2016 Audi A3 – Review and Road Test

Audi’s player in the rapidly expanding entry-luxury segment is the $30,000 A3 sedan. Both sporty and welcoming the A3 is small but it’s also a solid value and a pleasure to live with. In this video KBB’s Micah Muzio gives a full review of the Audi A3 sedan.

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  1. LAW OF PHYSICS: All Audi vehicles should be in black.

  2. Favorite quote – "If you’re not backing up, the base car is lovely!"

  3. Is this car or an upper-trim Nissan Altima better?

  4. Nice looking car


  6. really? bitchin ’cause a backup camera doesn’t come standard. what a wuss
    try using your mirrors and don’t be afraid to turn your head, its not like this is a big suv

  7. If they had left us a hatch, I’d probably have one of those right now…

  8. Love your T-shirt, Micah! Where did you get that? 😀

  9. still hesitating, Audi A3 or BMW 228 ?

  10. always find the BMW and Mercs a better choice, everytime i consider an Audi the look of it puts me off and when test driving i cant get away from the fact its just a VW trying to be too much like BMW. I wish theyd come up with their own / better style.

  11. love the energy u guys get into ur videos….makes it less boring 🙂

  12. Nice car with great interior features. However im not impressed with the style. A cla 250 has way more hp than the basic a3 170 vs 208. That’s a big difference. And the cla looks very identical to the nearly $70,000 cls.

  13. yees

  14. RIP TDI A3. You will be missed for a long time.

  15. Could KBB do a review of the Audi S3 please?

  16. This car looks like a Toyota Corolla 2015 almost same engine

  17. color is good

  18. BLOWS the CLA out of the water.

  19. THANK YOU for pronouncing ”diesel” like you’re supposed to! So refreshing to hear that from an American 🙂

  20. kids in Africa could’ve ate that car.

  21. Hatchback is the way to go!

  22. very funny…haha

  23. I agree with the comment "just stay in the front." not much space in the rear for passengers, but was surprised at the driver space. Driving it today as a loaner. Suspension and engine power is nice, but still its lacking comfortability in my opinion. The retro air vents are nice.

  24. All  !!!:)

  25. How much would this cost to insure vs say? a golf 1.8 SEL?

  26. This host is like the American Matt Watson, which is a good thing. Nice review!

  27. What a joke of a car. That screen looks like it’s made for ants. In fact, the car looks like it’s made for ants. Just save up and buy the A4 if you really want an Audi that bad.

  28. this car rocks….i have the quattro loaded and it feels amazing

  29. love the small sized audi

  30. The styling is so boring on the Audi A3. All the audis look uninspired and boring.

  31. My 1988 Audi 90 Sport is as good as this A3. And the Mercedes CLA for that matter.

  32. looks so good without a front license plate

  33. Cozy !!!! 

  34. gonna buy this in 1 month

  35. I like the styling….I think they can do a little better on the base price….but I hate the little engine.

  36. Front:infiniti
    Audi stop copying,make something your own.

  37. The cosy part of the video is a little gay…

  38. I have a 2016 A3 and it came standard with a back up camera with front and rear parking senors.

  39. The Best 2015 Audi A3 Review (Y)

  40. This guy is a combo of Matt Watson and Doug Demuro. I like him.

  41. nice car, nice r3view

  42. which colour is this?

  43. annoying to see all of these american car fans going, "oh its just a 45k golf!!!! so ugly!!!!" this car is the exact opposite of those things. this car has great style, is cheap, and very luxurious. sorry if its not good enough for those driving around in solid gold lambo’s… 

  44. Have my 2015 A3 2.0T quattro now 3 months and 1500 miles later. This car is not what the reviews say and an extreme disappointment. 1. The wipers have been squeaking and fluttering since day 1. 4 trips to the dealership and now Audi of America involved in the case still not fixed. Now a new windshield is being put in. 2. Excessive road noise way noisier than even the cheapest 20k car. 3. The MMI system though excellent graphics is terrible at voice recognition. Gets it wrong 90% of the time. The thumbwheel and the hand writing feature is slow tedious and fussy. It takes sometimes 20 minutes to get a GPS entry right and when you have many daily appointments I give up and use my phone. So spending over 41k for all this technology is a waste when it rarely works. 4.. Fuel mileage is no where close to the EPA sticker and the 35mpg this review says. I get an average of 20.5 MPG combination and driving 55 on the highway got no higher than 27. I can get a corvette and do better. I regret getting this car and if the windshield doesn’t solve the wiper problem I plan to use the lemon law to get out of this car with no loss of money. The plus side is it is very fast and fun to drive. It handles well and the fit and finish is high quality for such a small little car. It is not a good car for long trips but for zipping around town its fantastic. Audi of America is working hard to solve the issue so they have not left me out in the cold yet. I’m waiting to see what happens next.

  45. Filmed around LBC! Love it.

  46. RS3 !!!!

  47. Love the shirt😂😂

  48. Looks like a Mazda3.

  49. Funny you wearing that shirt while reviewing an automatic car lol

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