2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo – In-Depth, Review, Full Test, Test Drive

Deutsche Version: http://youtu.be/IVF3KaDR0fM
Acceleration: http://youtu.be/dkgmf5b7zvA
Tech-Check Infotainment-System: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h7dUlGLlaU

05:06 facts
07:11 exterieur
13:39 interieur
37:02 compartment check
41:36 on the rear seats
47:21 trunk
43:59 driving impressions
01:00:23 assist systems and infotainment
01:04:41 sum-up
01:09:19 outtakes

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On Aug, 28 2016 we filmed this Ausfahrt.tv – Video – Review introducing the 2016 Porsche Panamera Turbo to you. We had a chance to drive the car during the international press driving event in XXXMΓΌnchen / TegernseeXXX for a couple of hours. All the experiences we had with our test drive, the 2016 Porsche Panamera Turbo we put in our video review which is splitted into sections. We always treat all cars the same, Porsche Panamera Turbo als Estate. We would like some competitors of the Porsche Panamera Turbo: f.e. Audi S8, Mercedes-AMG S 63, BMW 750i, Maserati Quattroporte, Aston Martin Rapide
In our in-depth review we present you the 2016 Porsche Panamera Turbo as detailed as possible. Please be aware that our time with the test drive is very limited, so we try to get as much as possible out of our time. The result of our test drive is now here, hope you enjoy watching our review about the Porsche Panamera Turbo.

Here are the most important facts about the 2016 Porsche Panamera Turbo:
Engine: XXXV8-BiturboXXX
Capacity: 4.0 Liter
Power: 550 hp / 542 bhp / 404 KW
Torque: 770 Nm / 568 lb-ft between 1.960 and 4.500 rpm
Powertrain: all wheel drive
Transmission: XXX8-Gang PDKXXX
Acceleration from 0 to 100 kph / 62 mph: in 3.6 Seconds
Topspeed: 306 kph / 190 mph
fuel consumption: 9.4 l/100 km / 25 mpg
CO2 emissions: 214 g/km
color: XXXnachtblau metallic / Night Blue MetallicXXX
option line: Turbo
base price Porsche Panamera Turbo: 113.027 Euro (Germany)
base price test car: 153.011 Euro (Germany)
price test car: approx. 190.000 Euro (Germany)

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  2. That’s a really great review.

  3. Very good competitors are Mercedes Benz CLS AMG and Audi RS7 I guess. But very good job, I really like your reviews! Will be test of Alfa Romeo Giulia QV ? I want to see you ride 280 on autobahn. πŸ˜€

  4. i think closest is the Aston Martin Rapide

  5. *cant wait to get my panamera turbo 2017 in 5 days*

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  10. Wonderful review! Thank you

  11. One thing which I’m not sure if you mentioned but how is the road and wind noise compared to other cars in this price range? Like the BMW M5 for instance. I’ve stayed away from 911’s since I think they’re too noisy when you’re doing 160-200 km/h. Generally road and wind noise is one of the biggest things I’m interested in.

  12. As usual a great review by Jan Gleitzmann . I noticed you didn’t wear your Porsche wristband when making this review . Funny thing, in other car reviews I had seen you wore it πŸ˜‰
    No power trunk release ? It sucks then if you can’t open the trunk at a touch of a button .
    Last but not least your Zenglish doesn’t zuck please don’t be harsh on yourself

  13. Love the new panamera, such an improvement over the old model and great review as always. One question, was the interior of this one saddle brown?

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  23. It might sound silly, but the Panamera is my dream car! Thank you for the awesome detailed review, I really enjoyed learning more about this new generation.

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  25. Excellent review. Thank you!

  26. By far the most detail review of the Panamera. I am glad that the smooth flush side window glass were highlighted here because no other reviews highlighted it. This flush glass to pillar design is unique here as not many luxury cars adopt such design (W140 S-class and old Lexus LS400 once adopt such design but ditch on later models.). Appreciate how you demonstrated the rear seats which are both foldable and yet can be electrically adjusted as well. This has got to be the most practical sports luxury car. Well done Porsche. Thank you for the detail review.

  27. The brake rotors almost cover half the circle.

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    The entry/exit comfort feature (the one that rises the steering wheel and slides the seat backwards) can be disabled/enabled in the options menu.
    The key seems slightly updated from the other models.

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