MotoMan drives the Twin Turbo 2015 Porsche Cayenne GTS on snow & ice at a disused air force base in Sweden. Through drift circles, snow covered slalom tracks and a desolate but icy military runway he demonstrates the car control of the 440 HP V6 Porsche Cayenne GTS. In between all of the winter driving, he visits one of the important but less known structures of Old Town Stockholm . . .

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  1. Driving dynamics, that’s the reason for the twin turbo v6. Less weight on the nose equals better turn in. Just remember it weighs alot so it will never be a 991, but every bit of weight saving will help. You want an everyday suv that you could drive fast on twisty roads GTS, if you want to go fast in a straight line but don’t forget to slow for the corners turbo or turbo S. The best bang for your buck GTS. GTS starts at 96, turbo 130 and turbo S in the Bill Gates range. You decide.

  2. Great Video.  Love the aerial shots!

  3. Were the tires studded?

  4. epic, we drived a vette in vegasat the speedway

  5. 440hp v6?…

  6. Pixar Cars Toys and Thomas and Friends Kids Toys

    I would love to try that, being a Canadian in the Maritimes, i grew up driving like that every winter, looks like a blast.

  7. and 1st ! 

  8. The GTS used to be the Cayenne to go to if you want that cool V8 (man it had a mean exhaust), now with the V6 it feels more like another Porsche Performance Pack you check when you configure a Cayenne S … Kinda became redundant, but that’s just me.

    The new taillights’ LED signature is cool … First time I saw it at night, I thought it was a Bangle Butt (the facelifted one, Botoxed? lol)

    speaking of Cadillac, did you hear about the new V6s?

    as always, excellent video M

  9. Seems like too many variations, but Porsche has always been about options. Great job Motoman.

  10. nice episode ! 

  11. Okay GTS is cool…but where’s my TURBO S

  12. hi +MotoManTV this was a great review, but we couldn’t hear the exhaust sound and we would really like to hear the exhaust sound because I might get it. thanks

  13. cause not everybody needs or want a super crazy horsepower cayenne turbo S

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