2015 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review

We take the new 2015 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS for a first drive test on great California roads and the wicked Willow Springs circuit.

Read the complete first drive road test at http://www.autonet.ca/en/2014/11/17/first-drive-2015-porsche-911-carrera-gts

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To me, cars aren’t just transportation, they’re meant to be fun and on my channel you’re going to see cars that I like to drive.


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Music © 2014 Russell Soares (russellsoares.com), used with permission, all rights reserved.

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  1. this chanel is so underrated.  Great editing work and great reviews, I hope this channel continues to grow

  2. i have a question. i know this car and the new corvette zo6 arent rivals but which car do you personally like more. why does this car still cost more than the vette? is it better built? how can the price difference be justified? thanks in advance

  3. Need this car!!

  4. What an outstanding review and channel! Im going to have to vheck out your other vids now too

  5. Thank you! Very informative!

  6. Awesome review. Thanks!

  7. I have the GTS Cabrio. Great car.

    You need to lose some weight dude. You’re too fat in that car

  8. Beautiful car!

  9. I’d get it with the sportsdesign package, glass roof, manual, bose audio, non GTS alcantara interior, 18 way seats with heat and cool, and standard rims 

  10. Sure does look good.

    Will take a GT3 over a GTS, even looking at a base GTS with manual, this thing is $115k. Not that far off from a base GT3 @130k.

    The whole manual vs PDK aside. For 15k more you get a whole lot more car (the upgrades in engine components alone would cost more than that, and we haven’t factor in suspension upgrades, transmission and others) and not that much more compromise in terms of everyday usability.

    Once someone start considering getting the GTS in PDK, the GT3 is a no brainer. I guess this just shows how much of a bargain the GT3 really is! The PDK-S in the GT3 is world apart from the normal PDK as well!

  11. Beautiful color

  12. I love your reviews Brian. Your team is awesome. Great editing. I don’t know what Porsche’s hard-on is with phasing out the manual, but its the dumbest thing they can do imo. Autos have their place but not in a Porsche. That would be the only reason that would stop me from buying a GT3. So I await to see if the roomers of a manual Cayman GT4 are true or not.
    If you want an automatic buy a FUCKING BUICK…lol….

    Subscribed btw.

  13. one shot/car is red & another is white..care to explain dude 2.20 & 2.46 in the video red mirrors then White..2.59 back to Red again.. Hmmh

  14. whats with the shitty music?

  15. great video, im loving the new 911 carrera gts.

  16. I’m hesitating between cayman GTS or Carerra GTS ? regardless the engine and cost, Which one has the best exhaust sound inside with more fun driving?

  17. Great Video

  18. Beautiful.

  19. Beautiful car and great to see you at the track Brian!

  20. "Perfection" is the only word that can describe this car.

  21. great introduction!

  22. Great review, delivered in a non-hysterical fashion. 

  23. I think that I would like to have one. Period.

  24. What’s the music

  25. Awesome channel, hey +Brian Makse , what are your thoughts on how the GTS compares to the Vantage GT you drove a few months ago?

  26. Is this fat guy lying down in this car??

  27. I just brought one. What a fantastic car! I will track it at Sebring with Henry Gilbert Performance Driving on March 26, and again with PCA Driver’s Ed on April 16th.

  28. Thanks Brian, Nice review. I ordered my 2015 911 GTS in mid March and it is due to be delivered at the end of May..  I ordered w PDK and just a few other options. I am one lucky Basterd and I can’t wait to hear those shifts at Red line. This may be the last of the Naturally aspirated boxster engines Porsche produces. Nothing else sounds like this engine. Thanks again.

  29. Awesome video man. subscribed

  30. Great review! Beuatiful car! 

  31. I bought a 2015 Carrera GTS Cab to drive on the windy curvy amazing mountain roads that I live on with ocean views and this car is just amazing fun. Brian everything you said about the car is true and then some. Forget the track, this car is made for those windy curvy roads that Porsches just love.

  32. 720p?? you really need to upgrade…

  33. Thanks for the review!
    The GTS is very appealing and I read that they’ve "fixed" their manual gearbox so the 2WD coupe looks like a winner.
    Just nitpicking here: can we get less music when you comment & drive? The flat 6 (and other nice motors you test) is enough of a melody (to me at least) 🙂

  34. I thought the nav screen was cracked at first @ 1:22 !! Nice video !

  35. Another great performance car review, a perfect example of how a high performance road car can be tested on a race track but not driven in a crazy  tyre smoking sideways manner, just driving the car the way the manufacturers advocate, spirited but realistic in that the car is a road car not a ‘race car’. 
                You could clearly drive the car way faster and way more sideways but because the great majority of people who buy the car cannot a test like that is irrelevant, you demonstrated that the car has all the performance capability anyone would ever need when driving on public roads and if you want to do a track day the car wont bite if you drive it as you did in this review. 
                  Your reviews are ‘Real World’  driving , which is the World 99% of people live in. 
                   The GTS day in day out is a great Porsche car, again in the real world of day to day driving it will provide all the  performance most people can ever use with incredible comfort in conjunction, I would love a GT3 but as a daily driver I would choose the GTS, and those two rear seats  fit my two grandkids. 

  36. Awesome relaxed Review!

  37. "If driving is your thing" ok, if driving isn’t your thing you shouldn’t be looking at this car with either transmission. Just saying.

  38. WINNING ! Porsche is nr, 1 ! Very good test

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