2015 Porsche Panamera e Hybrid Plug In PHEV FIRST DRIVE REVIEW

MotoMan drives the new 2015 Porsche Panamera e Hybrid Plug In PHEV – but not in the usual place one takes a Porsche . . . Instead he takes this new Porsche Panamera Plug In Hybrid across town on electric power to showcase a Los Angeles institution . . .

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  1. all you wanting the diesel need to get a clue and realize there is a reason nobody makes diesel hybrids – because it’s fucking dumb.  diesel is dead and buried – get used to it.  the future is either DI Gas Hybrid or DI Gas Turbo.  Diesel can’t match the performance of DI Gas Turbo or the efficiency of DI Gas Hybrid.  Yes you can make a Diesel Hybrid then you would have a compact car that weighs like a full size SUV.  DUMB.

  2. Electric diesel.  Use the EV for torque-fill on the turbo-diesel.  A setup like this may not yeild the most HP or the greatest sound but the torque would be constant throughout the band and massive.  Also include an ECO mode or whatever for city driving in EV only.  Setup wouldn’t be fantastic on a track car like a GT3 or anything, but in a super-executive weekend canyon carver (If that’s a thing) like the Panamera, it would be ideal.

  3. I would choose more battery pack and thus way more range electric only mode. Also a turbo diesel 4 banger might be a better way to go,…or turbo 6 2.7 liter direct injection!

  4. Would you say this car is a everyday car? and something you could potentially take on a road trip?

  5. Nothing about how the car drives at all, which is the most important thing for a car review, I would have thought.

  6. A range extending diesel-electric combo would do pretty well in this car, at least until full EV capabilities are able to match it. People buying hybrid variants of cars like this aren’t the type of people who see a V8 as a necessity, at least I think. Why not just give the maximum amount of range in a comfortable and luxurious package?

  7. i have heard that the e hybrid is much heavier and not as good to drive is that true?

  8. Diesel torque.

  9. diesel is dead. it’s all about DI Turbo or Direct+Port Injection Turbo. secondly they probably put in torque converter not for the torque, but for the INERTIA of the electric motor. finally i think it is done right the way it is – no need to change anything – they should just throw out all of the models from the range and just keep the E-Hybrid and Turbo S.  the E-Hybrid for daily driving and Turbo S for track days.  All other models are redundant.  I don’t know what kind of idiot would buy the base V6 Panamera over a S550 4Matic – that model needs to go – it is fucking embarrassing.  Turbo S and E-Hybrid, that’s it. And then Ultimately they should drop the Turbo S as well and just boost the E-Hybrid to about 700 HP like the Tesla and just have one model with 80 mpg and 3 sec 0-60.

  10. nice interior 

  11. @motomantv I like when you dive deep on interior design. Would like to know your opinion on Porsche’s design language with all the buttons and infotainment.

  12. Hybrid power and AWD combined make the perfect modern car. Immense torque from the electric motor and little driveline loss equals immediate acceleration. Decent fuel economy along with immense performance is a win-win for the consumer. Add in AWD, and this Panamera would be perfect for me.

  13. First!!!

  14. It would be cool to see a V6 diesel with the electric motor.

  15. Did anyone else saw the Youtube headquarters near the end of the video in the background??

  16. Unless I could afford the Panamera Turbo S Executive, I wouldn’t touch this car; I just don’t see how this car can even move with less than 570 hp!(?), even though it does. However, if I had the coin on hand to purchase the Panamera in this trim level, I would much rather a base model Bentley Flying Spur V8 saloon.  

  17. Can I just say that color is amazing.. My word.. If I had the money I would spec my panamera like that.

  18. New Yorker huh that’s what I’m taking about. But yeah the hybrid is needed. The mileage is short. But i guess there testing the waters before a long range one it’s built. Never tried that place one day i will. Gj

  19. Well, let me be the first one to tell you that i HATE the NeonAcid green accents Porsche obsessed with. Green Calipers, Badges, Needles & some cars even have green stitches … ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! I’ve Have It With These Monkey Fighting Green On These Monday Through Friday Porsches!

