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World premiere of the new Panamera

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume has presented the new generation of the Gran Turismo in Berlin.

Porsche celebrated the world premiere of the new Panamera in Berlin to a spectacular display of lights, music and choreography. Over 300 international media representatives – as well as guests from politics, business, sports and society – saw, for the first time, the second generation of the Gran Turismo, which has been redeveloped from the ground up. The new Porsche Panamera reconciles two contrasting characteristics more than ever before: it offers both the performance of a sports car and the comfort of a luxury saloon.

“We have tapped into the segment of luxury sport saloons with the Panamera. Since it launched in 2009, more than 150,000 units of the Panamera have been sold. In the new model, you see here a completely redeveloped automobile – with new engines, a new design and new technologies. Also new is that we are now manufacturing the second generation vehicle entirely at our Leipzig production site. We have also invested a sum of 500 million euros – which includes a completely new body manufacturing facility,” emphasised Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG.

The design language of the new Panamera creates a link to the Porsche 911 by its even more dynamic flyline and specific design elements of the sports car icon. “An observer will immediately recognise the coupé-like roof line, but now it is much ‘faster’, even more dynamic and now includes a new side window look that emphasises the coupé-like side view even more,” said Michael Mauer, Head of Style Porsche AG, who explained the design targets that were set for the new model: “The new Panamera can be made out at first glance as a Panamera, but also as the new Panamera. Its strengths have been reinforced, its weaknesses eradicated and above all its character preserved.”

The Executive Board at the world premiere in Berlin

The new twin-turbo engines of the Panamera are more powerful, and thanks to the new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission (PDK II) they are up to 16 per cent more fuel-efficient. At the beginning of November, the Panamera will launch on the market with three different engines and exclusively with all-wheel drive: as the Panamera Turbo with 404 kW / 550 hp (combined fuel consumption 9.4 – 9.3 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 214 – 212 g/km), the Panamera 4S with 324 kW / 440 hp (combined fuel consumption 8.2 – 8.1 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 186 – 184 g/km) and the Panamera 4S Diesel with 310 kW / 422 hp (combined fuel consumption 6.8 – 6.7 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 178 – 176 g/km).

For an even larger spread between comfort and sportiness, the Panamera now has such features as a new three-chamber air suspension, rear axle steering and the new electronic 4D Chassis Control chassis management system. Many new assistance systems also enhance ride comfort as well as safety.

In the new Panamera, Porsche is also introducing a future-oriented display and control concept. The new Porsche Advanced Cockpit with its smartphone-like user interfaces and configurable LED screens impresses with its intuitive functionality. In addition, the new Porsche Communication Management (PCM 4.1) offers an entirely new range of connectivity by its intelligent digital functions and online services. In the new Panamera, which customers can order now, Porsche Connect is being introduced in all models. It extends existing vehicle functions by adding digital services and apps such as those used for remote control of certain vehicle functions by smartphone – and others to more efficiently use one’s time during the drive.

Consumption data

Panamera Turbo: combined fuel consumption 9.4 – 9.3 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 214 – 212 g/km
Panamera 4S: combined fuel consumption 8.2 – 8.1 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 186 – 184 g/km
Panamera 4S Diesel: combined fuel consumption 6.8 – 6.7 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 178 – 176 g/km

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  1. I really like it, a much needed update. That ugly rear end really was ruining the panamera’s otherwise generic good looks. Very good progress Porsche, i still cant afford one! Haha

  2. 79 vette engine in it

  3. even for this lame presentation he needs a teleprompter?

  4. Oh..and they finally got the rear to a point, like an XF (has had for years), which is actually good to look at.

  5. hahaha. still using oil/has engines. companies like Apple, Google and Tesla are going to destroy these old dinosaurs.

  6. the front like model 3,am I wrong?

  7. wait… no GTS? what the hell

  8. trash video. id kill this woman. shit .

  9. looks ugly

  10. Few thing I would change: 1. exhaust pipes, this is such an old design that needs to change. 2 door handles, a car of this class should be showing off something such as the Model S.

  11. Great Presentation!

  12. Hyabusa

  13. perfect except for the rear lights, they are horrible

  14. how the hell did they make it even uglier?

