2017 Porsche Cayenne – Review and Road Test

Despite its lofty ride height and genuine off-road credentials, the Porsche Cayenne delivers the legendary performance expected of every Porsche. Does the refreshed model carry on this tradition? KBB’s Micah Muzio investigates.

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  1. He looked like he was a good dancer…..stand corrected

  2. very nice you see a lot of tham in london

  3. why is the turbo s only $157,300 in your video but when i go to an official porsche website its €230.600??? thats like $100.000 more expensive!

  4. HI great review👍👍 micah can you please review the new mclaren 570s thanks

  5. Same vehicle is $270,000 in Australia.

  6. Kbb is becoming my new favorite car review channel. Only because you guys are funny and not full of yourselves like other channels. *cough*vehicle virgins*cough*

  7. ‘it feel like driving normal suv’?!? then why should we buy this we can buy normal one isn’t it?

  8. Which has the best interior ?

  9. I would much rather have a WRX, 911, M3 ,etc. If you were going to buy a Porsche why would you spend your money on some gay ass minivan when you could buy a 911 or a Carrera.

  10. I hope KBB realizes how good their hosts are.

  11. This is like a bigger Kia Sportage.

  12. Cayenne vs Macan! hard decision for meh, Macan for the looks Cayenne for more interior space. I want a Cayecan or Mayenne!!!

  13. its not a go anywhere do anything kindda vehicle

  14. What about the Cayenne S Diesel?

  15. Wtf is that led strip below the headlights, they don’t even go together . Ugly

  16. A cayenne is so cheap second handed, you can get a 2006 model for €7000

  17. Sexiest SUV imo

  18. Long live Porsche for keeping the physical buttons !!!
    A great safety feature that most automakers are taking away.

  19. Hey guys, what is more valueable Porsche CayenneS or Mercedes-Benz AMG 63? your opinion? tnx

  20. almaq istəyirəm

  21. my best car are Chevrolet camaro zl1 2016

  22. It has a center hump on the rear?

  23. If Porsche would produce a SUV model to fill the BMW x6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe segment and it would have that iconic 911 shape…think about how succesful the car would be, with the new 2017 Porsche Panamera hatchback interior. Why do they not think of this?

  24. No diesel model in the USA

  25. Hi guys, have a quick question. Which tires you use for cayenne? I have 2 choice, Michelin Latitude Sport 3 or Pirelli p zero? Tire size is 295/35 R21. Little help much appreciated

  26. 👌👍

  27. Yeah put SOME stuff in it make sure push it harder in The frog, lexus won

  28. didn’t it used to be called Kelly Blue Book?

  29. My brother says he’ll buy it when he gets a jon

  30. Sure it’s on my list… after I win the next Powerball jackpot.

  31. I see these outside everyday

  32. I never knew what the handles were for until a Mercedes dealer sponsored an off road event and took some Porsche club members on their manufactured off road course. Even though we were in no danger of tipping backward on the rear fascia, I grabbed the handle instinctively on a 45% climb. I remarked, "oh, that’s what those handles are for." I thought they were a dumb add on before that. Maybe they still are.

  33. Get a fucking Tesla Model X or a Model S

  34. my buddy’s dad has the old one, and it is terrible, a very unreliable vehicle that breaks down all the time and it is ridiculously expensive to fix and maintain

  35. I’ll buy one when I’m a doctor

  36. since when are semi-gay beta males doing car reviews? he drives with less vigor than my mother used to

  37. It looks like a last generation Nissan Rogue lmaooooo

  38. u can’t even buy a prius with 100k in singapore😂

  39. It’s the best I do not need anymore

  40. What about the cayenne diesel S?

  41. Where is place for create your cinema ?

  42. Best SUV ever build

  43. He does… these annoying… pauses mid… sentence.

  44. You didnt mention the V8 Diesel S with 385hp.

  45. I want one. Now.

  46. Diesel S for me Thanks

  47. This guy is a dickhead. You’d never categorise a Cayenne as a ‘Grocery Getter.’

  48. I would get a Range Rover Evoque before getting one of these .

  49. There’s no point in buying this car.

  50. Sad that we have arrived to the point where the most focused upon aspect of a vehicle is it’s carbon output / hybrid features / stop-start functions.
    F all the global-warming, tree-hugging bullshit – tell me about how much horsepower, torque, braking efficiency, exhaust noise, handling capabilities etc this monster has!
    If i wanted to hear about carbon emissions and related fuckery i would go click on a Prius review…and then buy one.


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