2017 Audi Q7 – INTERIOR

The Q7 offers all-new design, interior technology, and a lighter body.
See how new exterior features, all-wheel steering, interior ambient lighting, driver assistance systems, and the next generation of Audi connect will redefine what your SUV experience in the all-new Q7

infotainment & Audi Connect:
The all-new AudiQ7 is a leader in connectivity and technology with an all-digital cockpit display and some of the fastest internet capabilities on the road today.

Luxury & Design:
The design of the all-new Q7 epitomizes how luxury and performance should appear in an SUV. The vehicle sits wider and features design lines that nod to its rally car roots. The interior of the Q7 feels more spacious and open- and the vehicle lost almost 500 lbs.

Driver Assist:
The new Audi Q7 offers driver assistance systems which leverage semi-autonomous technology with sensors and cameras to help you avoid collision.

If collision is imminent, the Q7 warns the driver, and bolsters car-safety features in preparation for impact. In some cases, the Q7 helps the driver minimize damage by computing the optimal path forward.


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  1. Why does Audi make new Q7 looks like a MPV?

  2. I really like this vehicle. I’m trying to get my brother to purchase it instead of a loaded Pilot.

  3. I am watching this but i only have 7 dolars in my pocket…

  4. i love Audi over all

  5. i don’t like the design of new audi generation. it reminds me too much of vw jetta

  6. don’t like the body, but I think it would grow on me ☺ but everything else about this new Q7 is Crazy!

  7. I wanna this car and I like your video👍👍👍

  8. Awesome

  9. Yeah…I love this q7 so much..
    My country the q7 price’s 130000$ it generally for me

  10. name of sound track 6:30

  11. No no no Volvo XC90 is soo much better looking

  12. I am so happy .Thanks i purchased this car by seeing this video .This is very beautiful car

  13. I want one but it is way to pricey

  14. If germans say – Das ist auto , it means it’s really an auto

  15. Looks like a bmw inside… vw concept car not for my sorrry

  16. oh my god excited this actually looks!pfrfectpart =‑d

  17. Some body, tell me the name of the music track???????

  18. q7 has massaging seats??

  19. song name at the first pls.

  20. I love audi q7 black, but price is too much.

  21. just what I need til the russians hack their next election.. then ill be a crash test dummy…

  22. Since their misguided super all ad , Audi is now known as the feminist car. No thank you, get a BMW instead.

  23. Why people always ask for soundtrack or background music?? Is that necessary to know? Why they want to know? Do they come here to listen the soundtrack or background music or the review of the car? Can anyone tell me pls??

  24. He reminds me of Black Mirror

  25. La luz led por dentro , el bmw es pionero! Better by far!

  26. Audi always was my favourite car.

  27. Better outter design though? Looks still like ’00s SUV

  28. To expensive!!!!

  29. cruel

  30. lan araba yıkılıyo bu neymiş aşık oldum arabaya

  31. what name of soundtrack 00:2

  32. massaging seats wow. btw nice music

  33. Submit say snake employ.

  34. i love you audi

  35. It’s good but I think the steering wheel is ugly.

  36. Arata fffff frumos

  37. What gud the interior when the exterior sucks

  38. My hubbs absolutely loves this and i dont mind..

  39. While it’s nice, one issue i find with modern card is with so much tech in the car, a thousand things can break.   Unless you lease, that maintenance bill will make everything look less cool.

  40. new x5 still looks nicer..

  41. Nice wagon.

  42. How much is a service?
    When audi TT came out, it was sold with a dash problem meaning the whole dash system needed replacing. The cost of $1500 was on the customer. That was real shitty of Audi and so I never bought another audi after having owned 3 Audis.
    I say fuck companies that screw over their customers.

  43. Looks like a bmw

  44. super

  45. 00:00 music name ?

  46. Song name please

  47. new generation Audi Q7

  48. car yes

  49. 👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️

  50. name of sound track 4:00?

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