2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Test Drive

2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Test Drive
2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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  1. W h a t ‘s u p, g u!y s. Clexer. superficial devilish W h a t’s y o u r o p i n i o n a b o u t i t, g u y x ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. my Chevy camero can smoke this shit

  3. I would like to be the cameraman even without asking for money

  4. Those alloys are bigger than my dining table. damn.

  5. جيلالالاد

  6. Wox! Hey there0 blink base What do you tiink? !!!

  7. This car will BLOW ANYTHING Of THE ROAD !!

  8. It is not only being rich you must like exotic cars to spend the money. I live in a 1.6 million house. My dad drives a Chevy Blazer and I drive a speed3.

  9. Guys with that haircut need to get throat punched, HARD, and repeatedly.

  10. Damn, this car is fast.

  11. still like the gt3 vs the rs version, it’s more clean looking even tho if this one blows it out of the water you can very well still take the regular Gt3 to the track. Unless you want to have both and have the $ then yes , but I think reg Gt3 a must over this IMO

  12. Does anyone know where I can get those Porsche jackets worn at the start of this clip ?

  13. lol, so mean how he talks about the camera man. If he had to stare at the viewfinder and focus on the steering inputs while the car is pulling 1g, im sure he’d throw up too!

  14. So Sik……i gotta get me 1!!!!

  15. who the fuck looked at this and said hmm that seems legit. it’s fake as fuck please get better acting skills next time

  16. i like hearing the commentary and opinions of actual drivers like this instead of annoying journalists

  17. cété tro nul mé la voiture été tro belle

  18. best looking Porsche ever. this car might seem an overkill for a town car. I desperately need this in my life

  19. why do they never use rear defusers on their cars?
    camrys even had some element of one

  20. So Porsche doesn’t sponsor hair-cutting?

  21. Automatic trans? I would pass this up for a Manual.

  22. And yet it still looks like a frog,and sounds like a kitchen blender.And cost twice what it should.and for repairs,they not only bend your over,they invite,other friends over to help,in the orgy on your tab.Well its a Volkswagen,what do you want.More lies?

  23. looks like he’s driving slow

  24. The first Porsche I ever saw up close and got to ride in was a 930 Turbo. A friend’s uncle from Florida (he was a U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcat pilot station at N.A.S. Jacksonville in the late 70’s) came to the small town where I grew up for a family reunion. This car in that backwoods town was like an alien spaceship had landed! Nobody had ever seen one except in magazines and t.v. shows. He took me for a ride and it’s as fresh in my mind today as it was the day after. Of course the police in this town had never seen a 930 Turbo either and he was pulled over about 2 hours after he arrived! They just wanted to see what the hell it was. The one officer told him if he decided to try and outrun them he wasn’t going to have any trouble out of them. He was a naval aviator and grown and told the assistant chief who stopped him that wasn’t his style. Good memories.

  25. This is just filthy car porn. It objectifies ordinary cars and makes them feel worthless. It`s wrong and it`s dirty and my mum told me I`ll go blind if I watch it too much….

  26. wtf happend to his hair

  27. Camera man is broken 😁

  28. Hey Tweek, what about Graig? Did you leave him at home? Oh wait, he’s got the camera! Awww, how adorable!

  29. hooorry sheeeeeeet

  30. There is something beautiful about two germans speaking broken english to eachother…

  31. FIRSWT QUESTION: WHERE? was thius filmed?,,,No answers?…I guess I will tell them to keep guessing

  32. ABSOLUTE SEX. As a road car this thing is is sooo excessive….and i love it! I’ll probably always be a ferrari fanboy but damn the 911’s are perfection!

  33. I don’t know Thom Yorke from Radiohead could’ve driving like that.

  34. I’ll take a wild guess $350,000? Close? How would a Mustang GT350R do against this German tire shredder?

  35. #TeamBRoll

  36. ABSURDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. ok we seen the apprentice driving it now put mark webber in it

  38. No GTR fans with their stupid comments??

  39. I just want to touch It…..

  40. Sure is pretty and expensive. I purchased my 1st Porsche in October 2015 for my 60th birthday. A 2000, 911 Millennium-just love the AWD. In the 1980’s I said I would never own a Porsche as its an over engineer over priced German $%^&*. But hey, I fell in love with this car and it was in my budget. Well once you drive a Porsche, there is no substitute. Now I’m looking for my next one. Preferably a 1985 to 1995 air cooled under $50K.

  41. "At its limits", you say? No helmet, no gloves, talking to the audience … Great video, but not at its limits, and your lines belie that claim.

  42. Personality of a potato, sir.

  43. A good video about people wished they drove that car. However 99% of these sold will sit in a garage and in 5 years have less than 1k miles on them.

  44. Is it just me or is this pro racer not pushing the GT3 RS in this video? 🙂

    "…should be taken to the track"..to push it a little more than you could legally on the street perhaps. But if you’re not a professional or competitive race car driver…point would be moot IMHO. 🙂 911’s belong on the street and that’s where most are driven near 100% of the time with most owners. 🙂

    The RS is "…the most track capable" not "track focused". Perfectly fine driven on the street.

  45. what a Beautiful location!!

  46. I couldn’t take this – almost three minutes before he gets to the car……

  47. You are such a LucKiwi, great for you Brendon, keep on enjoying life especially in a 911 GT3 RS
    pierre a varreon

  48. 1911

  49. Lmfao his stole madden mobiles music

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