2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe R vs 2014 Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition – Head 2 Head Ep. 55

On this episode of Head 2 Head, two of the best driver’s cars on the market face off. The 550-horsepower Jaguar F-Type Coupe R and 430-horsepower Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition both have carbon ceramic brakes, active dampers, and active differentials, and both are rear-drive. Both are intent on making driving enjoyable and rewarding. But which one does it best? Watch and find out!

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  1. That jag makes 911 look boring.

  2. Urban outlaw vs bombshell

  3. I’ve always had 911’s but I’m currently driving an F type R AWD and it’s fantastic. The F Type doesn’t handle as well as the 911 and doesn’t give me the same confidence, but it’s much prettier and the sounds it makes are awesome, plus it’s faster in the real world. And I’ve never had so many strangers wave and shout "nice car". People love it. All that said, i will no doubt go back to 911 once the novelty wears off. Both great cars.

  4. jaguar is more exciting & more beutiful

  5. I rather the Jag any day any time, the looks is way way better and that is absolutely key for me, performance is neck to neck so you won’t regret with either really. You guys should check out the new F type svr 2016, they have taken the car to new heights.

  6. I would probably go 911 because it’s got 4 seats ( I want my kids and wife to be able v to sit in it while I drive it)

  7. Porsche all day long. Way more classy than the Jag

  8. He didn’t just say like a British corvette 🙈

  9. * host sitting in a jag*
    its like a british corvette
    *me yelling*
    shut up …jag is now a indian company

  10. I’d take the Jaguar

  11. 911

  12. what red is the jaggggg?

  13. ‘.

  14. Joe jo vs Bart Kwan

  15. if u are jealous of people who have cars u will talk rubbish

  16. "Porsche has more soul than the Jag". Not in this world, no.

  17. Jaguar all the way lads!

  18. Automotive manufacturers need to start taking notes on how Jaguar is making their exhausts sound.

  19. The Jag is gorgeous but that exhaust is just too ridiculous for me. It just screams "look at me, I just got my first big paycheck, I’m unsure about the size of my penis, I’m wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt, and just took a bath in cologne."

  20. I don’t trust anything you have to say about cars if you don’t know how to pronounce jaguar

  21. The BMW M6 comes with 560hp so would it be a GOOD match against The F-Type? and the 2014 M6 is going for around 80k and the 2017 model is going for around 113k

  22. jag sound > everything else

  23. ehh, the jag still my fav car

  24. the xj220 is more powerful isnt it?

  25. Being a 911S owner, I maybe biased but I cannot even see this as a head to head. The Porsche is a track proven race car. The Jaguar is not. Jaguar has no appeal whatsoever to a true sports car enthusiast who knows sports cars. the Porsche would be better suited to compare to a Lamborghini or Ferrari, where the jaguar would be better matched to an Audi or MB.

  26. i like this Jag over the Porsche, but I’d take a GT3RS over anything lol, that 911 is just beautiful

  27. Jag def looks better

  28. JAG.

  29. These are weapons of mass destruction.

  30. love the jaguar from all sides,but not a fan of the rear lights

  31. How is it that PORSCHE is so fast considering such a huge horsepower disadvantage. I believe I around 120hp less than Jag

  32. 911 for me.

  33. Man i want to go for the Porsche but every time i hear that exhaust note though

  34. This is hard…Idk!!

  35. Jag all day any day. Be honest with yourself which would you bring to a car meet. A 911 or A F-Type. I’d buy the Jag for anything. Also this car is an everyday car. Thats a fact. As I said I’ll buy it for anything. Luxury, Sound, Performance, Look, Picking up kids and more but Bentley all day too.

  36. Jag anytime anyday

  37. Why is this comparison not apples-to-apples using a 911 Turbo or a Turbo S…

  38. It IS like a British Corvette! Just even crappier.

  39. Ceramic brakes??!! Sorry not going to pay 10k when those wear out. F type base please.

  40. this is like asking, do you wanna get the legend and be part of a legend, or do u want a jaguar. The community that comes with owning a 911 is worth it and worth any advantages that juguar has over it. And if you "dont care" about community and car geek shit why even buy one of these cars…

  41. 911 until the grave and maybe even afterwards ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  42. Jaaaaguar.

  43. While the Jaguar looks great, sounds amazing, it ain’t no Porsche! 😉 Maybe good bang for your buck, but if I’m spending over 100k on a sports car it is Porsche all day long. Resale value will tank on the these F-Types over the years. Plus, what would you rather mention casually in a conversation? I own a Jaguar or I own a Porsche?! 😉

  44. You want lieberman and camissa all other motor trend
    This Carlos, maybe good for writing magazine stuff, and soooo forgettable doing video reviews

  45. People that pick jag, obviously have never driven a new 911

  46. I’ll take the "PORSCHE"

  47. drives f type r: doesn’t get more silly
    Jaguar comes out with a f type svr

  48. I like it

  49. The f type v6 is cheaper.

  50. I loved the Jag until I sat in one. So uncomfortable for me in that cabin. I could see it working for smaller people but if you’re 6’3 220+ its tight.

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