2017 Porsche 911 Targa 4 & Porsche 911 Targa 4S #LAAutoShow TECH REVIEW

Porsche premiered the 2017 Porsche 911 Targa 4 and Porsche 911 Targa 4S – the Porsche 911 Targas that feature the new 3.0 L Twin Turbo flat six engine – at the #LAAutoShow. MotoMan presents a special TECH REVIEW of all the changes of both cars that go with the 3.0 Twin Turbo as well as shows two surprises . . .

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  1. I have 3 911’s. A ’15 Turbo S, a ’97 Turbo S and a ’73 Outlaw.

    The ’97 is the perfect 911. Air cooled (the way God intended), 470ish hp, manual transmission, no electronic overlords and all wheel drive. And it’s the kind of AWD that pulls real hard out of corners. Not the kind that keeps you from killing yourself if you do something really stupid.

    And I live in Texas damn it. Wanna’ fight about it? 🙂

  2. There is no more GTS 911 thats good forget about that non turbo 3.8 L now all the carreras are 3.0L twin turbo and the Porsche 911 Turbo/Turbo S are 3.8L Twin turbo. finally they got rid of that useless GTS

  3. from Dubai my favorite Porsche is a targa, and a proud owner of a 991 targa 4.

  4. Fantasy 911 build? A Targa Turbo S and somehow shaving off the weight that the Targa apparatus adds to the coupe. Coming from a ’15 Targa 4S 7 speed manual owner.. And for the naysayers….you should drive the car before you criticize it. It’s a LOT faster (meaning it handles better) on the road/track than my 997.2 C2SC. I bet you would be surprised and besides if the weight and money are an issue get the regular 911, S, 4S, Turbo, et all in a coupe. But don’t be disappointed if you go to Cars and Coffee with the before mentioned coupe and people pass your car with a glance and stop to DROOL over the Targa….

  5. 997 from Belgium 🙂

  6. The Targa is Porsche’s "jump the shark car." Everything Motoman mentioned is not specific to the Targa but applies to the coupes as well. The elephant in the room is the stupid roof mechanism. It makes a 1959 Ford Skyliner look simple. Hiding the Targa panel UNDER the rear glass and raising the entire rear glass to articulate the roof panels in to place? Could they make it any more expensive, complicated and heavy?

    This kind of German engineering helped them lose WWII. Needlessly complex and hard to fix. Let’s not forget F. Porsche designed the Tiger Tank. On top of everything else, how does this roof mechanism reconcile with a sports car and Porsche’s efforts to reduce weight? They’ve gone from a simple manual folding Targa panel to slicing the car in half to get it done with a push button.

    Nobody who buys a Targa is a real car guy. This is pure crap for wives in 90210 to pose in on Rodeo Drive.

  7. love your videos , keep them coming!

  8. i own a 911 targa 4s 2016 with pdk. I live in the south of Spain (cadiz) and its the perfect car for one of the most beautifull roads in southern europe..

  9. Live in Colorado and recently sold my 996 C4S. Awesome car but hard to to affordably daily drive. Started needing TONS of work at 90k miles also surprisingly bad in the snow.

  10. What a great channel. No nonsense

  11. Favorite 911? For my next car I plan to get a Porsche. In that respect I’d say a 997.2 C4S PDK or Cayman GTS. As far as what I’d buy with $80K or as an alternative to a Vette? 2012 Turbo S (0-60 2.7!). With an unlimited budget my choice would be the 991 GT3 or 1996 Turbo S. Regardless of model, painted brown or green.
    Like you said, many flavors.

  12. My favorite #911

  13. Definitely like the sports exhaust tips on the 4s. Please more cars with Apple car play and android auto.

  14. T is for Targa…that’s good enough for me…

  15. You’re almost right. My choice would be GTS targa manual.

  16. You can’t show us the Targa and not show us the roof in action…..oh….apparently you can…

  17. Targa 4S, nothing could be better

  18. boxster gts owner from Vancouver BC, 911 targa is my favorite porsche, wouldve got one if i could afford it, convertible cars are so much fun

  19. I had the 997 Turbo Cabriolet, it was the perfect car as I saw it first in 2007.
    I sold that car and Got the 991 4S, because the power was enough, and the price stability is much better than the Turbo Versions.
    My wife will now get my car and I will probably buy a Mercedes S 63 Cabriolet (waiting for a test drive )
    unfortunately the Porsche is no real 4 seats car, that’s the only reason that I’m changing to a bigger car
    I am From Shiraz (Iran)

  20. My favorite 911 variant is the GT3/GT3RS cars.

  21. You Digress WAY TOO MUCH DUDE!!!!

  22. 100 pounds is a lot of weight gain

  23. Hey Bro! It’s the dentist from NC. Lol. Great to meet you and talk cars. I’m looking for 911s now instead of SUVs LOL! Thanks for the advice. Have a good one!

    Vince, the dentist

  24. Man, can’t wait for your boxster spyder review. That is going to be mega.

  25. Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible. Black on black with either red or gold painted calibers. I wish I had the money to have one; Detroit is home, and since it is snowing as I type this, it would be in the garage until April.

  26. stop. moving. around.

  27. they love to push this apple play crap on all cars seems like…nice video

  28. Favourite 911? One with a Trident on the hood.

  29. 2006 911 997 Carerra S manual. London. U.K. 😬

  30. I do own a 996 carrera 4s (Turkey). However, if i was to buy a new one, I would go with targa 4s.

  31. Dude I like the way explain,reminds me of my science teacher at college ,not boring a bit crazy and a pleasure to listen to.

  32. 911 gt2 manual transmission.

  33. I don’t like the front end of the new Porsche targa. It is becoming too round, too undistincable from cars like, say, the Corvette. Porsches are supposed to have some lines, some character. As good as the targa is, it acks a face.

  34. That color on the Targa 911 is gorgeous!

  35. 991 turbo s (w/ Akrapovic exhaust). Live in Ukraine.

  36. Pixar Cars Toys and Thomas and Friends Kids Toys

    Very very very very nice !! Great job .

  37. The problem about choosing the right 911 is that every derivation gives you a slightly different but all intoxicating driving pleasure. I guess all gets down to what sort of driver you are. To me a "base" Carrera RWD would be just fine cause is that or straight to a GT3RS…. i struggle in the middle way. 🙂

  38. Dude the pacing back and fourth and looking away is giving me anxiety for you

  39. Oooooh look, they brought the Targa in Blue just for you :)I didn’t know that the 991.2 actually gained weight … uh well.Love the dubs on the 4S! but not a fan of the new Sport Exhaust tips … too much distance between them & it looks weird.For my favorite 911 … A one built today? I suppose a Targa GTS in Yachting Blue .. or that new metallic gray debuted on the Carrera Convertible, I’ll look that color up.As for my mythical 911 … that would be a 996.2 Targa with a GT2 body, an S-Coupe interior & a HEMI 392 …. I’ll show my self out lol.Looking forward to the  Spyder episode & Hope you had fun at the LA show!As always, Excellent video M!

  40. I’m glad there is a new targa out. Mostly because the NA targa will be very desirable with a manual in 25 years.
    Is it true that they removed the ducktail option from the 2017 (turbo) cars?

  41. First

  42. I have a C2 997 that I take out on occasional track days. On the street in North America there is no point to having anything more powerful, and on the track, driver skill and good rubber count more than power. Thee 911 range is a wealthy mans playground / mid life crisis for many. That said it’s my favourite car ever.

  43. seems like the decision to offer the gt4 in manual only is a form of protecting the 911’s since the low volume competition gt4 have the pdk engineered into it already.

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