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  1. No one did a run to pick up hookers and have sex in the car? Lame asses!

  2. The rear of the 997s look better than the 991; however, the front of the 991 edges the front of the 997 just a bit IMO

  3. Sad thing is, once you own one it becomes a major burden. Everybody calls it a great everyday car but once you pass the 100k mark there is not a moment worrying who or what is touching your car. Unless you have millions of dollars and won’t sweat throwing away a couple thousand every month, this is will always just be a dream. This is why I traded in my 991 for a more practical m3.

  4. I loved my 911.  Good video.

  5. 24hrs. and no malfunctions? Amazing!

  6. Of course end off the video with 9:11 and end in an airport 10/10

  7. I had to stop watching, the guy said even the back seat was comfortable. Come on bro not even a Porsch fan would agree with you. Fake Porsche sponsored crap.

  8. Are you guys INSANE!!???? 🙂 Picking up flowers with soil spilling? Stinky horse saddle? Trip to the smelly horse ranch?? 911’s are for a night on the town with a hot woman. It’s a "date car". A weekend drive on twisty country roads (in a GT3). You want "practical" buy a Cayenne SUV!! 😛

    I want each of you that participated to line up in front of the 911 you used, bend over while some one repeatedly slams the hood lid over your heads. What were you guys thinking?? 🙂

  9. Get the flowers out! NOW!

  10. Oddly enough, Porsche themselves started a market campaign a while back called Porsche Everyday. The company themselves pride the 911 in being a everyday supercar, and post videos and images and encourages owners to use 911s as everyday cars.
    The spirit of the 911 is the all around capability. It will kill Italian exotics on the track, win loads of GT and LM competitions and still be practical & comfortable for everyday use. Who can beat that?

  11. Wow this is awful. It feels like an advertisement.

  12. woulda been messed up if they said its 9:11 am on Sept 11 <_<

  13. My two boys would love this car. If I could afford it haha.

  14. Yes, now I really want one.  The video left out a few more things like drag racing on an empty highway, etc.  

  15. Tiny people putting crap in a car and acting surprised that it fits. Baloney.

  16. Right car wrong people

  17. My dream!

  18. 2:52 get her fucking far away from that car

  19. 0:40 Walther White?

  20. Old GTS! Try the new one! Better in every way including living with it as a daily driver.

  21. The GTS has the "widebody" like the C4, C4s, Turbo, and GT3.

  22. bad too bad…even Porsche wouldn’t like to see their car being marketed this way!

  23. My 991 C2S was my daily driver for about a year, it was more than comfortable enough, but small inside and very loud with cabin rattles and tire noise. Still, I look longingly at 911s whenever I see one–I’d love to get back in one some day! 

  24. The valet was happy as hell when he got the keys…….I would be too

  25. wtf is this shit

  26. I don’t have kids, but i’ve had a 986 Boxster, a couple of 997 coupes, and a Carrera GTS in the last 7 years as my only car. The only time i came unstuck was with Christmas Tree’s, Roof down was the answer but it was lucky it wasn’t raining. 🙂

  27. Are their any body differences between the gts and 911 carrera

  28. stinky,hairy horse things, dirty flowers and a sweaty woman…that poor GTS

  29. said porsche wrong 🙁

  30. Look at these comments…people are jealous douchebags ey?

  31. This video will work great in a few years when it comes down to me trying to persuade my parents to let me get a used one

  32. <3 😀 
    I daily a C4S Cab.. granted its only me,  but I’ve never thought twice about doing any of the things these people did lol. Maybe I will try and fit the clubs in next time. 

  33. ew, its auto

  34. I don’t care what soccer moms think about a 911…

  35. Wtf is wrong with people. Their dream in life is to own a thing. A fucking German automobile. These people have their priorities all backwards.

  36. excellent video guys! The last guy had the best idea leave all the boring jobs for your partner, find a winding road and go for a blast!

  37. Taя да затрупа колата отвътре със саксии?! 😀

  38. exactly what he mean when he said that the car wouldn’t be there when he returns lol

  39. Or you could just buy an SUV.

  40. porsche>audi>bmw

  41. These people don’t need to be near a Porsche

  42. The black dude saw the movie " Ferris Bueller’s day off "

  43. Awesome review, the best I’ve ever seen. Now i’ll subscribe to your magazine and Youtube:)

  44. I like this video because it’s outside the box. There’s no bitching or complaining about options, just people enjoying the car for what it is.  We need more of this.

  45. This is one of the best videos on youtube! Great work!!!

  46. Well. if you cant afford it, there’s good news, you could get a sportbike.

  47. if this was an attempt at making 911s uncool, theyre moving in the right direction

  48. souped up bug

  49. Golf, buying flowers, taking children to horseback riding lessons, buying donuts at a drive through window? . . . seems like if you have judgment to buy a Porsche 911, you’d have the judgment to figure out what the highest, best uses of the 911 would be and a desire to never do any of those other things.

  50. 911 drivers are cool: 4:52
    Hey guys, I got this awesome 991 for the day, should I go to club? Nahh I go grocery shopping instead.
    Kill me if I end up like any of these people.

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