2015 Porsche Cayenne S E Hybrid Review

Eco auto journalist Eric Novak reviews the 2015 Porsche Cayenne S E Hybrid – the 3rd plug-in hybrid in Porsche’s product line-up.

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  1. With the right charging and spending habits is the rechargeable hybrid SUV ingenious, but for most of the environmental gain is negligible.

  2. If we wanted to see Porsche’s marketing footage, we would just go to porsche.com … probably one of the worst reviews for a vehicle I have ever seen; and I am in no way shape or form an internet "troll".

  3. The all new 2015 Porsche Cayenne S E Hybrid is the 3rd Plug-in Hybrid in Porsche’s product line up, following the Panamera S E Hybrid and the 918 Spyder. What’s it like? Watch my video review to find out!

  4. Nice little review.
    I disagree about the buttons, though. Dedicated analog buttons or knobs are much easier, faster, more precise and less confusing than layered screen menus with multi-function controllers and touch screens. Ask any photographer. Single function controls are safer in a moving vehicle since the driver need only glance and press or turn once. The reason it looks like a cockpit is because the aerospace industry knows this as well.
    Single function analog dials for speed, tach, fuel, etc. are better, too. Nothing disappears or changes place as it does on digital screens.
    Manufacturers like digital screen info/control for cost reasons, designers like the lack of "clutter" and marketers like the gee-whiz factor. Car reviewers like the gee-whiz and dislike being openly presented with something new to learn. The analog buttons/knobs quickly become second nature for daily users, however.
    Porsche’s motto is "form follows function".

  5. funny i keep seeing this same Cayenne parked on one of the downtown streets near my office where we just sold a nice house ..is that yours ? 

  6. kilowatts is power, not energy. 1 kilowatt is about 1.34 hp.

  7. Great to see that… I made it too. Using inplix handbooks 🙂

  8. test drove the Panamera plug in and now waiting to drive and compare with Cayenne …both too big for me so hoping for a Macan plug in soon ! 

  9. I thought driving on E alone its–23mpg Avrge and combined gas/Electric mode is 47mpg avge……Didn’t know it was 69 average……..

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