  15. Wow, The New Panamella! 👍

  16. porsche ugly car ever

  17. No fuckin way it completed the Nordschleife in 7min 9s. The fuck is this bitch talking about

  18. That sound though! :O

  19. and then the not sport car Tesla model S P90D comes and beat this Porsche in the sprint from 0-60 km/h…..hehehe, wrong invested money Porsche, Tesla is rocking and thank you for not producing an electric car

  20. Most of you guys on here couldn’t even afford a Honda

  21. Porsche’s CEO needs a teleprompter to introduce the new Panamera? Stefan Winkelmann would laugh big time at this.

  22. my next car, in a few months.

  23. beautiful, but with all the electronic complexity the car will be a nightmare after the warranty runs out as are all german autos, the days of porsche cars lasting 25-40 years with a 1/2 million miles are over and thats a shame.

  24. Sick car

  25. Beauty!!!

  26. Just as usual Germans project. take the old change some lines and lights and… "new" car!?
    How much stu… are the people who give their money and they don’t go to buy the old and remade it! Germany as you understand stays as it was at 40s! If you want to be well known by German car, but if you want to have personality just buy from every other country!

  27. merz steering?

  28. Because I heard a lot of people’s thoughts. let’s see as a mechanical and aeronautical engineer what I know…
    interior 50%? who teachyou that? clothe make the human or the body?The interior is more marketing to say wow!If you buy the chipper tablets and install apps connect them with bsi you can do more,something I did on my 12years old car… lighting and all the rest is just decoration and with few money you can have them. so for interior the plus is smarter airbags and more comfort seats nothing more nothing less. so can you find me the 50%?
    Let’s see next… what we’ve got? engine? mm let’s see… New engine… This is what they say… is the old one with some changes? because it could be! I don’t have the drawing from the old and the new to have my opinion but… from what I teach when the budget is low you don’t start from zero because you don’t wanna have problems. also when someone use the old chassi will he put a totally new engine…. mm mm I don’t think so,especially Germans.
    at the end suspension. old chassi new suspension? modifications and bla bla.. so some modifications and bigger wheels and ta ta! amazing right?
    reach people care for the vision few of them really drive this cars. The most of them used for dinner meetings and all these sad reach man duties. so look at the past to see what you ve got especially from Germans!
    they are not intelligent French and Italians still after all these years sell cars real for enjoy? can you answer me a simply question? how many golfs from first to today generation sold and how many are still in road? make the some for French and Italian car makers and you will surprised from the results! some cars you just drive and say I have this car and some you don’t have to say anything just wear it and have fun. They don’t care about the brand because you buy them just for their culture and you know you are safe what ever you find in road.
    think the old man who buy this car if he can use all these screens? I think no!
    are they better from classic for eyes? I still believe no, because they work with frequency and we see the results after some time.All is marketing these days. The generation from 2001 to 2011 was more best for money than these. The only that these improve is better chassis(only some who are in totally new chassi).
    finally for the headlights my friend. The led is at the start has a lot of problems. Some of theme are: the colour temperature some things at night can’t let you see well and if you tired in trip you will have problem. that’s one reason they make them automatic work with high beams and all say wow look from high beam go automatic to low beam. They need more and more work to do but in the middle of economic crisis they do what you see on prototypes so they can sell new cars.
    I hope I give you an answer and life is not race is something more.
    never believe what they say. today from 10.000 car to 200.000 you will see a lot common marketing accessories on them. everything welcome but the human makes the difference. that’s why in race you’ll see low badget brands win "big" brands. you choose the target to sell. This don’t mean are better.

  29. It’s a shame that it lacks the hybrid electric capability, to me it looks like a face-designed old model!

  30. Hmmm..Looks good but I was hoping it would look MORE different. I think i’ll wait to see what Audi does with the new looking RS7 model unless they take to long.

  31. looks like the outgoing model…booooo Porsche

  32. What the hell Porsche? This presentation is as lame as it can be! where’s the fire and excitement. I would rather buy a 2001 Rava G-wiz!

  33. This is what the Jaguar XJ needs to be, in a Jaguar way. Are you listening JLR ?? With a plug-in for city driving, thank you very much..

  34. Why put a small little clock on the dashboard? Who’s going to have time to glance at a small clock for time while driving. Why not put the screen mounted on the dashboard like most luxury car brands? Where’s the head display option? The front interior look a little bland in my opinion. Don’t like the waste of space in the back seat either where u can’t seat 3 pple in the back instead of just 2 seater.

  35. que isso em porshinho😂😂😂😂

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