2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S: The All-Season, All-Road, All-Anything Sports Car! – Ignition Ep. 83

This week on Ignition, Carlos Lago heads to Germany to sample the newest variant of the 911: The Turbo S. Boasting 560 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque (553 lb-ft with overboost) from its twin-turbo flat-six, the Turbo offers supercar performance, while its all-wheel drive system and a slew of adaptive features, like aerodynamics, dampers, and anti-roll bars, make it comfortable on the road. This makes the Turbo S just your everyday cruiser, whether your commute is the Autobahn or the Nürburgring — or both.

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  1. Okay, I just noticed something very interesting. This Porsche has the same engine as the all new 2014 Audi RS7. Wow!

  2. i say all the words i know

  3. You think this is fast? Wait till the GT2 RS comes out. The GTR will have to hand over its balls.

  4. Gorgeous car

  5. why reeeeeed!? looks terrible on it

  6. Great sportscar! ..Best in the world

  7. German Engineering at its best!

  8. I just can’t come up with something better besides maybe the veyron stuff, or Mclaren that costs so much more.

  9. I love the way this car looks but it just doesn’t sound good.

  10. such a beautiful vehicle

  11. Ha ha, the C7 Z06 is gonna shit all over this!

  12. I wonder how many people who buy these sorts of cars can genuinely put them through their paces on a track? I went out with a friend a few weeks back in a Gen 7 Celica (hardly the pinnacle of automotive tech!) and was utterly terrified the way he (very expertly) hustled it round the twisties. How much money do you need to spend to enjoy (especially on the public road) the thrill and skill of driving? I love these mega cars but it’s still a question which comes to mind. To get the same intensity from a mega car you absolutely have to be traveling at insane speeds.

  13. Great car none-the-less.

  14. This guy could try to sound a bit more enthusiastic about what he’s doing.. At least for the viewers. Sounds like he’s only doing the review for the pay check with no passion involved.

  15. i love this new 911 turbo s. its a perfect car to have..unfortunately i could not afford one of this..only in my dream.

  16. if looks could kill….i’d throw myself in front of a turbo s

  17. still waiting for a proper test of the new turbo s !

  18. since I was a teenager Porsche has always captivated me. I am a huge American muscle fan but Porsche is the car company i respect the most. even though they focus so much on mid boggling advanced engineering their cars are a hoot to drive. the 911 has always been one of my favorite cars ever especially the gt3 and turbo models.

  19. what a shitty review or whatever it is … I had to stop listening it after a few seconds,reviewer dont know anything about Porsche

  20. My. STI would shit on this…

  21. Walter Röhrl is a legend <3 And the car is stunning!

  22. Here is the trickiest part. When you’re steering, you’re losing part of straight line grip from the tyre. On a race track, most AWD car would split 80-98% power to the rear tyrs by the system. At Nurburgring, there’s many corners that doesn’t need to brake through, you can turn through a corner while flooring the gas paddle. At that time when you steering the rear tyre, the 2% front 98% rear power transfer’ll create real understeering for the Porsche during power lap . I think Turbo S’s all wheel steering may help create good lap times in tight and twisty tracks, not Nurburgring. However, that’s my thought. will see what’s gonna happen.

  23. Turn up the volume!! 🙂

  24. God willing, my next car will be the 911 GT3.  

  25. Whats the best modern 911 model?

  26. Love the 911 Turbo. Looks awesome

  27. beauty !

  28. Drove one, scary fast

  29. OUTSTANDING CAR! I might buy one

  30. but why red geez

  31. why do they call the 911, 991?

  32. That turbo s is very back heavy lol wow how the hell do they manage balance it’s amazing

  33. Future classic

  34. Walter Röhrl, the best "overall"-driver this world has ever seen !!

  35. porches aren’t meant to be red, leave that color with ferraris

  36. Porsche Turbo S vs Nismo GTR vs Z06 (aut) OR VIPER TA    German vs Japan vs USA could be a good comparison

  37. Made in Germany. Fuck yeah!

  38. Nice ….Sub and follow twitter : @jdubb813

  39. where is the beard says "this is the manliest thing i’ve done?

  40. Unimaginative, looks the same to the untrained eye, and just upgraded power with minor innovation around the car

  41. Dat whistle….

  42. superb engineering.

  43. Damn, he could drive with W. Röhrl!

  44. Porsche sets the benchmark for all.

  45. That gt2 is very back heavy lol wow how hell do they manage balance it’s amazing

  46. When is the GT2 gonna show up?

  47. My future daily driver, i want mine black please

  48. Want to see this do the normal Ignition testing and driving paces…

  49. Carlos is one of my more favourite auto reviewers I feel. Gives more technical information and often delves deeper into the inner workings of special features of a car like this. Good stuff sir!

  50. this car is shit, you don’t want it, give it to me.

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