2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo – Official Video

Visually, the unique concept of this large Porsche is reflected in a new expressive design: unmistakably a Panamera, unmistakably a sports car – with long, dynamic proportions, pronounced shoulders, athletic flanks and an extremely fast roof line that is 20 mm lower at the rear. This typical Porsche flyline creates a stylistic link to Porsche’s design icon, the 911.

A Porsche has always impressed with more than just power; its efficiency is equally important. To elevate this formula to a new level, all of the second generation Panamera’s engines have been redesigned. They have all been made more powerful, while significantly improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. Three new biturbo direct injection engines are being introduced at the market launch: in the Panamera Turbo, the Panamera 4S and the Panamera 4S Diesel. All of them – and for the first time including the diesel – may be equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive system and a new eight-speed Porsche dual-clutch transmission (PDK). A V8 petrol engine that delivers 550 horsepower (404 kW) powers the Panamera Turbo and a V6 petrol engine with 440 hp (324 kW) drives the Panamera 4S.
In the Panamera 4S Diesel, a V8 with 422 hp (310 kW) generates powerful thrust and a maximum torque of 850 Nm.

The new Porsche Panamera can already be ordered now, and it will make its appearance at dealers on November 5, 2016. Prices in Germany start at 113,027 euros including VAT for the Panamera 4S. Prices for the Panamera 4S Diesel start at 116,954 euros, and the Panamera Turbo starts at 153,011 euros.

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  1. Puta q pariu, agora sim porsche

  2. Since when Porsche invest into cheap 3D renders? This is disgusting. The whole first part of the video looks horrendous


  4. Digitally animated scenes look ugly. Why not film it properly?

  5. no Air Condition vents in the middle?

  6. Porsche needs to be more brave with design. The 911 is iconic. I get it.
    But you don’t have to base every car off of the same stale design.

  7. 5 people that like this comment will become billionaires

  8. CGI…CGI everywhere!

  9. The colck shows 9:11, consequence, I don’t think so.

  10. looks like a flat pancake still …

  11. nice car! love the new interior! watch out 7 series and s class!!!!

  12. Still deciding if I like the look of it.

  13. Nice car, охуенная тачка!

  14. why does every car company now make those plain ugly connecting lights?

  15. finally dounds great !

  16. This is so perfect 😍😍


  18. first

  19. Aston Martin.

  20. Good think I’m on the order list

  21. *Revs engine in driveway* *rolls out slowly*

  22. They finally fixed the design.

  23. This is too good to be true😐

  24. Not a fan of the rear

  25. omfg!!

  26. That’s better!

  27. So, I see European plate number on the car, surprised the driver is navigating Los Angeles. When do we start using EU registration number in the US, maybe there is an highway linking both continent.

  28. Nice CG

  29. Looks like a Beetle, not a bad thing at all.

  30. Шикарно! Особенно салон зачётный! Осталось заработать! ))

  31. Luxury

  32. Cayman+cayenne=panamera 👎👎

  33. Yep, I think I found my next car.

  34. Good think I’m on the order list

  35. Теперь это не панамера, испортили

  36. a great CGI car

  37. still using oil/gas engine? hahaha old technology. companies like tesla, google and apple are going to destroy these old dinosaurs.

  38. waited for a long time. FINALLY ITS HERE!!!!!!

  39. *cant wait to get my panamera turbo*

  40. Much better looking than the older model

  41. NICE 🙂

  42. Marvellous car , much better then older one

  43. Damn Porsche outdid themselves with this one….

  44. niceeee

  45. Love the interior

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