2017 Audi Q7 Infotainment & Audi connect

The all-new AudiQ7 is a leader in connectivity and technology with an all-digital cockpit display and some of the fastest internet capabilities on the road today.

See how Audi connect allows you to interact with your vehicle through voice, touch, or your mobile phone to find the nearest restaurant, gas station, or evening activity. http://audi.us/Q7Configurator

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  1. The stock speakers are terrible. I regret that I didn’t choose to upgrade to Bose.

  2. Large 12 inch display?

  3. Come and take my money!!!

  4. Inside the car is not pretty, and there is no refrigerator .. learned and watched Bentley Pintaaja .. wait more beautiful than the Audi

  5. why is an nvidia processor in a car??

  6. It’s awesome !!!!!

  7. so when is the 2016 tts getting apple carplay/android auto?

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