2016 Audi RS 3: Forget Hot Hatches, This Is Hyper Hatch – XCAR

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The new Audi RS 3 doesn’t just make hot hatches look slow, it makes them look a little sad as well.

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  1. this guy is such a joy to watch. keep up the good work. always look forward to your next video

  2. Great review by a great reviewer – another subscriber here!

  3. I just got my GLA AMG and I have to agree with his review. It is not so much about being "hyper" but Audi and Mercedes put a lot of class and more versatility into their hatches. I really enjoy his reviews. I wonder if he writes his own scripts?

  4. m2 will kick RS3′ ass, for sure!

  5. what’s the song at 0:54 please?

  6. brilliant review! like the rs3 alot, although getting myself an s3 within the next few months.so that’ll do!

  7. Already quicker than the 4.2 R8 isn’t it?

  8. Audi, please go back to 8L shape.

  9. Top Gear is haunting me…even here

  10. The look of skepticism on Alex’s face when he says 34 mpg.


  11. If they made it stick id buy it today

  12. Who is this dude. Chris Harris put me off an RS3 but this guy has me convinced. it’s a real world daily driver. I don’t drive to & from work at 6am like I’m at Silverstone- I want a useable comfortable car that’s rapid when I want it to be, not full on ALL the time. great review.

  13. hate the silver strip on the front bumper

  14. You’d be better on top gear than Harris! Great review.

  15. if youve got an extra 2 driven wheels and another 100bhp over hatches from the next rung or two down…..does that make them "sad"? for the price and spec points id say no. give those same "sad" hatches 4wd and that missing power deficit and then youve played fair….levelled the field.
    i also hate hearing people calling fast cars "weapons"……why do people say that……

  16. I’ll take one in the United States! Oh wait no I get the E-Tron 🙁

  17. It’s too damn big!

  18. The exhaust note reminds me of the mk2 focus rs

  19. Can we all please elaborate on the "as fast as a 911" comparisons? – There are a few 911s…not all of them are quick.

  20. Wait till the new Focus RS comes.

  21. Sold my black 2015 S3 for this identical sepang blue + alu pack RS3! 2 more months of waiting…

  22. This, or the M2 ?

  23. mercedes gla45 amg is even better

  24. I heard Audi was an unreliable and expensive car to fix. Is this true or false?

  25. Sounds like a v10 even without the other bank. Fucking sweet!!!

  26. Nice motor, good review……You related to Richard Hammond by any chance?? 😀

  27. MASERATI CLONED REAR LAMPS, WELL DONE MR DA SILVA (Italian from alfa stolen by VW to sharpen up its flabby golf and seats)  You didn’t think germans designed those recent  audi, golf and seats  did you,lol

  28. tyres needs to be wider imo

  29. Excellent looking car. Very good numbers. Just a couple of questions. If this car is so quick, why is its time not better than that of the Type r around the Nurburgring? The other thing I would be worried about is the reliability questions of all Audi’s. If you check with your countries consumer affairs you’ll find Audi has some of the highest complaints regarding mechanical failures. This is not to mention lying to their customers about fuel economy figures. Can we really trust them regarding their other figures?

  30. Love the RS – take hot hatch to another level.

  31. Ford Focus RS, Honda Civic Type-R, Audi RS3, Mercedes-AMG A45, VW Golf R, Renault Sport Megane 275 Cup-S, Peugeot 308 GTI By Peugeot Sport 270, BMW 135i and Subaru Impreza WRX STI line up here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhnyQHRoeao

  32. Now try comparing this piece of shit with a Mercedes A45 2016 375bhp;)let me know the results…

  33. Funny to think back to those first hatchbacks that i coveted. Fiesta supersport! Then golf gti mk 1 with a 1.6 engine and about 110 hp! Great wee car in its day, though. Doubt i will ever be able to afford an rs3, but my audi a3 2.0 has performance that blows away those cars i mentioned. Vorsprung.

  34. This guy actually understands what fast Audi’s are about, I’ve subscribed!

  35. 4:36 5-Cylinders sound so awesome. It’s just like half of a V-10.

  36. comparable to an m2?

  37. Audi!!!

  38. That Doppler effect at 4:35-4:37

  39. It’s unfortunate that the US will never see the RS3, I’d rather the RS4 Avant , but again will never happen.

  40. I’m a big VAG fan and owner of lots of cars and I still can’t see the point of a RS3 that costs the same as a RS6. Yes the RS3 is new and the RS6 is 2-3 years old, but still. It’s way too fucking expensive and actually not that exciting even with that I-5 turbo under the hood.

  41. The US version, available in 2017, will have "about 400 hp".

  42. This is exactly what I need, a hatch with AWD and a little power. Unfortunately they won’t bring the hatch to Canada as we get what the Yanks get. They don’t like hatchbacks rather they like the awful SUVs. Carry on.

  43. Lol 5 cylinder hyper, whatever mate. It’s just really really hot.

  44. "5:50" – "This is microwavable power"…. I subscribed to your channel just for that. (great review btw)

  45. Have they improved the understeer situation in this car?

  46. I’m so jealous of Europe right now

  47. america and their dumb car laws, cant buy this beauty over here😔

  48. Bought one …love it! Gave the BMW 135i to the wife…love it and her just as much

  49. i thought golf gti was good,, damn i want this

  50. This hatch should be priced around $25000 not $50k

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