2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Review

For 2014 Porsche introduces a plug-in hybrid model that can run on pure electric or hybrid. This full size luxury sedan has handling, efficiency and power. The Porsche Panamera is a full-size luxury sedan with seating for 4-passengers and a hatchback or lift gate design. This is one of the top luxury sedans on the market.

Competitors to the Porsche Panamera S are the Tesla Model S, Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes GLE, Mercedes, Mercedes GL, Mercedes G, BMW 5 Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW 6 Series, BMW X5, BMW i8, BMW i3, Audi A6, Audi A7, Audi A8, Audi Q5, Audi Q6, Audi Q7, Audi E-tron, Audi electric SUV, Volvo XC60, Volvo XC90, Lexus LS450h, Lexus GS, Lexus LX, Infiniti Q70, Infiniti QX70, Acura RL, Acura RLX, Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJ, Jaguar F-Pace, Jaguar XE, Cadillac CTS, Cadillac ELR, cadillac CT6, Genesis, Aston Martin, Porsche Panamera, Lincoln MKS, Lincoln MKC, Lincoln MKZ, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover.

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Zack Spencer
Zach Spencer
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  1. What a joke, no quick charger for that price? What a joke. 20 km for that price,or 400 km for a tesla model s. The choice is clear.

  2. 9.3 isn’t a lot of MPG 30 or so, but the torque is there to move the Beast along Canada’s Highways. $120K I don’t think the Wife would let me even though she is 110% for Green Technology. Prius C anyone :'( ?

  3. so many buttons 

  4. what   do  you  mean  by  short wheel  base  ??????? (0:23)

  5. No thanks Porsche. I’ll drive my S4 and pay for the gas. Too soon for these costly vehicles. Nice review Zack.

  6. god!! you review panamera like 800 times

  7. +minnie saab it comes in a long wheelbase as well: "Executive" 

  8. Nice review – very well done

  9. This is a joke mileage for that price. Tesla it is then!

  10. Kind of sad that Porsche has to do the catch-up, that they are stuck in the old school… Tesla has strongly taken the 21. century lead….   ( Apple ate Nokia´s lunch… Tesla will most likely eat Porsche´s lunch….!?!)

  11. The EPA tests give better results for plugins.  They rate this Porsche hybrid at 16 miles pure electric range (versus ~40 for Volt).  In gasoline mode the car gets 29 MPG on the highway….. that’s worse than many V6 cars

  12. Panamera’s are ugly. Porsche needs to re-design this already.

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