2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S – WR TV POV Test Drive

This week we filmed the M1 Concourse 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S project vehicle. If you haven’t heard of the M1 Car Condominium Complex in Pontiac, Michigan, see their website www.m1concourse.com or this video on the project: http://youtu.be/h5QKfkP1eOs

The 911 Turbo is is one of the fastest road-going vehicles on sale today. Cranking out 560 horsepower and 553lb-ft of torque with its biturbocharged 3.8-liter flat six engine, the Turbo S is capable of 0-60mph in a neck-snapping 2.8 seconds on its way to a top speed of 198 miles per hour.

The Turbo S also features an all wheel drive drivetrain and a seven speed dual clutch transmission, all of which makes for one quick little number.


For the best video experience, we encourage you to wear headphones or earbuds. The audio in this video was recorded with in-ear binaural microphones. Because these microphones record sound from inside the ear, playing the sound through headphones gives the sensation of 3D sound. All of this translates to a very realistic listening experience.

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  1. this is very ugly vw bettle omfg …craap

  2. Why so plentiful noise?

  3. those dual clutch shifts are wild.

  4. encostou bonito na segunda rs 1:44 2:20 rs

  5. honestly i think that car would be even better with a manual gearshifter 😉

  6. dream car

  7. loving the sound of that instant gear change thanks to its pdk gear box 😀

  8. Almost best car in the world*

    *The best car in the world IMO is the GT3.

  9. Nice car. But with that car that time can be much better. Why? Because there’s no manicure woman on a driver’s place. Thats why.

  10. Have you swapped it the new one yet? must be annoying knowing there’s now a fast version.

  11. Am I alone in saying that I get chills down my spine, sweaty palms and a rock hard hog every time I see one of these cars in action

  12. Great video but you need to improve your dealing with the gearbox. Makes me feel really sorry for the car. You use to shift down to early amongs others. Just let the gearbox do it on it’s own and pay attention on it. If you make a full throthle it will change anyway to the smallest posible gear. Would be also interesting watching its smart- high tech behavior. Would also be nice to use the different setting modes it comes with. Cheers

  13. 졸라 답답하게 운전하네..
    직빨로 쏠라면 쭉좀 제대로 쏘지 깔짝대긴 으휴 뭔 조루냐?ㅋ

  14. That’s driving? u may as well be driving a ford fiesta if your gonna drive like that lil bitch

  15. he never see 5 on 4k- 6k 😡

  16. Beautiful car.

  17. The best car in the world

  18. very good.

  19. this guy sucks at driving, this is pathetic

  20. drive the bugatti veyron man

  21. You know what would be awesome? If this were made to watch on Google Cardboard.

  22. this car has a lot of torque and power in it. this must be porsche’s supercar!

  23. Best Part: Everything from 1:15 onwards.

  24. parabéns pelos videos cara 👏

  25. yawn…

  26. Its been a year since you posted, is the gearbox still alive? It wouldn’t last a year with those undershifts

  27. Amazing car. These accelerate so quickly, it hurts your chest. Im ruined for any other "fast" car.

  28. you lucky somomabitch! My dream car man. This and the Mercedes s63 amg.

  29. That is one responsive tach needle.

  30. i’m using this video to help with my positive visualization that i will one day own one of these

  31. omg the stopping force of those brakes is close to that of a tree

  32. Proper car; I do hope Porsche stays on its current route rather than the hideous computerised, un-involving one that Nissan, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and so many more are going down. It really does look insanely fast and well balanced.

  33. omg this sound is just beautiful 🙂

  34. Je reconnais l’alsphate du Québec!

  35. PDK?…. Vid skipped!!

  36. Is there a smart car or regular ignition start??

  37. Excelent video, no chitty chatty, no bullshit. Only the (almost) real experience. Cheers

  38. 7:24 is my favorite part

  39. So basically an enclosed crotch rocket on four wheels. Heil, Deutschland.

  40. Gear shift is godly fast

  41. 😍😍😍

  42. Love that car. Perfection (I’d get the interior in espresso, though).

    I saw a Ferrari today, parked like an a-hole, of course. It looked like a Corvette with a body kit. I’d take any 991 911 over that thing.

  43. wow. just wow. this thing is a machine!

  44. 1:35 that launch!

  45. is this AWD?

  46. The only supercar you could drive everyday comfortably.

  47. All that stupid dynamic upshifting and downshifting CANNOT be good for the transmission

    That’s why I always say buying a USED sports car is REALLY risky because you got fools like this over LOADING the car. By the time YOU buy one its only got 50k miles on it but the car is basically dead.

    Buy sports cars NEW
    But sedans USED

  48. These shifters are called what now?

  49. want.

  50. In which State (or region) is this filmed? The nature looks so beautiful (and the Porsche too)!
    Are most of your videos filmed in this part of the USA?

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