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  1. Nice job as always.

  2. beautiful car, ugly rims

  3. Bad cup holders?? If it were down to me they would be banned. Should be concentrating on driving not drinking. 2+2?? It’s a 4 seater. Soccer run seriously? Think you miss the point. And comparing a Porsche to a pickup?!

  4. good review and great luxury. Do you have a video on the 2015/6 models and always show the keys. Oh, and I’ll like to see the different colors available.

  5. Car makers please m ake a 3 seater. With the xtra room for entertainment and fridge.

  6. Thank you for your honesty great video

  7. Where is Lacey?

  8. So many Porsches in Vancouver area ! People are rich !

  9. 2014

  10. fantastic review for a fantastic car!!

  11. great review zack but I have a question if it’s your money which car will u pick the new f type or slk 55 amg or boxer or the new corvette

  12. thanks budy. hello from Brazil

  13. Hello Zack. Since you briefly mentioned the Cayenne in this video, I thought this might be the place for a question. I’m currently looking into the Porsche Cayenne, and I was wondering which model you think is the best buy price/performance wise. In Belgium, the Turbo starts at €127.171, while the GTS starts at €94.985. In your opinion, is it worth the extra 30 grand? It would be intended to use on a day to day basis. Thanks in advance for your time and effort. I enjoy your videos, keep the good stuff up!

  14. The Mountain Scenery is beautiful, can anyone tell me where it is?

  15. good review

  16. Panamera 4s? What’s next, the 5c?

  17. just dont make more than 2 kids, problem solved

  18. Zack, great review. Most concise and dead on for the essence of this car. I just had a service loaner from my dealer and had the same impression – a car that is an absolute joy to drive in whatever context. The price makes "normal people" like myself scratch my head even as i swoon over the car.  I wondered if an M3 could get close to what this car offers at 1/2 the cost. 

  19. Well done good Sir.

  20. Great review Zack as always

  21. Flavors?

  22. Compare to S550? This is closer to a Maxima than a S Class. Not even in the same ballpark as an S-Class.

  23. Bloody Canada!  I spent more time looking at the scenery behind the car than I did at the car!  

  24. The wheels on ours also skipped with summer tires in cooler weather. I swapped out to all season tires and the skipping disappeared.

  25. Zack, this was a great review as usual, but *please* consider adding metric measurements, at least on screen. For example, Kw and Nm for HP, and lb/ft. Thanks!

  26. UGLY AS HELL!!!!!!

  27. I have the turbo one

  28. tricky to parallel park? oh. come on!

  29. Kind of sad that Porsche has to do the catch-up, that they are stuck in the old gasoline school… Tesla has strongly taken the 21. Century lead….   ( Apple ate Nokia´s lunch… Tesla will most likely eat Porsche´s lunch….!?!)

  30. first

  31. As nice as the Porsche Panamera is, it still looks pretty ugly from the rear (an unusual mix of a 4-door sedan, coupe and a hatchback).  In my opinion, a car that is at least as good in terms of performance & luxury…but with far better looks…is the 2014 Audi S8.

    The S8 has a 4.0 liter 8 cylinder 520 hp twin turbo engine with a cylinder deactivation feature (during idle and highway cruising) to enhance fuel economy. 

    I test drove (extensively) both the Porsche Panamera Turbo and Audi S8.  Both machines are impeccable around town and on the highway, and absolutely FANTASTIC when pushed to the limit on the open road.  And in terms of comfort, luxury and overall driving experience, both cars are beyond reproach.  So, the final tie-breaker is overall appearance and esthetic appeal.  The Audi S8, with its classic, understated elegance, wins hands down on that point.

  32. But it’s automatic

  33. GOD DAMMIT…LUXURY CARS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FOR FAMILIES, if you have a family you need a regular mini van because the rest of the money saved would need to go to food etc. LUXURY CARS ARE FOR PEOPLE WITH NO KIDS.

  34. Ahh I always wondered what that "binding/lock up" feeling was with the wheels. We’ve had two cayennes and it bothered me so much. Couldn’t make a normal turn sometimes without feeling it. Thanks for the clarification. It’s so strange but at least there’s an explanation for it.

  35. I enjoy your approach to vehicle review. Great car too

  36. Only one quibble with the review: we are not yet on the metric system. It would have been nice if you’d added "that’s just about 5.9 inches" when you informed us the car’s wheelbase had been lengthened 15 centimeters. After all, you did tell us that the car had been designed to accommodate a 6′ 4" person instead of someone standing 193.04 cm. Saves old farts like me from having to go through the conversion process.

  37. Hey Zack, what would you choose panamera turbo or M5?

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