sided.

  24. Its all about the driving. sure they both if not most super sports car will go very fast and give you whiplash. but when it comes to just comfort for touring, Porsche is the best. I would rather drive around Australia in a Porsche than a R35 GTR.
    Sure GTR is fun for a few hours

  25. The only way GTRs beat porsche, is by getting tuned.. No stock gtr will run away from a stock turbo…

  26. fuck porsche diver

  27. The sound of the GTR THO

  28. that porsche is fucking ugly, my kawasaki H2R gonna beat that ugly piece of shit porsche!!! hahha

  29. עמוד מעריצים מעיין חן מעיין חן

    Gtr is not stock… Fuak the gtr

  30. What the hell is the point of racing a modified car against a stock car???

  31. tell that porsche owner to go learn how to drive he couldnt even get one jump right

  32. stock turbo s 560hp barely been outrun by 700hp gt-r. Porsche.

  33. The 911 shouldn’t feel bad, Because it’s stock. Next time have a race with evenly matched cars to make your video more interesting.

  34. Man these automatic cars are boring,, 911 driver was waiting for a green light I guess..horrible starts

  35. love the gtr, but it look so boring to drive…even when he was using the paddles to shift it still look boring..love both cars!

  36. It was a stock Porsche against a modified GTR.  That isn’t even remotely a competition

  37. I’m confused, why did the stock rwd Porsche give the awd modified godzillas the hit?!!

  38. the turbo driver is a good sport for racing anyway dispite the gtrs mods. Thumbs up.

  39.  This is not really a fair race but I still believe that a stock 2014 Porsche S can’t beat a stock 2014 GTR. It can definitely beat an older GTR like 09-10 but not the newer ones there is a significant difference specially  with the new Nismo GTR. 

  40. FYI the Porsche is now modified, it has intake / exhaust / tune.. rematch video coming soon…. 

  41. wonderful blue

  42. no vale nada este video solo demuestra que tienes que trucar un nissan gtr para poder ganar a un 911 turbo s los gtr no van mal pero no tienen nada que hacer en contra de un 911 turbo s estan a otro nivel 

  43. Love the GTR
    1:33 red door trim looks like inside of a coffin

  44. is gt2 rs quicker the a turbo s?

  45. Hahaha bull shit

  46. driver of the porsche is a woman!!

  47. Stock porsche… Try with the techart porsche..! And have only 620hp.

  48. Let them race from a dig 30 times in a row. GTR loses 27 due to launch control only work a few consecutive times before it goes into limp mode! Haha

  49. I wanna see this 911 turbo s vs a 2013 or 2014 GTR. That gtr is a modded 2009-10 gtr. Not a good comparison so this shhhhhh is lame!

  50. Only video I’ve ever seen where a GTR beats a 991 Turbo S. Must be tuned up or the 911 driver must suck at driving. Just go watch any other video the 911 always wins.

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