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  1. $204,000+?, ouch! Impressive but I still can’t get past how ugly the rear is. I’d rather buy a 2013 5 series, 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 1997 911, a 2008 Lexus E350 and take an all inclusive down to the Mayan Riviera for a week – just sayin’. Great review!

  2. I value your opinions….they are true and honest.😇

  3. stupid guy

  4. The comment about South Africa and Brazil was stupid….try traveling to those countries first before you talk out of your ass.  

  5. Way too expensive and does not have all the bells and whistles. I would never give up my S for a Panamera. It is a cool car, a nice driving car, it is just not worth the money. If you buy any Cayenne or Panamera above a reasonably loaded S model, you are just wasting your money. At $200+K, buy a Bentley or S65, but really, a Bentley. 

  6. This guy expresses my sentiments on a lot of issues. ….Why can’t it be included? I don’t spend over $100K on a car & expect to have to piece together some sort of package. Nearly anything that comes on a car should be included on a car of this price. I surprised satnav is standard.

  7. The price that porsche is asking for this car is all but criminal. This car will depreciate faster than any other panamera, with likely little demand for it in the used market. What a waste of porsche ingenuity.

  8. I have the one the cost 200,000 turbo

  9. I am sure the executives that buy this would have a watch that costs double the msrp of the car.

  10. Fantastic review for a fantastic car no matter what model you choose!

  11. Cup holders….$10,000!!! Why is this not included?

  12. the panamera Is an awesome car and sport

  13. Turbo or no go.  Bottom line!! Forget the executive and if you can’t option a turbo get a mercedes s..and float through life.. simple!

  14. That’s not what he meant. He’s not trying to disrespect people from those countries he’s just using a possible example

  15. lovely car i would like to have one ( follow twitter :@jdubb813/@youngriderz813)

  16. Does the turbo has a sport exsause button??

  17. ugly

  18. Rest in peace paul walker

  19. who buys a porsche with a turbo badge and let other people drive it?!

  20. I see a problem if they want to sell this car to the Chinese.

    They are notoriously tough negotiators and quite thrifty so all the spec costing extra could be a real problem.

  21. Wait for the next gen.and skip this.

  22. I feel like u have reviewed too many of these.

    Hey is driving tv still on

  23. Slightly less expensive than a Flying Spur, if I remember the price correctly… so… well… not exactly my choice for 204k $ (IF I HAD, ahaha)
    (btw, I also prefer driving instead of being driven, so I would go for a totally different car, like a Ferrari FF, but we’re not here to discuss that).


  24. It looks like a submarine.

  25. So, only BraSil has bad guys? That sounded disrespectful for me. There is any sort of "mafias" everywhere. 

  26. It was just an example

  27. I just wondered, do just the Panamera executive got +15cm room? Or all Panameras from 2014??

  28. Give me the gts all day

  29. a stupid raciste guy

  30. butt ugly. period.


  32. Gts or panamera s thats enoughs for me

  33. Unsubscribed !
    Brazil? Very stupid rude stereotyping. I am not from Brazil but you just lost a subscriber because of your closed minded mentality

  34. Nice car thanx man

  35. Porsche is strarting to piss me off!

  36. Audi rs7 best four door

  37. Im getting one:)

  38. Excuse me did he just say South Africa? Talking about guys at 3:46 seconds. We are not as bad as some South American Countries that he mentioned. By the way I love this car.

  39. Full package I have

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