2017 Audi Q5 presentation

See the 2017 Audi Q5 at the Paris Motor Show: https://youtu.be/UhzRQ3PM_MI?list=PLCYstTL5MKTQpFTEj3vVeESJL-Bn0LeG9
A distinctively curved and strongly undercut shoulder line gives structure to the side view. The strongly emphasized wheel arches are a reference to the quattro permanent all-wheel drive system, and the low greenhouse tapers back down early. Just as at the front, horizontal lines at the rear convey an image of width and presence. The tail lights are also available with optional dynamic turn signals. The tailgate wraps around the C-pillars – a typical feature of the Q models from Audi. A diffuser insert integrates the exhaust tailpipes.

Audi is offering the new Q5 in 14 different exterior colors. Five newly configured equipment lines are available – sport and design, the S line sport package, design selection and the S line exterior package. They influence the overall appearance. In the design line, contrasting gray add-on parts emphasize the rugged character of the new SUV, while the sport equipment line of the Audi Q5 has parts fully painted in the exterior color.

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  1. And it is not a facelift. It is using the all new lightweight chassis with newly developed 5 link suspension with an all newly developed 4wheel drive system that de- couples the the rear wheels when not required. The interior is an all new design and on and on and on. I wish people would read up on new cars before making silly statements.

  2. That color is beautiful

  3. 0:19 looks 99% like Istanbul ,but Istanbul looks better

  4. Заебись)!!!

  5. J’aime beaucoup ce nouveau audi q5 ,classe comme toujours.bravo.

  6. such a beauty , smooth, sleek and timeless..

  7. Look for the 7 differences, this is a facelift not a new car, so very very boring !

  8. I hope the starting price is $10,000

  9. there’s nothing about it that makes me go "wow I want one"

  10. Fake exhaust , there are no exhaust, its under the car

  11. Conservative and understated are great…. but Audi is just lazy. This thing looks like a dated, style-less economy car. Those HVAC ducts looks cheap.

  12. Масло жрет ку 5 все знают

  13. Just like the Mecedes GLC — even some new cars are getting their rears finished off like this. Looks a lot neater than a couple of rusty pipes hanging down

  14. The Evoque you can now throw in a trash-can

  15. Not mean enough, looks like a Q3

  16. question: where can i find the exact dimensions of the trunk space when i have the back seats down? I am a musician – need to fit two sizable keyboards, a stand, some speakers and some misc stuff for gigs. Big keyboard is 64" long (in its case) X 25" wide, and 20"high. Smaller keyboard is much smaller and would sit on top of the big one during transport. Will the big one fit in this vehicle? And if so, how much room do i have on the side, for the misc stuff?

  17. Looks like tiguan..

  18. tiguan lol

  19. cool! the best in the class!

  20. They have had over 8 years to come up with a new car. They change the grille and take the dash from the A4/Q7 and ruin it by sticking a screen onto the dash. This will attract every piece of lowlife thieving scum who think all they have to do , is break a window and rip out the screen thinking they have a nice new pad to play with– terrible design. The cost ? By the time you pick all your options which other cars have as standard at this price point, your wallet will be very empty indeed. Too expensive for what it is and it looks dated before it hits the streets. Hand pump up height adjustment for the front seats in a car of this price point is laughable. BMW, Merc, Evoque and even the highly loaded Santa Fe Sport, all produce cars that are loaded with extras that Audi class as options, and at a much cheaper price. Bland, dated and overpriced. It will not enjoy the same sales figures as the last 8 years have produced.

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