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  1. I’m liking these new reviews with grades and stuff, they’re just too short. Matt, your beard is downright creepy. 

  2. I like the groove of the background music  track. Who is the artist? 

  3. I’ve had a Cayenne Diesel for 6 months now, I think this review really overlooked the sheer beauty of such a well balanced car. The performance and engineering of a Porsche, combined with the utility and space of a truck, and finally (perhaps most impressively) incredible range and efficiency particularly on long trips. This is the vehicle you would want in a zombie apocalypse. My two cars prior to this were V8s (Mercedes ML550, BMW 545i), I initially was looking at the Cayenne S but was somewhat underwhelmed by the performance as the ML550 would quite dramatically throw you back in your seat when you put the hammer down from a standstill. I decided to give the diesel a try and was blown away. The best way to describe the performance is zippy. It’s quick around town (extra zippy in sport mode), passing other cars, etc.. the only thing you don’t get is the seat slamming off the line acceleration I had on my ML550, but how often did I really do that anyway. The ML550 cost $150 to fill up and would get about 450km out of a tank, the Cayenne costs about $130 to fill and gets anywhere from 850-1200kms from a tank (I live in Toronto, Canada). It really is an incredible all around car, I can’t really imagine anything else on the market that really compares to the complete package that is the Porsche Cayenne Diesel.

  4. Best looking SUV out there.

  5. Life is not about looking for sense and points. And VW is not a Porsche. Just as Porsche is not a Maserati.

  6. Hi, am looking to buy this car with the diesel engine. Can any one who own this car please tell me

    1)what is the fuel economy like,specially in city with lots of traffic?(I know the mpg was stated for this car BUT they are not accurate in real driving(

    2) what are the engine and road noise like?  is it very noisy in the inside when driving on highway with rough surface?

    Many Thanks!!!

  7. Drive a Touareg back to back with a Cayenne to see where the $20k difference comes from.  The Touareg interior feels low rent compared to the Cayenne, which feels like you’re riding in the Millennium Falcon.

  8. How is this so cheap in America :O in Ireland this car is STARTING OFF at about €100,000 which is about $140,000 . . .

  9. i watch these not because i care but because i love matt farah

  10. I almost watched this video just because Matt did it, almost.

  11. This is a Shit review !!!

  12. damping not dampening, you are not changing how wet the suspension is.

  13. What Porsche is doing is bullshit. Pandering to the bourgeois green movement. But to see a tattoo clad bikie driving it is even more incongruous.
    Unless you include an emotional component into your segments, they’re pointless.

  14. I’m sorry, only americans and upstart (or superficial) people look at those humongous monstrosities like the X5, Touareg and Cayenne and see cars. the rest of us see them for what they are. Excessive is the word you’re looking for. 

    P.S. Had to watch almost the entire clip to realize what this guy meant by "Toreg"…

  15. cool.

  16. Why does it have a poor "Ride" rating of 2 and "Grip" of 3 ?

  17. Matt is one of the few Car Journalists that has respect amongst real car guys, and isn’t British.

  18. you forgot to compare it with range rover……

  19. Porsche made tanks during WW II (well, they tried), an SUV doesn’t seem that weird.

  20. Matt, I love ya, but that thing on your chin needs to go my man.

  21. Diesel S is another story, just not in North America

  22. I don’t care how fast or expensive this thing is.  It’s still ugly as sin.

  23. With just a chip or tune the power goes through the roof, the engine is very restricted from factory.
    Cayenne has way higher resale value than all of the others.

  24. So basically if I see someone driving one I should assume they are a complete tool D-bag. And why is your seat belt all twisted up Matt?

  25. I really like this car but (and there is a big but) I’m a Die Hard Porsche fan soo I need the 4.8 V8 with 507( The old Cayenne ) but I would go for the Panamera Im amazed how awesome that car looks and since I sat In a Panamera Turbo Im addicted to everything BiTurbo V8 leather wood and power everything

  26. Good quality show. Thanks. Only improvement would be to put Alex Roy in the back seat in a hat and glasses.

  27. he called it a "truck"

  28. The most honest video.

  29. C’mon man. At the very least put your seatbelt on right, you’re supposed to be a professional car reviewer!

  30. i love matt farahs reviews, he’s honest and gives everything too you straight. he’s better than some european journalists

  31. good review. concise and relevant.

  32. diesel costs much less in germany so the more you drive the cheaper gets the car. anyway its a dream and unreachable car for me and ye Im diesel fan.

  33. Just fyi Matt: The ’14 X5 has an optional third row.

  34. An almost perfect car ?

  35. Love matt’s reviews, gets straight to the point and the video doesnt feel like its dragging along, more of matt

  36. what should i get: bmw 528i, porsche cayenne

  37. Matt, Great review!  I’ve read some of the other comments posted and I think your style of review is excellent.. You tell us your expert/industry/personal opinion(s) about the car and the it’s competition in and around the segment..  I agree that the Touareg is a much better value for 20plus grand less.. minus the air susp., nicer paint & badge and a few other niceties..  

  38. dude, fix the seatbelt, please!

  39. What about the 2014 grand Cherokee diesel with the 3.0l vm engine mated to the zf 8speed?

  40. well…that was a little upsetting lol

  41. could he change his shirt so it isn’t obvious that all of these shitty "reviews" were recorded the same day?

  42. go back to the smoking tire and please bring back chris

  43. don’t forget the range rover sport tdv6 tasty!

  44. The Cayenne offers off-road capability that none of the competition offer here in the States. In the rest of the world you can get them with off-road equipment, but not here, here you’d need a Range Rover to compete off-road and then LR don’t offer the RR in a diesel here. If you never set foot on anything other than a dirt road at worst, then maybe an X5 would do, but I like to hit the mountains now and then to camp out and want to know I can probably get out if a storm blows in. Also, you can load the Cayenne diesel up with lots of luxury beyond the competition and I can tell you personally that the MSRP can climb over $115K, but for that you aren’t compromising.

  45. What coombsfh said, "The whale-song music matches the car perfectly…"

    You guys do good car reviews, and good advise…

    I’m going to check out the BMW, but I wrote off the Audi and the Toureg.

    The Toureg has the most plain, ugly, bland, boringest interior in the world! The interior trim in the Toureg is so Wonder Bread that a person is in danger of falling asleep while driving just because s/he is forced to look at the most, NON thought out dashboard ever made!

    The 20k extra for the Porsche and all of it’s buttons is worth it; just think of it as $900 per button….

  46. Not for nothing but a regular jeep can give you a good ride and cost you like 30k.. The purpose of buying an expensive jeep is to ride the brand in luxury. So to say the bmw x5 is a better value than a Porche your crazy…


  48. Why is there no overall score, like in the both newer reviews?

  49. Are all the button free though ?

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