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  1. Wow beautiful

  2. Wow…that interior looked amazing. I want…

  3. Totally respect the porsche, but damn is that thing UGLY!! would much rather have The CLS 65, or The Audi Quattro s7 for that price, those are some sexy pieces of machinery!

  4. Does this car pays attention?? Please answer if you know XD

  5. too bad you can get adaptive cruise control on a $45k infiniti…and a 150k Porsche needs a $3k option to add it…haha

  6. It looks beautiful and that’s my opinion

  7. The GTS is a beast. 

    The perfect commuting / track car combo.

  8. Why buy the GTS over the base Panamera?

  9. Musto with a must have. 😀

  10. Good car, certainly altough ugly and i would never buy one even if i had the money. It’s certainly not a "must have"…

  11. Very nice review Mike.

  12. 0:30 
    I CALL BULLS**T! Look at all those buttons!

  13. 2:44 watch out for that Ford Flex it must be fast if it has racing stripes

  14. Fun fact: the top model of the panamera (panamera turbo s) is as fast as the ford gt and the "old" lamborghini gallardo on the nuerburgring nordschleife (7 minutes and 52 seconds).

  15. What’s with the striped Ford Flex @2:44?

  16. Anyone else think Mike sounds a lot like Carlos from MT? It seems like he’s enunciating the same as Carlos to me..

  17. How can this be SO boring when CHRIS HARRIS is SO interesting?

  18. Q lindos carros

  19. This looks like PV Drive East. I take my Targa and bikes there as well.

  20. Still waiting for more Big Muscle…

  21. The purple interior looks like something out of a 1970s love lounge.  But selecting it is a great way to prove that you don’t care what other people think.

  22. My mom has this car best car ever

  23. wtf is up with the bucket seats in the back…


  25. Great review

  26. I like the music tbh….the car is no doubt a must have but here in Scandinavia it is over 200+k $ (base)….

  27. Don’t get me wrong I love Porsche’s. But Hahaaaaa 130 g’s on a car that looks like a fat chicks top lip, hell no

  28. EVERYTHING  about the panamera is great, but it looks so dman ugly. Its not a masterpiece to design a good looking super-coupe, i mean look at Aston Martin Rapide, mercedes CLS, BMW 6 Coupe, even the Passat CC its prettier than this womit shell

  29. My absolute favorite automobile on the road today. If I had the mula I would not think twice about buying this car. After looking at this video review my heart is even heavier because it makes me want one more and more LOL. But i can still appreciate and adore it from a far.. Father God pleeeeaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Do not buy this in Chicago because someone will intentionally hurt you

  31. After the 911 GT1, the Panamera GTS is my favorite.  Just about the most perfect sports sedan made.

  32. The only thing wrong with the Panamera GTS is that there’s an Audi S8 out there (with better looks, to boot)  just waiting top take over the lion pride!     

  33. It sounds cliche but I’ll still say it……. UGLY

  34. one of the best cars ever,you have cruiser with 911 performance

  35. Nice review. I was lucky enough to drive one of these and they are indeed very very nice. The fit an finish is superb!

  36. Loving these 5-minute micro reviews! Short, sweet, to the point, everything we want to know and excluding the things we already do know.

    Perfect. Keep up the great work /DRIVE.

  37. I mean hit you, I’m done

  38. You guys should do more reviews like this !

  39. I wish car companies would offer larger shoulder bolsters on the bucket seats. mike is saying he is comfy. but the edge of the seats are digging into his shoulders. jeremy clarkson says same thing about porches. and they are both + 6 foot. so am i 

  40. "this is a back to basics Porsche, its front engined"  what are you talking about?

    If you are gonna buy the Panamera, the GTS is the one to get though, awesome car

  41. Noise should be 5! What’s with this bullshit! It sounds awesome. Some of the best noises in the business.

  42. Wow, this was pure marketing for this car. Paid marketing, shilling, whatever. Thought I would check out this /DRIVE channel because it could’ve been interesting. I was wrong, it’s just marketing, it was like watching some Porsche dealer try to convince me to buy their car.

  43. Woa. I am used to see Mr. Musto  behind the wheel of 400+ci old american, but this… Anyways, great job! Keep on gettin better and better 

  44. RS7 please!!!

  45. 2 things… 1) YAY MUSTO!!!!!! and 2) turn on CC…. it’s funny 😛

  46. Great review

  47. This is pure auto amazing

  48. Thanks for adding tire smoking burnout machine which is what I want. I am old btw

  49. That’s very true, but nothing in Infiniti’s line up can come close to the panamera’s performance or fit and finish, except for maybe that concept Q car but that’s just a concept. It literally does not make any sense how well the panamera handles (4wd or rwd) and when you look at the turbo model the power is even more ridiculous. You gotta pay to play.

  50. This car is great in many ways but, unfortunately, it is also FUGLY imo. Great review from Mike.

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