2014 Porsche Panamera S

Check out our review of the 2014 Porsche Panamera S, made possible by the fine folks over at Porsche Cars North America.

For behind-the-scenes pics and info:

Music provided by SafeTRACKS.
Skript – From Dusk Till Dawn:

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  1. Very polished video..great camerawork!

  2. Love your vids. You’re one of the most enjoyable reviewers out there.

  3. My dad has this, so cool!

  4. Next time, use your own timer for 0-60 times (not standard quotes)

    This is currently one of the greatest sedans

  5. player

  6. The latino perspective on the Panamera: Prueba del Porsche Panamera S en Español – Combinación casi perfecta de lujo y rendimiento

  7. Great review! Did you have a chance to check out the Detroit Auto Show last month?

  8. I am sure you prefer this car over the Kia Sorrento 🙂

  9. Was this filmed at cranbrook?

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