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  1. Cls 63 amg!!

  2. there’s no comparison. Panamera

  3. Panamera is 10000 times better !

  4. panamera wins 1m times over

  5. music please

  6. Panamera looks good only from behind. And interior, but not forget that CLS has some few years in his back. In the fall of 2017 will see the new CLS so make this ,,fight" then.

  7. front of the panamera looks so out dated, i hate it

  8. interior porche exterior mercedes overall porche all the way

  9. porcha

  10. and actually Mercedes looks very ugly

  11. Ridiculous comparison when the Panamera Turbo costs almost twice as much as the CLS550 4matic. Save yourself $50k and get the CLS 63 AMG S 4 Matic with 577hp. The new Panamera does look much better than the old version though!

  12. mercedes hands down, drove the panamera, nice car but cls wins in my opinion.

  13. E63AMGsModel best

  14. The new Panamera by far….. who are they kidding with this comparison??

  15. Bmw M6 gran coupe wins!

  16. First? Hmmm. Cool.

  17. Panamera …..hands down!

  18. cls

  19. mercedes – benz . the best or nothing

  20. порш панамера лучше

  21. panamera!

  22. panamera please

  23. porsche panamera please.

  24. it should be new panamera vs new s class

  25. that porsche is way too far from the CLS… panamera for the win

  26. panamera its still the same car …a little bit bigger dysplay…but nothing more and come to say its better than CLS?…u kiddin right. ?
    2004 was the year when Mercedes made this beauty. … please remember this….if CLS didnt exist….that shit panamera or a7 or 6 grancoupe didnt exist….

  27. wrong comparason, totally diff price ranges and the new cle will be out soon and that will be great im sure. but for what its worth the cls is much better looking but the porche wins on the interior

  28. sempre lo stesso brodo. Fate una supercar Porsche e Mercedes altrimenti chiudete spastici lo stesso vale x Audi e VW e BMW!!!

  29. Panamera

  30. panamera👎

  31. panemera !!!!!

  32. CLS is so much better looking and driving!!

  33. panamera is life

  34. Wrong Comparison. Yes it is a coupe/Saloon but Panamera is a direct rival to Merecedes S-Class not CLS…Here in UK the CLS starts at 47k and the Panamera starts at 68k. Tells you everything you need to know.

  35. I don’t like tale ramp of panamera.
    Please back to the tale ramp model type before .
    If it become so, panamera is perfect and I absolutely buy panamera!!

  36. I’m tired of Mercedes designs….Porsche designs never fails….NEVER…the older the Porsche, the better it looks…..

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