2017 Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S: First Look – XCAR

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Porsche’s just dropped the details on the new 911 Turbo and Turbo S. It’s fast alright…

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2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S: http://bit.ly/1Do2CcL

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  1. I have a Cayman GT4, great car to drive

  2. Everytime when someone says "911s are boring cause they always look the same…" I’d like to slap his dumb head. Just look at 1:13 – this is pure perfection. Absolutely beautiful car. No need for any major changes in design.

  3. beasts

  4. what are they now,, Intel cpu’s …lol

  5. time to change my boxers

  6. Look slimmer than before, still awesome.

  7. Porsche’s pricing for this car is insane. Off the top of my head I’d rather get a GTR Nismo for like 30k less and a Z06 for like 100k less!!!

  8. this is the 991.2 right?

  9. 997 Turbo will be a legend. Last one with manual shift option…. I hate that you dont even have the option on it. Same reason the GTR never will be interesting for me. 997 Turbo and Skyline R34 ftw. 🙂

  10. *yawns* I do not want comfort in a Porsche.

  11. A Hypercar with a 3.8 liter engine . And finally a car with some proper road clearance

  12. I wanna rocket sled LOL  Anyway…this is probably the car I want the most….the S of course.

  13. great car

  14. Would this be considered a 991.5 then? And the previous Porches are just 991.

  15. I love to sucke dick

  16. The car is absolutely gorgeous, however I’m not sure I like the split rear grille…maybe it will just take getting used to but I prefer cleaner lines and the rear end is the sexiest part of the car.

  17. this is bullsnot the hellcat has 700 horsepower

  18. Nich Rigga

    According to Matt Farah the 560 hp Turbo S did 0-60 in 2.5, this is gonna be what? 2.4?!

  19. I’m not greedy – the base turbo will do fine!

  20. *Will they be getting a new name as well since ALL 911s will be turbocharged?*

  21. why do they even make a regular 911 turbo? just make the turbo s.

  22. have the car and love it

  23. 2.9

  24. LOL who cares about top speed but what pisses me off is that fucking pathetic power gain 560hp to 580hp WWOOOOWWWW… 20 insane HP increase.. i mean comon

  25. Where was this filmed?

  26. i am looking at rocket sleds

  27. What a car I’d love one of them, that’s ambition to get up in the morning everyday for work!

  28. So the Tesla P85D family sedan is still quicker from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds! I mean, the Porsche is not slow, but as all other cars become faster, even family cars like the Tesla is now quicker… I think Porsche should do more. They should take technology that they proved in the 918 and apply it to the 911’s, since that is the price range of the Tesla.

  29. I know why Porsche is one of my favorite car brands when it comes to high end sportcars.

  30. I’m looking FWD to the review on the Turbo S. Love the cosmetic changes to the front and back. Was beginning to look a little boring. About time they updated making the back look similar to the new 911 Carrera S. Now if only I’d win a lottery. 🙂

  31. i have a feeling we will be seeing a GT2 again soon…

  32. Am I the only one hearing this @0:26? "… and 205 miles an hour,… in the ass!"

  33. I have a 2015 Turbo S Cabrio – it is the most perfect ride I have ever dreamed of! I may never find anything to compare with the variety of experiences this car provides so effortlessly !!
    Jerry S.- Bonita Springs Florida

  34. Will be a good looking update – Those new Sculpted rear lamps are very cool indeed and IMO the 991 is simply just a very good looking Porsche Series an they keep improving it.

  35. will it be a manual transmission ?

  36. I cant afford a car, so I just run around my house making car noises………Im 45.

  37. I know its not as fast but why would anyone want to spend £900k on a 918 when the Turbo S is less than a quarter of the price and not much slower

  38. Barking sensor??? Does that realize dogs on the road??

  39. still prefer the 570s

  40. Eh, I don’t even care for these new kinds of cars anymore. It’s literally the same story every year; add a little bit more horsepower and advertise it like it’s a whole new thing. No, it’s just the same rollover design with a few modified bits – like Call of Duty.

    Shame, I’m a huge Porsche fan, but with each new year, my love for them is slowly fading.

  41. They fixed the bumpers and smoothed it all out very nicely. Looks incredible. The massive flared wheel arches remind me of the 930

  42. Great classic design for the Turbo. It’d be kinda cool though if Porsche put more marketing/production efforts, engine upgrades into the Targa lineup here in the U.S. The Panamera and Cayenne are definitely the bread and butter of their sales here, but the Targa design and style is something unique they could really shine with, maybe introduce a few minor style upgrades.

  43. Honestly, what is the point of buying a new 911 if it looks and performs indentical to the previous year?

  44. Porsche took those exausts from AMG!

  45. Much more better looking now

  46. So much want!!!

  47. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  48. I like how the 911’s and Corvettes are the only two cars that aways resembles the originals

  49. we all know their 0-100kph times will be faster than 3.0 and 2.9s.

  50. now all it needs is the body of an aston martin vanquish

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