2014 Tesla and Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Review – HybridCars.com Review

This video goes along with a full article by HybridCars.com about the Tesla Model S P85 and Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid. The white Tesla is not the quickest P85+.

From article: “This is apple versus and orange. When someone other than Tesla produces a large all-electric sedan with similar range and performance, that will be the day a truly even comparison to the Model S can be drawn.”


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  1. Kudos to the whoever decided to add the drone video. It was an awesome perspective.

  2. Nice presentation.

  3. I have driven both vehicles and the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid delivers a superior build quality and provides an overall better driving experience. Comparative analyses are fairly subjective and beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. That said, I find the Panamera innovative, sleek, and well-thought ought. The Tesla, in my opinion, is fairly plain in design and centers entirely on its disproprtionate screen.

  4. +Matt Grayson   
    I’m not even going to try to proof otherwise to you.  All I have to say is your stupid and not for having a different opinion, but having a stupid opinion.  

  5. white Model S needs pano roof or black roof.

    but nonetheless the greatest car ever made, makes the panamera look ugly

  6. Mmmm i take the porsche but in turbo version =P

  7. nice to see Porsche is trying…just about.

    Tesla is king.

  8. Tesla S couldn’t complete a lap on the Car and Driver hot lap test. LOL It’s for slow drivers, not racers.

  9. Porsche chose to make their E-Hybrid model the ‘S’ to show a more performance based concept. 

    The economy is very good, yes, but the performance is on par with the standard ‘S’ model, with the added benefit and range of full electric motility. 

    In a straight line, the Tesla will beat the Panamera, especially in 85+ garb. But when the road gets twisty, then the Porsche will walk away as the far more satisfying driver’s car. But, typically, drivers are not buying the Tesla because it drives well – they buy it for status, and to be cutting edge. 

    Not to mention that with 650 miles of range with a full tank compared to the 270 in the Tesla, assuming you don’t drag race it, makes for a slightly different type of ownership and daily experience. 

    They are for different people. Drivers want the Porsche. 

  10. Love this guy’s humor

  11. You can’t compare the Panamera S version of the ehybrid against the non performance version of the model S. That’s not a fair comparison!

  12. Let me get this right, it’s not a review as you don’t really have any specifics, everything you say starts with about or similar or somewhat. It’s not a comparison, as you don’t have a winner, what is this video?

    You compare top of the line Panamera S E-Hybrid and mid level Tesla, and then you say that while Tesla might claim that it is the best sedan around, Porsche would definitely outperform it.

    Normally you don’t compare by specs, you compare by class and price. Both cars can be direct competitors, they are in the same class, so, if Porsches’s top specs at $130K aren’t as good as Tesla specs at $120K or so, it doesn’t mean that you downgrade Tesla until it matches Porsche, it means that Tesla is already a winner.

  13. Bad..bad example…why wasn’t a Performance  tesla compared?

  14. Three very important things that separate these different class of fine (both) automobiles. Quality, Worldwide Dealer Network and the number of refuelling stations available. 

  15. Tesla Model S Perfromance 0-60 is 3.9 seconds, with the + version more tracked oriented with a more robust cooling system for the battery.

  16. Tesla sucks And that’s coming from an engineer

  17. the tesla is not a luxury car. it is just expensive.

  18. tesla for me .

  19. 3:38 Tesla would overheat
    Car does not have motor cooling system and as it is over 95% efficient during low loads it does not need cooling. To go constant 125mph you would need something like 90hp , so you have 5% loss, which is about 4hp (3KW), which is not a lot. But if you step on it and use all 450hp , you would have more like 10% loss , so you have more like 45hp (33KW) of loss , and 33KW is a lot of heat, but if you use it for like 10s like for passing, it is not a lot and motor would cool. But if you constantly drive with full power, like track day, you do not let motor to cool down, so it overheats and cuts power in order to cool down.

  20. tesla wins

  21. "Iconoclastic" ?  I am not sure that word means what he think it means.

  22. Tesla isnt a hybrid Jeff.

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