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  1. Ya amg wins mainly because it looks the more than the Porsche I like both but my opinion goes more towards amg!

  2. Stuttgart Wins 😉

  3. AMG gt r!!!!!!!

  4. that amg gtr is no competition for that gt3rs

  5. Porsche

  6. I love the AMG performance, but I prefer 911gt3 sounds

  7. porsche 0-100 2,9sec
    amg gtr 0-100 3,6sec

  8. whats the music, any1 know ?

  9. Excelente

  10. the merc sounds weird, the front to long.. the RS is perfect, a drivers car witch will only go up in value, luv the RS

  11. amg

  12. The AMG will just make a dramatic cosmetic change in a few years just like the failed SLS and SLC. All the Mercs look outdated in 5 years while the 911s stand the test of time (go compare the looks of a 2005 911 vs any Merc, not to mention a 1995 911 to any 1995 Merc). The only cool sound on the AMG is the deceleration detonations, that’s why they keep showing it. Kind of sad.

  13. Like both. But the gt3 rs is better

  14. Jutöst listen to the orchestra of the flat6 in the back of the Gt3 RS BEAUTIFUL

  15. Different cars, the GT3 is not a competitor for the amg. The competitor for the amg gt R is the 991 GT2 which is not relased yet. I pref the ancient race car feeling of the GT3. Both cars are beautifull in their way.

  16. Porsche no doubt.

  17. AMG is modern and GT is classic.

  18. AMG!

  19. Both great cars but personally I would take the GT3 RS

  20. Bruh i wonder why Porsche didn’t upgrade the GT3 RS motor at least to 580 HP…

  21. AMG GTr!

  22. If you say the back fire noise from amg is annoying you completely dont know anything about race cars. Mercedes amg gtr is a master peice

  23. Music what for??????????

  24. mb look more executive than porche

  25. no chance porsche😂stay down

  26. Gt3 rs by a mile thanks.

  27. Sport +++ 🇩🇪 VS 🇩🇪🏁🏁🏁

  28. Both are just amsterpieces

  29. Performance wise, AMG wins. They finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th at Nurburgring 24h race, while Porsche aren’t even in the top 5.
    Visual and audio wise, they’re opinions, not facts.

  30. mercedes castiga cine crede sa dea un like la com

  31. porshe is no longer king sorryc Mercedes just responded to it with a big middle finger!

  32. gtr

  33. Porsche for the win!";-)

  34. AMG

  35. Gtr WINS because of his great design and speed. It has best driving performents and it is a luxus car even when he is a sport car. And sound is Much better than RS.

  36. Amg

  37. I hate that amg’s backfire sound tho  gt3rs wins

  38. as a porsche owner.This AMG takes the prize. I need one.

  39. is that on the bilster berg?

  40. and the interior of the GT-R is awesome!

  41. Nürburgring Lap Times
    Mercedes-AMG GT-R –> 7:10.92
    Porsche 911 GT3 RS –> 7:20.00

  42. amg 🙂

  43. amg gtr 😀

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