2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE vs Porsche Cayenne

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  1. Mercedes Benz King

  2. So Ugly~can’t say more

  3. best cars and beutiful song, please give the name of this song

  4. Cayenne looks cool!

  5. gle god design

  6. GLE的內裝是用e-class的內裝嗎?

  7. GLE is awesome

  8. Gle 실내가 완전 꼬졌었는데 E클래스처럼 바뀌었네….대박 좋다…. 그래도 카이엔이 더 좋아.

  9. 都是好車,越看越喜歡。

  10. the cayenne looks like a fat panamera from behind

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