2017 BMW 5 Series Vs 2017 Mercedes E-Class

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2017 BMW 5 Series G30 – Luxury Sedan!

2017 BMW 5 Series G30 – Perfect Sedan!

2017 BMW 5 Series – interior

2017 Mercedes E-Class – interior Review (Night Lights)

Remote Parking Pilot, Technology Features New 2016 Test Drive
5 Series G30, 530i, 540i, 530e, M550i xDrive, 520d, 520d ED, 530d,

E200, E350, E43, W213, E 350 e, E 220 d


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  1. BMW

  2. BM-Luxury & Cool car forever // MB-Luxury & classic car forever…I Love both brands

  3. the front of the car looks unsafe if in a wreck. why can’t somebody make a more stronger front end and older looking.

  4. mercy its better for me! 😎

  5. This new E-Class releases pink noise before a crash. What that does is prevents you from going def because of the loud noise of collision

  6. 1:59 really, music from The Walking Dead? You’ve got to kidding me…

  7. Mercedes is the Best

  8. do these badboys have manuel gear versions? cause i hate driving auto cars.. feels like some fuker is driving for you and steals all that joy!!!

  9. BMW…

  10. мерседес ебаное говно, продаю эту хуету, 3 месяца откатал , блювота , тьфу блядь!!!!

  11. Mercedes front+BMW rear+Mercedes interior

  12. in Albania everyone has BENZ from 1975, and still they drive BENZ 😈

  13. i love it

  14. from a long experience in German cars, BMW is a faulty car and it is getting older much faster than a MB. one of my cars is 2004 c class and when ypu see it it looks like a new car. my brother has a 2005 3series and it’s ugly and old. we have new models also and we faced issue with BMWs all the time. material quality and components life is way better in MB.

  15. of course bmw 5

  16. Definitely BMW.

  17. BMW ALL

  18. bmw……………… the best

  19. farrari 🚗

  20. Both are beautiful cars. I have had both in the past. I would go for Merc without hesitation as i like comfort and luxury.


  22. M E R C E D E S – B E N Z 😍😍 The BEST or nothing

  23. german engineering= highly overrated. there was a time when german cars were expensive but reliable. now, they’re just expensive. there is a reason why you no longer see a mercedes or bmw, audi etc on the road much more than 5 years old anymore. once they are no longer under warranty, they are money pits.

  24. Lovee mercedes

  25. The Pope rides in a Benz.
    Nuff said.

  26. Im having such a hard time deciding between these two cars I’m looking to buy! What do y’all thing? The ambient lighting and touch pad in the Mercedes is getting me but I don’t like the lack of slickness on the exterior.

  27. Apparently BMW 5 series is better

  28. fuck bmw

  29. can someone tell me how to sign up for hangout thank you

  30. BWM👍👍👍👍👌👌

  31. wow…BMW is superb…i owned bmw F30..:-)

  32. بي ام

  33. Mercedes win!

  34. bmw

  35. All the way.. BMW…

  36. Ana gabriel


  38. cjdidnfg vw.ejb cm McChrystal vvgv fin mu peor

  39. Both cars are amzing as fuck . But i’m still young so i prefer BMW or Audi for a sporty and playboy look . When i get older i will prefer Merc

  40. Vote for BMW

  41. like BMW

  42. This type of mercedes is for rich old hags. Bmw is for young people who are on their way to be succesful.

  43. This is a bery hard decision because the Mercedez has many features that the BMW doesn’t but the BMW has a couple that the Mercedez doesn’t have and the back seats of the Mercedez don’t look bery comfortable and the BMW doesn’t have as much space as the Mercedez

  44. BMW

  45. BMW nice cars for vietnamitas no god to parkin and ladies

  46. Main differece Mercedes bulids Automobiles and BMW build only cars .
    Drive a Benz about 300.000 kilometers and a BMW about 300.000 kilometers (if you reach it in a BMW you may need a new motor or transmission before) and than talking how nice the BMW will be.
    The merc is the so mutch nicer Automobile and the BMW is the nicer car

  47. BMW predator – Mercedes A stranger

  48. Bmw design looks better

  49. Nice

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