2017 Night Blue Porsche 911 Turbo S Convertible 580 HP @ Porsche West Broward

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2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S Convertible, power, comfort, class and luxury combined in this elegant Night Blue on Black interior. With a 0-60 mph below 3 seconds one of the fastest production car convertibles. Contact me at [email protected] or give me a call at 954 901 3072

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  1. Very nice,clear,close-up video.

  2. Good overview of the car. It surely is a beast.

  3. i rather buy a house with that money..

  4. Wow, there’s no substitute indeed. A real dream car.

  5. My mom has a Jetta and I have a Volkswagen so as u can see I am on a right track to get this car and I will, even if I have to steal one. 😁😀

  6. I would rather to buy this car and live in it than buying a house, also I would rather to take this car out than any girl 😂😭😂😁😀

  7. A traseira de mercedes?

  8. Porsche is best!!

  9. the perfect car for the punctual dentist 😀

  10. yikes. price tag?

  11. $200,000 plus about $18,000 taxes and fees. Add in the $50,000 depreciation a buyer facing after purchase. So…the real first year cost of a P car turbo is about $268,000 out of deep pockets.

  12. well at least my jurassic Audi A3 also has 20wheels

  13. Beautiful car. You need to turn off the youtube smoothing or editing feature.. Some weird distortions happening in this video.

  14. Great review. Turbo S is an amazing car.

  15. youtube stabilize is crap and ruined this video

  16. this car is mine in march 😀 cant wait

  17. Just doesn’t look good as a convertible

  18. a perfect car but why not put a V8 for a smoother operation ?

  19. This 911 porsche s and I were created for each other, with a Manuel gearbox.

  20. A dream car 😍

  21. porsche cabriolet solo para gente de guita

  22. Ja kerel kan ik toch niet betalen man is godver kwart miljoen eureau

  23. when will I have my dream car and when can I save for a $200,000 car maybe after a thousand years

  24. I hate my life

  25. I’ll have one some day. absolutely beautiful and timeless car.

  26. Convertibles are for chicks.

  27. wonderful porsche…

  28. Parents have a 918, my brother has a cayman S, I’m thinking about a 911!

  29. i wanted to see it with the top on -_-

  30. Nice car but honestly, those wheels look like something sold out of Pep Boys or Autozone.

  31. Exceptional job on the video- how did you keep the camera so steady?

  32. ty for the video, BUT please do not use youtube stabilization. It warps the pictures and is only distracting.

  33. Porsche 911 Turbo S always made me win in NFS most wanted game so i will buy this one someday

  34. I like this interior better.

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