2015 BMW i8: Is i The New M? – Ignition Ep. 115

On this episode of Ignition – Presented by Tire Rack, Motor Trend’s senior features editor Jonny Lieberman takes a hard look at the new plug-in hybrid performance car from BMW, the crowd stopping i8. The electrification of the sports car is upon us, and BMW’s wild looking entry features a puny turbocharged three-cylinder behind the driver that powers the rear wheels, as well as a potent electric traction motor motivating the fronts. Does the layout sound familiar? It should, because that’s how Porsche constructed the 918 Spyder. Can the lightweight, carbon fiber i8 deliver half the fun of the big bad Porsche at approximately one eighth the price? Stay tuned to find out!

Ignition – Presented by Tire Rack appears every other Monday on the Motor Trend youtube channel.

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  1. To my knowledge this is the only modern vehicle which redeems a company that thinks its sports cars should look like its sedans.

  2. LOL "it sounds really good". It sounds aight. Aaaaiiiiggggghhhtttt

  3. even if it was a normal car and someone parked that close you arent getting out…

  4. "why not both"

  5. It’s a bmw who cares.. just another pile of shit

  6. if only the rear end of the i8 would look anything near to acceptable, and the inside of the car wouldn’t be so tiny ….

  7. I don’t like hybrids i would rather have a good engine than a bad engine and electro.

  8. that last part tho…RIP porsche

  9. I was thinking this is a new video for 2016 lol… 2 years later…

  10. looks great nice tech but the performance is not supercar like its flaw

  11. Nah, fuck that. Hybrid and AWD? 2 things that I don’t want in a car. I’ll take the jag.

  12. the i is the new m mate(m8)

  13. It would twice as good if it had a single tone paint job.

  14. I am not a fan of the i8. I see a few deive around in OC and it is a ugly vehicle.

  15. I would take the Alfa 4c over any of these.

  16. V vj

  17. good graphic

  18. rev it

  19. "i is the ‘new’ M" so what’s that make the i3?

  20. i like to think of it as the BMW that went gay

  21. looks like a prius to me

  22. Quick question: is the i8 able to carry 4 people?

  23. It is an ugly car.

  24. what is the fuel economy full tank and do I still have to plug in?

  25. BMW I8 has back to the future presence!

  26. yeah. your mind seems to be enjoying the bimmer, but the heart is left with the jag. and what a beautiful car it is. the throwback to e-type, the fastback look, the bulges, the creases, the snarl – aaargh. great.

  27. ugly AF

  28. I hate the tail lights of i8… it sucks..

  29. What is that German super car

  30. Sounds like Scheisse

  31. I wasn’t sure I would like the BMW i8. I currently have an M2, 1M and S54 M Coupe, but when I drove it, I was hooked. Such as great car. I knew it would be fast, but I was surprised on how well it handled.

  32. Funny that the typically no change and boring designing BMW made such an insane look! So sex

  33. rear-end looks like it’s pooping out a porche 928 😉

  34. What the what?

  35. Can we have a head to head between i8 & tesla model S

  36. subtitles are fucked up. fix it please.

  37. Do they issue camo shorts to all their hosts?

  38. looks better in black

  39. loved it when he said " the I is the new M "

  40. didn’t say anything about the car apart from horsepower and how it looks

  41. How can a 1.5liter engine be 220 ps????

  42. People always make fun of the jag : (

  43. would never drive this sh*t … nothing makes me feel better than a v8 .. I only see girls driving the i8 now I know why

  44. i8 or i ate?

  45. I didnt see the video i just came here to say its UGLY AS HELL

  46. No way did Johnny get out of the car by himself. Not only are the doors wide but also have a very awkward geometry. Guess he forgot to mention it cause MT doesn’t want to get on BMW bad side.

  47. The I8 and Rolls Royce are ugly cars Jesus christ

  48. i hate it

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