2018 Audi Q5

Adopting Audi’s newest design language and drive technology, the new Audi Q5 offers the versatility to express the driver’s individuality.

Learn more about the benefits of the new quattro with ultra technology, driver’s assistance features, and drive select modes at: http://audi.us/Q5

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  1. I’m not a fan of the redesign for the Q5. It’s too structured :/ I prefer the previous design which had more curves. I also don’t like how the new rear turn signals are.. they remind me of the Mustang style :/

  2. "RELIABLE" is missed out. for a good reason..

  3. Is it just me or the rear leds look way better than the head ones , the head ones are like on every single model of audi’s

  4. For the month of may: New 2019 Audi A3 and for November… The all new 2020 Audi Q7!!!!

  5. How is a Q5 the best seller?

  6. Can we PLEASE have the Avant!?!

  7. GLC 63 is better time to war

  8. I’m from Germany and my dad works at Audi and i love all of their cars!! At the moment my dad is driving a Audi A3 etron 2017 model and it’s very great!!!!!!

  9. And yet another awesome car with the interior destroyed by a cheap tablet smacked on randomly in the middle.

  10. which city is this?

  11. what about the pollution it generates.

  12. Q5 with B9 A4 interior which was taken from the Q7?

  13. Audi India

  14. Starting at a million dollars ONlY

  15. Disappointing mpg

  16. Sadly a forester xt is faster from 0 60

  17. May i get this car for free?

  18. I would buy it just with the cleanest diesel of the world, TDI 😁

  19. Alfa Romeo Stelvio, much, much better, viva il made in italy!, this is the classic ,boring german Suv.. without the classic "quality" made in germany

  20. Is the music in this video by explosions in the sky?

  21. this or the Velar or the Macan? what do you all think ?

  22. i rather have a x5 m sorry😐

  23. <3

  24. Tbh I like their Ctrl+C+V styling

  25. The stars at 2:15 look so awful lol

  26. Am I the only one who gets disturbed by stupid number-marketing? Why to call it 2018 model when we are in the beginning of April 2017? Why not to call it 2025 Audi already?

  27. Tech has been upgraded but it looks way too much like the "older model" which has been out since 2008…..

  28. A mobile application for cars – is a MUST for cars in 21st century!

  29. nice SUV for a broad

  30. i like audi but new Q5 and Q7 are ugly…

  31. The future has begun.

  32. I really don’t like the new design of the new tail lights

  33. Where are the leatherette seats?

  34. that front is uglyyyyyyy

  35. Mercedes > Audi > VW > BMW
    But don’t get me wrong.. I love Audi!

  36. The Sq7 is a Monster

  37. German cars,Made in Mexico

  38. Awesome 🙂

  39. it just looks so plain and boring -_- sorry but range rover’s have a WAY better shape

  40. Love Audi. . . hate SUV’s it’s like driving a boat. Nice if your old or a soccer mom.

  41. but does it rally?

  42. Is it a "clean" diesel by any chance? lol

  43. I hope it’s doesn’t cost to look at this car, because I don’t have money 😐

  44. I used to love Audi cars… but they all look so damn ugly with this "new face"… doesn’t look premium or luxurious at all

  45. Why not release the 2025 version?

  46. The new Volvo XC60 will kill this thing.

  47. Beautiful car

  48. So based on US logic, it will be available in 2018

  49. The older Q5 looks better. Audi’s new design language is not great. There are other brands; particularly Mercedes and Volvo, who are hitting the nail on the head with their newer design languages.

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