2017 Porsche 911 Carrera: Is the Addition of Two Turbos One Step Too Far? – Ignition Ep. 156

In this episode of Ignition presented by Tire Rack (http://www.tirerack.com), we explore whether adding two turbos to the base Porsche 911 was a good idea. Porsche inadvertently created a problem four decades ago with the original 911 Turbo. It was so fast and so unique that its name became a legend. Ever since, “The Turbo” refers to just one car—the blown Porsche 911. Now, for the first time, the base 911 Carrera has turbos, too. Like them or not, turbochargers fundamentally change the way an engine delivers output. All turbocharged engines have lag; the question is whether the boost is managed well enough to not interfere with the driver’s commands. And, in this case, the bigger question is: Does the new downsized, turbocharged engine alter the 911 experience? MOTOR TREND Senior Features Editor Jason Cammisa secured a base Carrera to find out and spec’d it without performance-enhancing options—no rear-wheel steering or active antiroll bars to compensate for the rear-mounted engine’s weight, no big carbon-ceramic brakes to decrease unsprung weight, and no PDK dual-clutch automatic to help the 0-60 run. Then, he turned hall-of-fame race car driver Randy Pobst loose in the 911 to see how it would do around the Thunderhill Raceway Park 2-mile circuit. Without all the gizmos, can a base 911 keep up with the overachieving BMW M2 around a track? You’ll have to watch this episode to find out.

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  1. me and my friend have infinite arguments about this vs the vette zo6

  2. I think Porsche took it way too far with the two turbos

  3. this is sooo much better then the grand tour and the new top gear, I like Chris harris but I dunno its too dumbed down for the main stream, this is for car enthusiasts yet others can appreciate how well shot it is

  4. Like how this guys talking shit about turbos, never heard of pre-spooling you fucking oike?

  5. Good I just need 200k now.

  6. that G sensor is initial D as fook

  7. consider the following:

    Porsche 911, the company porsche was started, along with volkswagen, by Ferdinand Porsche. Ferdinand had trouble finding a company that would sponsor the production of the beetle but was eventually funded and sponsored by Adolf Hitler. Adolf is known for his acts of terror during the first world war and his hatred for the jewish. Could this be connected to the naming of the car "911"? (Reference to the 9/11 terrorist attacks) You havent thought of that have you? ofcourse no you only think about yourself you selfish prick.

  8. How come Ferrari doesn’t get crapped on for using turbos like Porsche does? Ferrari when dual cutch only for all their cars and don’t get the same crap Porsche does for making the GT3/RS PDK only.

  9. The new 718 Cayman S PDK (turbo) is also more "raw" and "purist" as a result of the introduction of the turbo. What I will say is that with the variable turbo geometry (from the 911 Turbo) in the 718 S there is virtually no turbo lag as it rockets to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. In back road rallies, it seamless runs up and down the gears (and the hills) with great authority.

  10. Doesn’t this mean that the base models of the carrera will now be easier to add crazy power to? Since the engine is already built to handle forced induction, couldn’t one add larger turbos much easier and make real Turbo power at a much lower cost? Like you could have a RWD Porsche Carrera with the power of an AWD Carrera Turbo for a fraction of the cost of the MSRP of the Turbo by just buying a base model carrera with all the performance options you want, then send it out to a tuning company, have them bump up the power to 550 or so and then, bam, you have a discount Turbo, but with RWD fun and more turbo lag.

  11. I want to have Randy’s life!! He is awesome; Supper talanted driver, all while providing incredible insight about what ever he is driving to a world class level!!! My buddy has met him a few times and he so as nice in person.

  12. I Love the product. <3

  13. design looks very out dated

  14. Best 991.2 Review 👍

  15. This was a good episode. Well done and a good car. Some reason the new ones aren’t as interesting. Not sure if it’s the well done part missing or the good car part to back it up

  16. What’s the difference between a turbo and this now?

  17. it’s porsche not porscha dumb ass

  18. Me and the commentators want free poverty package 911s

  19. Camisa….would you have this over a 2015 911S?

  20. 4:04 need for speed

  21. it’s messed up that all hear is those two turbos

  22. what gives a car it’s sound?

  23. this is the perfect example that, in some cases, less is more.

  24. poverty package *has a Porsche 911*

  25. When you are off the throttle there is absolutely Air flow thru the engine and its exhaust… this guy is off his head thinking otherwise. The engine wouldn’t be able to rotate otherwise so that was ALL Nonsense.

  26. What’s the difference between a turbo and this now?

  27. I wuz eating Breakfast

  28. all that turbos do is to make your car faster and it was a big mistake to add turbos that is in my opinion

  29. I just test drove this car yesterday even the base carrera has more than enough power such an amazing car but with the price hike you are also paying for it.

  30. What’s next a naturally aspirated GT3 going the turbo rout?. This is just not right.

  31. no panamera video?

  32. I don’t know what it is but any red car that isn’t a ferrari just seems tacky. Just my humble Silverado driving, 60 hour work week opinion.

  33. is it the intake that gives it’s sound

  34. 911… Is it Islamic States’ official pace car?

  35. That’s why I like superchargers, they provide forced induction without lag, the entire point of forced induction is to boost power, what’s the point of it if half the time it’s doing nothing?

  36. this guys got some nice b cups

  37. I think it’s a great name what they it

  38. they did a great job making the car and why does it have turbo lack?

  39. can someone explain what his graph segment meant?

  40. how long had Porsche been making cars for?

  41. Base 911 vs Focus RS please!!!! How fun would that be?

  42. why would Porsche add turbos to there cars when there cars are fast without the turbos?

  43. So what would be best, the naturally aspirated flat-6, the turbo flat-6 that has more power but has some lag to get all the way there, or an LS?

  44. I thought Porsche was making there cars better

  45. excelent video, guys. congrats!

  46. Randy Pobst drive the vet cart of roadkill 😀

  47. Call me a pureist but if a 911 has a turbo engine then its a 911Turbo not a base Carrera.

  48. the engine in 911s is always in the wrong place which is in the back of the car.

  49. What color is this? And the headlights are xenom, bi-xenon or led? Thank you

  50. Does this guy know who his audience is? We who spend our time watching these videos can probably can tell the difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2 991, so he pretty much told all of us to get a life! (Not saying he’s wrong, just annoying to be reminded of it).

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