2017 Porsche 911 R – Official Test Drive

Its 500 horsepower (368 kW) 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat engine and 6-speed sports transmission places the 911 R firmly in the tradition of its historic role model: a road-homologated racing car from 1967. Produced as part of a limited production series, the 911 R (R for Racing) performed in rallies, in the Targa Florio and in world record runs. Like its legendary predecessor, the new 911 R relies on systematic lightweight construction, maximum performance and an unfiltered driving experience: this special limited-edition model of 991 units has an overall weight of 1,370 kilograms and is currently the lightest version of the 911. With the high-revving six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine and manual sports transmission, Porsche is once again displaying its commitment to especially emotional high-performance sports cars. Developed in the motorsport workshop, the 911 R extends the spectrum of high-performance naturally aspirated engines alongside the motor racing models 911 GT3 and 911 GT3 RS.

At work in the rear of the 911 R is the six-cylinder flat engine with a displacement of four litres, familiar from the 911 GT3 RS. The racing engine delivers 500 hp at 8,250 rpm and generates 460 Nm at a speed of 6,250 rpm. From a standing start, the rear-engined car breaks through the 100 km/h barrier in 3.8 seconds. In keeping with the puristic character of the vehicle, the 911 with its lightweight design is available exclusively with a six-speed sports transmission. Short gearshift travel underlines the active driving experience. The forward thrust of the 911 R continues to a speed of 323 km/h. Combined fuel consumption in the NEDC is 13.3 l/100 km.

Orders for the 911 R can be placed as of now. In Germany it will be in the showrooms as of May. Inclusive of value added tax and country-specific features, it costs 189,544 euros.

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  1. WHY does some porsche steering wheels have this ugly screws in it and some not?

  2. Those rock formations tho…..

  3. Is that ‘The Stig’ driving? =))

  4. If I had this car the first thing I would do is put a spoiler on it then the car will be perfect

  5. I have one of these on order. From Hot Wheels 🙁

  6. Hold on I have to pause this video at 0:10 to give it a like. Yeah it’s that good

  7. I fucking love the classic retro interieur

  8. kids take note thats how you make money
    first remove manual from great car then introduce manual hardcore version and sell it much more than standart one

  9. me encanta este carro 6 cambios estandar super exajero de brutal

  10. gt3 with sharkwerks exhaust in bondi beach!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlqT0GMZ0Yg

  11. 2:30 Those hips tho….

  12. ❤️ The Sounds Is Real Nice Sounds Nice surrounded sound ❤️

  13. this is the most sexy car i ever saw

  14. where is the plane

  15. Porsche should makes some more crackle exhaust noise but still it’s so amazing

  16. very nice

  17. Looks like the GT3 without a wing. Awesome ride, too bad they’re already sold out, not like i could buy one tho…

  18. It looks stunning and it sounds amazing. I like this new R. This would be the replacement for my 2011 RS, if I decided for a replace it.

  19. When I first saw this I thought a wing/ducktail or some kind of rear aero was missing. But the more I see it, I really like the sharp yet sleek design.

  20. Is this in Canada?

  21. You know how to give the exsperience of the car through the video. Great job.
    Fantastic Car.

  22. here is my official opinion: you suck at life idiot

  23. the sound 😍😍😍😍😍

  24. Love it, and no music…just Porsche-sound!

  25. More like a commercial 🙁

  26. This is the official Porsche-Footage! Not a test-drive!

  27. can I get my money back.
    just becuase you have a camera, doesn’t make you a fucking filmaker idiot

  28. nothing compares to the sound of a Porsche flat six

  29. it sounds gorgeous

  30. Bruh… What is this???

  31. Stupid stripes.

  32. i am impressed tt the motor is with no turbos, natural 500 hp, true power, classical

  33. Why this mans be shifting at 6000 RPM?

  34. chido

  35. magnifique…

  36. I would trade PDK for this car!

  37. If I could buy this car, I would definitely remove the stripes, make it sleeker.

  38. Wow that thing sounds great!

  39. not a bad looking car, maybe they can also get rid of those funny red stripes?

  40. Where was this filmed? Anyone know?

  41. Very sexual beast!

  42. 0:45

  43. I love that the big ugly wing [ wings ] are gone .

  44. Best sleeper car ever.

    I want this in all black, black rims and black interior.
    No stupid rally stripes, you only get pulled over by cops more with stupid rally stripes on your sleeper car.

  45. $185 000. wow. sorry but I think that car just stupid people will pay that money. GTR half price and better to.

  46. veeery ugly car shit car for this money …for funboys bettle

  47. This 911R price for one is 800k, not 188k any more, just went up.

  48. Where the fk can i buy this!?

  49. fuck you

  50. Porsche = engineering-perfection. They’re def. building the best super- and hypercars on the planet, together with McLaren and Ferrari (of the smaller high-end manufacturers I would choose Koenigsegg and Pagani). Btw.: In 2017 there will be the 991.2 GT3 RS 4.2 (525 HP / 4200 ccm³) and it will come with the PDK 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox AND the Porsche manual-gearbox. That’s going to be the purest 911 then. Already the extremely crazy sound of the natural-aspirated engine is a serious reason to buy that car (if you own the ~240.000 € for a fully equipped GT3 RS 4.2). Aaand there is also going to be released the new 991.2 GT2 RS with about 680 HP. But yeah, the next 5 years of Porsches releases are going to be very awesome!

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