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All this talk about diesels remains largely just yammer. Despite years of automaker promises and auto-show oaths, plus hipster queues at Volkswagen dealerships for Jetta wagons with stick shifts and 500-mile ranges, the American diesel market is barely running at a cold idle. In fact, this gathering of five vehicles is an all-inclusive roundup of every single entry in the most hotly contested compression-ignition segment in the U.S.: diesel sport-utilities sized medium-large and priced medium-ridiculous. Even the working-pickup market can boast only three diesel players at present.

More oil-burners are surely coming, especially from Europe. There, diesel-evangelical automakers are desperate to amortize their increasing development costs by spreading the religion beyond the E.U. With its scant appetite for diesels, Asia is lost. So the push is in America, which is why, in this test, you must witness the spectacle of four Germans beating up on a lone American (albeit one with an Italian engine).

Yes, this is the location where Forrest Gump stopped running. No, we don’t want to hear your Gump impersonation.

A diesel’s key selling point is its efficiency. In this test we have fuel tanks sized from 22.5 to 27.7 gallons and EPA-combined fuel-economy ratings in the low- to mid-20s. Thus, even the BMW X5 xDrive35d, with both the most convoluted name and the smallest tank, should be capable of easily leaping from New York to Cleveland without a fill-up. And if you’re very easy on the Mercedes-Benz ML350 BlueTec, which has the largest tank, you might just squeak it all the way to Chicago.

None of those bladder-busting drives particularly interested us, so we saddled up in Los Angeles and drove to Monument Valley, one of the iconic landscapes by which America defines itself with postcard snapshots. That’s 642 miles via a long highway route through Arizona. Instead, we zigzagged across Utah’s Grand-Staircase Escalante, where Mother Nature went crazy with her construction toys, digging canyons of khaki and pink stone and cutting stairs in which each riser is a thousand-foot wall. We drove past Fifty Mile Mountain and the Studhorse Peaks, crossed the Waterpocket Fold, and took pictures at Bullfrog Bay. At 1150 miles, our fuel-economy log may be a record for a C/D comparison test. [Actually, the record is 2000 miles–Ed.]

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  1. volkswagen

  2. Was this filmed in Cyprus?

  3. I wonder how they’d hold up towing a 3ton digger everyday?

  4. porsche and volkswagen,that is same company,and touareg and cayenne have same base,that’s indentical SUV.

  5. VW Touareg!

  6. So who won ?

  7. Yeah!! soccer moms hit a groomed trail!  LOL LAME.  I’d like to see either of these two do anything my F150 Raptor can do.

  8. WE don’t have such groomed dirt roads and off road trails like that in the Western USA.  Unibody pans, and anything hanging low would high center the vehicle regularly, especially without the air shock raise feature. Our Touaregs and most Cayennes, are on coil over springs for the suspension system.  Touareg TDI is great on paved snow roads though for getting to the ski resort on foul weather snowy or icy road condition days. But not a serious off road vehicle

  9. Boring!

  10. Where is this off-road track?  I’d like to take my Porsche Cayenne there!

  11. где бля офф роад????

  12. I have to point out I do not understand why they compared the same suv to each other.
    VW owns both Audi and Porsche.  The Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q5 is nothing but a gloried VW Touareg wigh a different design.  It’s like the Cadi Esculate, GMC, and Chevy Tahoo going head to head. 

  13. i need this type of offroad test  for audi Q3

  14. What sound?

  15. где приехал порша там даже шкода йети проехал бы

  16. Why you compare porsche and volkswagen,that is same company,and touareg and cayenne have same base,that’s indentical SUV.

  17. They’re both the same vehicles.

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