    If the new Cayenne GTS is any indication … the Naturally aspirated V8 Panamera GTS won’t be with us in this world for very long … Thanks a lot  VAG!
    Nice color, the Panamera is very popular around here, but i never saw that color in person before … the black rims are awful though.
    I’m surprised the case for the cable is not optional lol.

    And regarding your question, i settle for one of 2 things, A) A Big nice V8 … because i love the sound of those beasts. Or B) this is where my flawed logic kicks in … a Big V12 … preferably an AMG, paired with a KERS unit with an Instant Boost … like the one in the McLaren P1 and solar system on the roof like the one in the Fisker Karma.

    Arseno went above and beyond plugging Roscoe’s ! I haven’t been to the US & i already know about it lol

    As always, excellent video M.

  20. The history of Roscoe’s was Gold in this video!

  21. Extended EV…or even full EV. Most people buying an electric powered car aren’t typically buying it to drive at the track. Yeah we’ve seen the Tesla 1320 runs…but that’s just to show consumers that they see capable of getting in and out of traffic. But the electric car consumer is looking to get the best range from their vehicle while reducing their carbon footprint. But the fact that with an electric vehicle full torque is instantaneous can also be fun.

  22. I would not get this car in the e Hybrid plug in version. For how much this car is, the small amount of gas you will save will not amount to much, and if someone is paying over 100 grand for a car, do they care about gas mileage?

  23. great video as usual. this panamera e hybrid is a waste, 10-20 miles…really.  battery range should be at least 40 miles to make sense to be a hybrid. they can sell you on the fact you can drive in the HOV lane, but this is not a real hybrid. turbo hybrid setup is sweet, just think of the P1.  the P1 setup is for performance not fuel econemy, this panamera is for fuel econemy ,10-11 miles real world driving you recieved makes me say by the v6  and keep the extra for gas. 

  24. Haha Flash Man you made me flash back to the last few second’s of the video & yes that was pretty cool to see that You Tub logo… Thumbs up.

  25. I can’t help thinking this car has been produced to meet some CA automotive regulatory rule. 10 miles in EV mode, $100k+. Porsche should not have bothered.

  26. I would want the gas v6/electric because if the hw mpg and the electric torque

  27. But i digress.

  28. NA V8 GTS for me, if I had to choose!

  29. The diesel engine that goes into panameras is actually pretty good. damn shame they dont sell it here in the US.

  30. test

  31. A turbo diesel with ev fuel economy would be top notch

  32. I would want a Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon with an EV Hybrid mode, to me that just sounds like the most awesome competition to the Panamera

  33. OK video :-), drop the shitty music


  35. I’d like to see a full EV. It’d compete with the Model S but be more luxurious which would be nice.

  36. It’s such as huge system for just 12 miles of range. I don’t think this system is meant for such a heavy vehicle. I do like the concept of having the option of highway gas, city electric by pushing a simple button. I’m sure those smart engineers in Porsche can find the space for more batteries. If you’re in Panamera territory for price, I’m sure a diesel/electric combo would be much better. You hit it on the nose when you said it wasn’t meant for the track, it’s meant to go from store to boutique to yuppie overpriced sushi, so a diesel engine would work since you don’t need high revs, just raw torque.

  37. Kind of sad that Porsche has to do the catch-up, that they are stuck in the old school… Tesla has strongly taken the 21. century lead….   ( Apple ate Nokia´s lunch… Tesla will most likely eat Porsche´s lunch….!?!)

  38. The Panamera is gorgeous. Don’t care for the green calipers, though. I’d have them repainted.

  39. all panameras look like a dog having a shit, you should stand by it with a doggy bag.

  40. Thanks for the review, I currently have somewhat of a daily commute to work and definitely getting the Panamera but starting to lean towards to the S eHybrid versus the 4S.

  41. Great video. There’s a boutique restaurant here in Lakeland Florida called the Red Door that does the most phenomenal chicken and waffles. Pictures does no justice.
    Powertrain? Diesel. They have made huge strides in turbo diesel tech. Or even the turbo diesel/electric that’s on the horizon. Should have monstrous torque

  42. But with respect to the video.. V6 gas hybrid, power management system,21 miles range from the electric motor with solar power generation options.

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