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  1. Always a real treat to get in some road warrior before bedtime

  2. Great video nice looking car

  3. One correction- it’s a 6 Speed Tiptronic- Audi speak for an automatic. Europe does get the 7 speed S-tronic – Dual clutch auto. But this is a good box, perfect with the TFSI engine.

  4. is there a big difference in the 2.0 and the 1.4 TFSI S tronic edition, beside power

  5. i really like this little xover…good review i have this on the short list for 2016

  6. I’m going to get this car

  7. Grant Roberson  your review about the Q3 , made me want to buy this car ,thank you , great review

  8. Very good video (uk 🇬🇧)

  9. Excellent review.

  10. Does the MMI screen fold down? Power or manual?

  11. Hope that sunroof is optional. It doesn’t add anything of value, it only gives you sunburn on your head and neck. Worst invention in the history of the motor vehicle.

  12. Isn’t the transmission a 6 speed?!

  13. Thanks for this video! I’m looking to get this as my first car and I forget everything once at the dealership so these types of reviews really help to see what I do and don’t like in the car. But I love this car

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